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  1. Flattening the curve has nothing to do with putting this in the past. Until it starts dropping all a flat curve means is you have just as many die today as you did yesterday.
  2. The information is everywhere and copies of those letters and notices have been posted all throughout this thread. If you have to try this hard to be a 'victim' then maybe you are exaggerating.
  3. Nothing major will change. There may be new cleaning standards and even more focus on hand washing and sanitizer but you simply can't change the cruise ship environment. It is what it is, a captive group.
  4. Sweden does not have 'great' numbers as being insinuated in this thread. When taken into context by population they have a higher mortality rate than the US. I suspect they are a few short days from some big changes.
  5. Yup.....imagine a cruise where the vast majority of passengers are onboard from a FCC with OBC covering a good portion of their onboard spending. I could see those trips racking up massive losses.
  6. As a logic driven person, gamblers are one of the groups of people who fascinate me.
  7. That is being ignored by many. Sure, issuing a FCC keeps you from using cash for a refund but when the industry opens back up it will also take a slot away from what would be new revenue. They will be providing a service for revenue that was likely already spent.
  8. None of models on land matters.....cruising creates a somewhat unique environment and one infected person can create chaos. This is reality...."Passengers to be evacuated from Antarctic cruise ship after almost 60% test positive for coronavirus".
  9. Incorrect. They can certainly be registered in the US. That is independent from being Jones Act or PVSA compliant.
  10. It will be cancelled and there will be no where 'safe' to travel to....ship or not.
  11. I suspect none of these charge backs go anywhere and will only complicate the process. This scenario doesn't fit what a process is there for.
  12. After ruling out the flu and finding out the prescribed expectorants and cough suppression was worthless I was eventually told it was 'likely' a bad case of bronchitis. This bronchitis was nothing like a couple of bouts I have had with it in the past.
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