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  1. Sure....as long as you have your credit card number handy.
  2. I don't drink all day but I do enjoy my share of cocktails on the ship and have hit my limit a few times over the years. That being said I do not think I would do Cheers for both with only one drinking. I don't think it would make financial sense.
  3. Well.....if there was a speck of common sense on behalf of the business there would be a waste basket in that corner. Washing your hands and grabbing a high traffic door handle on the way out pretty much negates the benefit.
  4. Avoid bar cash....go with cruise cash instead.
  5. Plenty of quiet places during the day. Bring some noise cancelling headphones playing white noise and you can be as disconnected as you want to be.
  6. I don't think anyone has a problem with that. However, booking a cruise on credit that can have an APR up to 36% is mind blowing.
  7. Good.....none of those ever really got my interest for lunch. Hopefully they will add some other options that I would consider.
  8. I don't know exactly what you are trying to rationalize. You are planning to take products that were presold to you in an individual package to give to other passengers so they don't have to buy it themselves. Of course they would be upset.
  9. LOL....so steal things to make up for the difference. Got it.
  10. They don't always go down. Sometimes they stay the same and sometimes they dramatically rise all the way until the sail date.
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