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  1. Crap Yes I meant final payment. Ugh not feeling the greatest lately!
  2. Yep thanks! The only thing different is our total cruise had to be paid for ALOT sooner than stateside LOL!
  3. It is 60 days tomorrow on our credit card but we can't argue that they did not deliver the product because it is not cancelled yet! Dear lord have mercy, good luck to everyone! LOL.
  4. Okay so if THEY cancel the refund date may be extended past April 27th? I mean I have no doubt it will be cancelled. The problem is we did this European cruise because we are living in Europe so that made it cheap our airfare to Amsterdam was $200 total round trip from Italy. What a mess. The travel policy does not cover if THEY cancel but will cover if my husband's leave is cancelled which it could be My TA told me we took FCC which I do not want to do we have to rebook like NOW. Just trying to figure out what the best way is to get the best refund. We do have cancel for any reason but it is only 75% of the money. It is just a unique situation I guess.
  5. Our cruise is June 27th not going to happen. So they have to cancel it? We can't just cancel and ask for the refund. The refund page says file before April 27th so what if it is not cancelled by then? The cruise is Europe and our borders are not going to be opened by then!
  6. Under the NCL cancellation policy it says you can wave FCC and ask for a refund if you fill out the form by April 27th and it will take 90 days. Is that my entire cruise fare? If that is the case I will do it. I do not care if it takes 90 days. Our travel insurance has already said if THEY cancel it is not covered in the policy. My husband has a job that is VERY difficult to get leave from and we do not know when/if he will get it for this long of a cruise again (15 days) we were very lucky this time.
  7. So we have always cruised carnival. First time with Norweign. Is the dining room casual? Semi casual? We never wore jeans on carnival but not dresses and suits every night either.
  8. Anyone have hotel advice near the port??
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