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  1. I think there will be a lot of ports around the world that will ban the large cruise ships. If that happens, I wonder if they will just be used for 7-day cruises to nowhere with stops at the cruise lines' private islands?? We prefer longer cruises on smaller ships anyway ... but once in a while we like to get on the large ones.
  2. I don't miss ANY of the things posted above, but, man!, do I miss cruising!!
  3. I have no clue what's open or closed anymore. I just walk towards automatic doors and if my face hits the glass I turn around and go home.
  4. Oh, we are well aware that no European travel is possible for us right now! As well as travel to Australia and other places. We're looking at the second half of 2021 at the earliest.
  5. I would love to see any of these, but wonder about the last one. I think the ports themselves need to limit the number of ships in port on any given day. St Maarten with only one ship in port is heaven.
  6. We are also waiting to see what will happen in Europe over the next months ... we had hoped for a long cruise/land combo, but may have to "just" do the land portion ...
  7. Wasn't responding to you ... just agreeing with another post. I enjoy all of these shows, I know they are based on actual historic events, but also realize that they contain a certain amount of creative license ...
  8. It never ceases to amaze me that so many people think shows or movies like this are completely factual ...
  9. We've usually taken a combo of cruises, road trips, and extended family trips (ie, if we drive up to northern PA to see our daughter, we might continue driving up into New York or New England for a while) When we've cruised in Europe or Asia, we spend a good 3-4 days in the area beforehand, and sometimes another 3 -4 days after disembarkation. I guess we would just have to fill in the time we'd spend on a ship and see even more of a country. (hope that made sense) With no cruising, we'd probably go back to spending a week in Las Vegas every year, and in the winter fly to an island in the Caribbean for a month or so. A few more road trips in the USA, and a big land trip to Europe every other year.
  10. And complained & complained & complained about every picayune little thing. And expected to be waited on first, in whatever venue, and waited on hand & foot wherever. Tended to monopolize wait staff/bar staff/stewards/front desk/officers, but had no compunctions interrupting anyone else trying to communicate with staff about anything. I do want to make it clear, however, that we also met some wonderful people on board, and had a wonderful time. Would love to do it again one day!
  11. DFD1, we were first-time World Cruisers (but already 5* with many long cruises on HAL) traveling with another couple with the same "status" We found the overall atmosphere to be very clique-y, at least with the folks who had done 5, 10, 15 or more World Cruises. Because we had each other, and met some wonderful folks on board, we had a great time and we never felt too negatively impacted by the many demands & expectations of the repeaters. An earlier poster on this thread commented that different types of cruises would appeal to different types of cruisers. We've taken all kinds of cruises on HAL and this is certainly true. The WC was by far the "oldest" passenger mix we've ever experienced. We ourselves are approaching our late 60s and felt pretty young on the cruise. When things have settled down and HAL starts up again (fingers crossed!) we'll see what their marketing strategy will be. I think it will be very hard for any cruise lines to attract a lot of new cruisers, based on how badly most of them handled the beginning of the pandemic, so I think they will have to get their Regulars back, but I don't know if HAL really wants many of us on their ships again.
  12. We were on the 2019 WC. The four of us thought he was dreadful ... the worst CD we had ever had. Of course, we are in no way part of the "in crowd" !! although we are all 5* on HAL and frequent cruisers on other lines. Appeal of CDs is subjective, of course!
  13. A completely understandable decision. I don't even want tourists from the US coming to my part of the US!!
  14. We've done quite a few b2b cruises of various lengths, 7x7, 10x11, 9x12, with varying amounts of time spent in the disembarkaton/reembarkation process. You usually have to wait somewhere on the ship with the others who are doing a b2b. Sometimes you have to physically get off the ship and sometimes you don't. If we're not getting off to do an excursion or go shopping, we have our phones, water & books to pass the time. Mr Chew LOVES hanging over the side and watching the luggage/trash/etc go off, and watching supplies coming on for the next cruise. If they'd let him down there to help with any of that, he'd do it for free, and even do the really "grunt" work! You usually have full access to your cabin at any time, you can usually get a snack or a (non-alcoholic) drink somewhere and there are plenty of lounge chairs available on the pool deck, in the sun & in the shade. We call those "turn around" days, and we find them very relaxing.
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