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  1. South! I agree with PhoenixCruiser!! If you want HEAT, you need to go south! We have had some cool days on both east & west itineraries in this time frame. Nice enough weather, but not hot.
  2. Maybe we should all just stay home … 🙄
  3. Since we are just two weeks away from Serenade of the Seas, followed by Celebrity Silhouette, when we got the notice from Celebrity about the increase, we were also wondering if Royal would increase as well. We asked our TA and she checked, told us that they would not be increasing grats in the near future, as they just did sometime last year.
  4. We LOVE their music … but in concerts they amp up the sound way too much for many people, including us. The first time it happened, people started walking out in droves with their hands over their ears, after about 3 songs … the second time, we brought some very good earplugs and they did nothing. Same thing happened, people left with their hands over their ears. At some point Mr Chew found one of the sound techs and asked about the sound levels, and was told that's the way the band wants it, louder than anyone else ever sets the volume. (This was at the Classic East Concert a few summers ago) So, no more live Journey for us, but maybe a good tribute band at "normal" loud rock'n'roll volume would be just the ticket!
  5. I hope you can't hear it in the surrounding cabins?, next door, under, over, wherever. Not that I don't enjoy piano music now & then, but only when I want to hear it, not coming through the walls or ceiling when I don't want to hear it!
  6. We've walked out of several concerts by Journey … I can't imagine how bad it must be to walk out on a tribute band!!
  7. I'm sure that there are many worse things than sand that get into/onto the towels, and I'm sure that ALL of the towels are properly treated & cleaned, no matter what kind they are.
  8. Why not? It's always interesting to see how interesting & different the discussions can be on different forums, from different points of view! Some folks never go to forums for cruise lines they don't sail … and you never know what you might learn from an incident like this. Just as I posted this, the thread was moved to the Carnival forum. I think that's a real shame that we can't talk about it on the Celebrity forum, or whatever forum anyone likes to visit.
  9. Except we don't ever use the stripes outside of our cabin. We take the solid ones when we need to take towels ashore. That way, IF we misplace them or forget them (neither of which has ever happened) we aren't charged for them. We HAVE seen people take towels that other people have left on their chairs at various beaches. People come back to their spot and their towels are gone …
  10. One of the advantages of doing a small, private tour at Ephesus is that your guide can take you off onto the small side paths that are all over Ephesus that are too narrow for the large groups. It was unbelievable how much more we saw on that tour (our third, the first two were ship tours)
  11. Except from the airport; it's much further out, and traffic can be horrendous. But perhaps not on weekends?
  12. we briefly considered this, but we'll just wait and see …
  13. Very disappointed to see this. We hope to take the Voyage of the Vikings in 2021, but this would run us about $600 per day for each of us. We don't need the airfare or the beverage package. Like Taters, we'll be waiting until later this year to book our 2021 European cruise. If VoV sells out with this promotion, we'll find something else.
  14. I was on the website earlier today … and there it was! BUt they are only offering "restricted" (non-refundable deposits) or bundled fares. It's part of their 2021 European Launch, or something to that effect. I did not explore deeply on the website, just contacted my TA and she talked to HAL. We just want a cabin, not air fare or drink packages, and right now you can only book one of those two options. We'll wait until they offer the regular fares, in a few more months. And we'll hope they don't sell out with just these two options.
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