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  1. I was also raised in the "wait until everyone is served before taking a bite" camp. In fact, if any of us (5 siblings) took a bite early, we were deemed to be "offsides" and had to wait until everyone else had eaten three bites before we could start. Naturally, everyone who could eat first would try to take as long as possible to eat their three bites, so the offender would have to suffer a longer penalty! We tried to raise our own children that way, without the penalty. On a cruise it all depends on our table - how many people, do we know them, how the orders are coming to the table - generally we'll wait for everyone to be served, but that's not a hard & fast rule.
  2. Except from the airport; it's much further out, and traffic can be horrendous. But perhaps not on weekends?
  3. we briefly considered this, but we'll just wait and see …
  4. Very disappointed to see this. We hope to take the Voyage of the Vikings in 2021, but this would run us about $600 per day for each of us. We don't need the airfare or the beverage package. Like Taters, we'll be waiting until later this year to book our 2021 European cruise. If VoV sells out with this promotion, we'll find something else.
  5. I was on the website earlier today … and there it was! BUt they are only offering "restricted" (non-refundable deposits) or bundled fares. It's part of their 2021 European Launch, or something to that effect. I did not explore deeply on the website, just contacted my TA and she talked to HAL. We just want a cabin, not air fare or drink packages, and right now you can only book one of those two options. We'll wait until they offer the regular fares, in a few more months. And we'll hope they don't sell out with just these two options.
  6. We have seen the used towels literally littering any beach we have been to on a day off the ship. If there are multiple ships in port, there are towels from multiple ships. That's exactly why we take the pool towels. If someone else takes them (which has happened!), or we lose them (which has never happened) or were to forget them (which I can't imagine; we don't leave things like that) we don't get charged. We try to get them the night before we need them.
  7. We never take the "special" beach towels provided in our room. We take the regular pool towels and have always returned them to the poolside bins. We've always been amazed to see all of the ship towels left on the beach at the end of the day …
  8. Does that mean they fall out of bed, or that they climb out of bed? When my sons were around 2 or 3, they could easily climb out of bed, and often did. Railings of any kind would not have kept them any bed. Shackles might have worked, though.
  9. I have my own mask, and I also have my own VEST!! It's a little more substantial than the ones usually provided by the operators, and it gives me a little more confidence/security in the water. I don't need a noodle or other flotation device so my hands & arms are free. I can stay in the water much longer than I used to without it.
  10. My diabetic hubby also enjoys the no sugar added desserts in the WJ. They've usually got a pretty good variety. I imagine that it varies from ship to ship
  11. We were also on the WC, and booked the HAL excursion as our freebie excursion. It was long day, but totally worth it (even if we had paid for it). We had an excellent guide, so we had good & very interesting info about the countryside as we drove back & forth. We had plenty of time to go ALL OVER the Abbey & grounds & town (people do live there; there is even a cemetery for them) … we didn't take the time for lunch, we just bought a fresh (yum!) loaf of bread from one of the bakeries, and did a little bit of shopping before going back to meet the shuttles back to the bus parking. For the stop in Cherbourg, we had originally planned to go to the Normandy beaches, but when we saw this excursion listed in our excursion booklet, we immediately changed our plans. Very glad we did!
  12. If you want to leave a candy bar in addition to an actual monetary tip, then you should. If you want to leave candy during the cruise, then you should. If you want to leave holiday-related candy for your steward/whomever, then you should. We have seen crew members coming back from port stops with BAGS FULL of candy, soda & chips, cookies & crackers. Crew members from all over the world doing so all around the world. On just about every cruise we've ever taken. BAGS full of candy, soda & chips. All kinds of candy, some brands we recognize, others we don't. We sometimes buy local sweet treats and bring them to share with our cruising buddies at dinner. The stewards ALWAYS want to know what they are, where we got them, how do they taste. Not just the waiters for our table. So we've learned to buy extras.
  13. McKay's ??? We love that place!! … we buy books by the dozens to take on our trips. We leave them behind when we're done.
  14. We like 'em all!! In the winter, we cruise for 3-4 weeks to get away from the cold. For those cruises, we prefer the larger ships. We loved our cruises on the Oasis class ships. We pick & choose what activities/entertainment we attend, spend a lot of time on our balconies, don't really care about the ports, as long as the weather is HOT HOT HOT. Our main consideration for this type of cruise is $$$. Our next cruise on a big ship is on the Nieuw Statendam (big for HAL, that is, not necessarily Royal or Princess or Carnival!). We're curious to see how HAL handles a big ship, and hopefully there will be a younger demographic. For the Caribbean, we like the overall vibe that a good mix of ages provides. When we cruise to explore, as we usually do once or twice a year, we prefer the smaller ships. As mentioned several times, they can get into some very interesting & wonderful ports around the world that the larger ships simply cannot. Itinerary is our most important consideration for these cruises, then size, then $$$. Next fall we'll be on Serenade of the Seas in Australia & New Zealand.
  15. When I first saw the picture a few days ago and read about these idiots, I thought that maybe she was going to turn around on the railing once she got up there so that the ocean would be in the background … as she was falling … 😈
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