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  1. Right now there are very similar threads on the Holland America and Royal Caribbean threads, although this one has by far the most well-thought out & comprehensive poll. We cruise in balconies, an occasional suite, on Celebrity, Royal & HAL. One cruise on Oceania, we did not really like the ship, and there were way too many of the "let me tell you how important/rich/wonderful I am" types on board. So, no more Oceania for us, unless the perfect itinerary at the perfect price comes along at the perfect time. We are not interested in any of the luxury lines at this time. We pick our cruises based on a combination of price & itinerary. We find Celebrity & HAL to be roughly interchangeable, with Royal a notch below. None of the individual items on this poll would be enough to make us change lines, especially since we think they're pretty much the same anyway. If enough of them ever occurred that they impacted our enjoyment of cruising, that's when we'd have to look at Viking or Oceania again.
  2. I don't jog, but I do walk for miles around the Promenade deck on our cruises. I think the sports deck lanes are pretty useless for serious walking, let alone jogging.
  3. The cruise directors do many things that you do not see, mainly involved with supervision/coordination of all activities for passengers.
  4. We were on the WC this year. Mr Chew attended a Q&A session with Orlando and members of senior management. They made it quite clear that they cannot build any more 1500-passenger class ships and meet their financial objectives at current pricing for their market. That is why they are building the pinnacle class ships. They are a different model for cruising. The focus, as stated by Ashford & his team, is on food, music and itineraries as the core elements for their new construction. How that all will play out remains to be seen. Things are going to be different as they replace the older ships with newer ships. They also need to replace their older demographic with one that has different interests & expectations of cruising. We are planning to book a cruise on the Nieuw Statendam in the near future and are looking forward to a new, different experience on HAL.
  5. We were on this year's WC. In Mumbai, we took the ferry to see the Elephanta Caves (very interesting). There is a long docking pier jutting out from land for the ferries, and you take a train on to the actual island. There were several old HAL tenders sitting there in the mudflats. I guess old tenders get sold? and end up in various places …
  6. We've had some good tours booking through them, and some not-so-good tours. So now I try much harder to find the local tour companies/guides so I can book directly with them. If that's not possible, I still use Shore Excursions.
  7. We've taken many cruises, most of them long (as in, 3 weeks or more), on four different cruise lines. We try not to fall in the "been there, done that" camp but we do get excited & love to talk about our cruises when the conversation goes in that direction. We are very experienced cruisers, we love to share our stories & tips and hear others' stories & tips We hate hearing people say they've been to Port Whatever so many times they want the cruise line to change the itinerary. We can always find something new to do in a port, no matter how often we've been there, and we have developed certain traditions for different ports. And there are always people on the ship who have never been there and are looking forward to their first time. There have been changes on all of the lines over the years we've been cruising, we don't like all of them, but we don't lose sleep over any of them. Life is too short! Most of our longer cruises have been on Holland America. We just took our first (and probably only, but never say never) World Cruise this year. Most of the people on that cruise were repeat world cruisers. 3 times, 5 times, 10 times, 15 (not kidding) times. The sense of entitlement that most of those folks had was incredible. "MY seat in the theater, MY table for trivia, MY bartender, MY place in line, MY this, MY that, MY MY MY MY MY" We did meet some wonderful folks and overall had a wonderful time, but listening to all of the MYs every day was a major bummer. It's almost as bad on their shorter cruises. Much worse on HAL than X or Royal.
  8. We've also had them placed on the outside back cover. We remove them when we get back home.
  9. We always put a big THANK YOU on our laundry order form. We always give the laundry service a "10" on surveys … the few missteps we've experienced with the service in no way affect our appreciation for the long hours, hard work, and usually perfect service we receive We always use the comment cards for the front desk to give kudos to the laundry teams ... BUT we've asked a few times how to tip laundry workers and have never received an answer, other than to leave an envelope at the front desk. Not doing that …
  10. I think that all of the pictured sandals/zories/whatever are fine in the MDR … but, IMO, there is no such thing as "dressy flip flops" (zories)
  11. Mommyof3 … good luck & have fun with your trip, wherever & however it takes you!!
  12. Yes, but do they really prefer it or have they been told they prefer it! 🤔
  13. Wow … I have been one of those parent chaperones on marching band trips, and I can't imagine trying to exert the same level of control on a cruise ship. Maybe if you were able to reserve an entire corridor without balcony rooms it might work. I don't think the cruise ship would allow you to tape doors shut. (Of course some of it may depend on the size of the band; ours was about 180. I always thought we took too many parents, but we went anyway so we could see the performances and didn't have to pay for gas or hotels!. And Mr Chew was on the Pit Patrol for 3 years.)
  14. We are among those who really don't care who the Captain is as long as we are kept safe & on time & informed. It is always nice to have a Captain who makes his/her announcements lively & interesting, but it's really not that important to us. But I have a question for y'all. Are Mr Chew & I the only ones who think it's kind of juvenile or even a tad disrespectful to call the Captains "Captain First Name" rather than "Captain Last Name" ?? These are professionals who have worked long & hard to get where they are. We have met so many people on board who think that they are very close personal friends of the captain, just because they are on a first-name basis. So … just wondering …
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