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  1. Thank you for sharing your journey with us, the good & the bad. Your positive attitude throughout is admirable. (We met very briefly on the last day of the 2019 GWV, we chatted a while in the Ocean Bar, while we were getting ready to disembark. I think you were staying on to go back through the canal to California) At any rate, wishing you safe travels, whenever they resume!
  2. My siblings & I were all born between 1949 and 1957. My dad installed seat belts in the car with child #1, and we all had car seats! Not quite as good as the ones we all had for our babies in the 1980s & 90s, and not as good as the ones used today, but still … car seats!
  3. I've wondered about this myself. With so little time between passengers getting out of the cabins and back into the cabins, how thorough can the cleaning actually be? I know they change the linens, and vacuum, and give the bathroom a good wipe down (I doubt they do any actual sanitizing) … but they certainly don't clean (and by clean, I mean wash) out the drawers or shelves or safes … or clean the remotes or the phone ... This is now a real concern for many of us … and I certainly don't "have" to get on the ship by lunchtime or "have" to get in my cabin by 1 pm!
  4. Your posts have always been a real treat, you are always so upbeat, even with this year's problems. Thank you so much for sharing the good & the bad. If I can ever get Mr Chew to take another GWV (we did 2019) I hope we'll be able to meet you! Safe travels home! (We stayed in the airport Rydges a few years ago, before & after an Australia circumnavigation. Loved it!)
  5. Chuck Norris has been exposed to the Coronavirus. The virus is now in quarantine for 14 days.
  6. Thank you. It was very hard to write. I pray that there is none of the virus on board.
  7. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily the case. We were on last year's GWV and were astounded at how many elderly people were on board who were incapable of getting off the ship because of various disabilities/illnesses. Many of them were very delightful people and we enjoyed their company at various activities, but we had to wonder why they were even on such a long journey, especially those who were unable to get home on their own if needed. We even asked one of our favorites, and she said "so that I will be waited on all the time" A cruise around the world goes to many places with substandard medical/health care & facilities … many of them are very far away from home for everyone … and there are never any guarantees on cruises that you won't have to disembark somewhere other than the original disembarkation port. Based on what happened with the Diamond Princess, I'm sure that HAL does not want to have the same outcome. There are many elderly people on board with fragile health who would be severely impacted by the coronavirus. If there are any issues, you are better off in Australia than you would be on board a ship for an unspecified amount of time. I'm sure many of you will be unhappy with this post, but this is the reality.
  8. This is exactly right. Right now, we have no travel scheduled at all until late May, but we do have 5 cruises booked within the next 8 months. We still have a while before final payment on any of them and we haven't made any flight reservations. Just hotels, which can all be cancelled with no penalty. I am more concerned with catching the virus in an airport or airplane than on a ship, but am definitely more concerned about being quarantined on a ship than on land.
  9. We've also seen people who were served 6 drinks at dinner, one at a time, over the course of an hour or two. It may not be a frequent occurrence, but it can & does happen.
  10. I think you SHOULD report this incident to HQ. This was totally mishandled by staff. Unrolling soiled bedding in the cabin? Not removing ALL of the bedding to be replaced? Not wiping down (sanitizing) walls & other surfaces that may have been contaminated? Completely & utterly wrong, and it should be passed on. Seems like everyone from Guest Services to Housekeeping to Cabin Steward needs training. Sounds like this was the flu, rather than Noro, which I think causes eruptions at both ends. If a ship can't handle that, how on earth can they hope to deal with the Coronavirus? The Hotel Director needs to called out for this as well.
  11. We were on the same cruise (although not in a suite). I can confirm that it was total chaos once you got outside of the terminal. Probably the worse we have ever experienced. The lack of signs to direct you to taxis or shuttles or Uber contributed to the confusion. Shuttles & taxis & private cars were pulling up willy-nilly, so people simply jumped the lines to grab one, as did we. There was no order and no one to help direct passengers as there usually are. There was one female porter who wasn't actually portering (?) but kept yelling nonsense at passengers. Porters were plowing through the lines, first on the right then on the left, then back on the right, expecting people in line to keep moving their luggage from one side to the other … Total Chaos. There were eight very large ships in port, so obviously meant the port was crowded, but there is no excuse for the port authorities poor handling of the morning. Clearly more outside direction and help were needed.
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