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  1. I recently applied for and received 2 new Bank of America credit cards - one account has a $2,500.00 limit and the other has a $1,000.00 limit. After charging some stuff and returning it, I wound up with a credit on the higher limit card. Since I had a balance owed on the other card, I used one of the checks they sent me with the higher limit to make a payment on the card with the lower limit. About a month later, I got a letter from Bank of America saying that my payment had been rejected (and I now had incurred late charges:eek: which I have NEVER been charged before.) I immediately got on the phone to BOA and after explaining the situation, they have agreed to take off the charge and they have promised me that they will not report this to the Credit Bureau. I am expecting my statement in the mail any day and was advised that it the charge is still on there, to call them back and they will "pop it off." They agreed that nothing specifically said I couldn't do that. My thinking was that since they already had my money on one account, they could switch it over to the other account. Their thinking was that I was using THEIR money to pay THEM. Lesson learned.

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