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  1. I guess it’s too late to tell your mother “no.” You can not worry about it and hope people will not show up, or change your venue.
  2. Hopefully, you mean Jan 2020. There are many honeymoon couples on large cruise ships, and there are no freebies. On small ships, such as Windstar, yes, but not big ships. If you book through a TA, they may offer something. I definately would want a quieter room. Maybe dinner at a specialty restaurant? Couples massage on a sea day? Best of luck to you.
  3. You can't. But, I think asking a more specific question would get you some useful answers. Are you asking about a cruise wedding?
  4. Logically, why would you get your premium reimbursed when you are using the policy by filing a claim? Yes, many policies allow you the option to transfer the policy to a new trip. But, you can't do this if you file a claim because then you are using the benefits of the policy. I have never had a CFAR that reimbursed more than 50% of a covered loss.
  5. Go to the cruiseline’s webpage. They will have dress code there, but jeans are fine for everyday wear. https://www.vikingcruises.com/oceans/frequently-asked-questions.html#noscroll
  6. If you want to sail on during the summer on Celebrity in the Caribbean, your only choice is on Equinox.
  7. It says, “affects our beverage packages.” I’ve never been charged VAT in addition on a single drink.
  8. That would be very disapointing, and NCL should allow people to cancel. I know that the Nationwide Cruise policy I purchased for my last cruise, paid each insured passenger $1250 for a change of itinerary (had to happen at least one week before cruise departed). This type of policy isn't available to residents of all states. This policy also provided coverage for nonrefundable tours missed because of this port change. Not exactly what you are asking (trip interruption or delay), but that amount of money would have lessened the pain.
  9. It's still pretty bad. Really slow.
  10. Have you looked at this cruise on Windstar’s webpage, and seen what excursions are offered?
  11. There are very few left that I see.
  12. How nice! Yes, people are quick to complain, and it’s so thoughtful you posted this thank you. You are very welcome, and glad to have helped. Glad you enjoyed your cruise. Are you listening to msears101 Windstar 😄?
  13. Why not decide what you would like and then ask your coordinator if they can provide it?
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