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  1. You didn’t name your cruise line, but every line has dress policy listed on their webpage.
  2. Sorry to read about this awful experience. I agree, no one should travel without a good travel insurance policy.
  3. I went on this cruise in 2017, and I believe there was a travel advisory then, and most cruise lines weren’t stopping there. One of our favorite ports.
  4. You must feel strongly about this, “Donald”, to make this your first post after being a member for 17 years.
  5. How can a dip manicure damage your nail bed?
  6. While these types of manicures absolutely ruin my nails for a good two months, I also don’t understand how they could cause permanent damage.
  7. You should be fine if your first flight is on time.
  8. We usually stay at an airport hotel for these early morning flights, to get a little extra sleep. I don’t see this as a big deal. It’s only a 90 minute change. I’d take the 6:00 am flight.
  9. That’s true. Maybe friends should try again. I actually would blame the online Consultant for this mixup. They should have known.
  10. This happens with all cruise lines; prices and perks often are confined to residents of specific countries. There are often complaints about this, especially from U.K. and Australian residents.
  11. https://www.britishairways.com/en-us/offers/partners/aarp-member-benefits
  12. Yes, if you purchase the package, you’ve already paid this charge. You get no check each time you order a drink.
  13. Stating people are dressing more casually is not “judging other’s clothes.” But hey, feel free to judge comments 😁!
  14. 3monkeys4me - my deepest sympathies for the loss of your mom. What a traumatic experience for everyone. My best to you. I had a Nationwide Luxury Cruise policy for a Windstar cruise last December. We had an itinerary change before the cruise began, and this policy had coverage for an itinerary change that paid me $1250.00 per covered person for this change. It seems like crazy coverage, but after I filed a claim and provided the required paperwork, my son and I each received a check for $1250.00. I first learned of This Nationwide policy (which isn’t available to residents of all 50 states) when I read about it in the insurance forum here. I thought it was crazy for a company to offer this, but they do!
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