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  1. We are supposed to stop there this April, and our itinerary shows us as tendered. I find it hard to believe there is a dock.
  2. Make sure to bring your physical global entry cards. Without those, you will not be allowed in the global entry line.
  3. No problem at all changing to smaller bills. Do it all the time.
  4. Please note that Regent’s update from today on their website states that anyone who has been to airports in China in the past 30 days, including Hong Kong and Macao, will be denied boarding. So the advice just to fly in and see what happens could become very problematic.
  5. Will try to find some pictures of the Navigator’s tender position in Paamiut and Qaqortoq. They were both in protected bays, and it was very calm when we were there.
  6. Taiwan today announced that it will prevent all cruise ships that were in China, Hong Kong and Macau within the past 14 days from docking. That would affect the March 1 itinerary if it persists.
  7. https://www.scmp.com/news/asia/east-asia/article/3048795/coronavirus-japan-quarantines-cruise-ship-called-hong-kong Notably, the patient in question did not develop a fever until after leaving the cruise, so this taking of temperature at embarkation would not have discovered it.
  8. I can’t answer ‘usually’, but when we boarded Voyager in 2018 it was in the main cruise port, not San Basilio.
  9. Hong Kong is caught up in this as well now. Posts on the Asia forum indicate that some cruise lines (Royal Caribbean, Celebrity) will deny boarding to passengers who have been to Hong Kong in the past 15 days, including just transiting. Also, Italy today suspended all flights to China, including Hong Kong. So it seems very likely that Regent will make a change.
  10. Beijing was always on the itinerary. We are on the Grand Voyage, so still get to stop in Incheon on the next segment (coming from Japan).
  11. Just heard from Regent that they cancelled the St. Lucia stop on this year’s Amazon cruise and replaced with Martinique, apparently to avoid the problems with the YF issue this year.
  12. Regent will have a shuttle to Darling Harbour. You can then take it from there.
  13. ON cruiser - I read your review (the full one) with interest since we were also on this cruise, the second part of a B2B. I just wanted to give my impression of some of the items you mentioned. While I had sometimes different experiences than you mention, this is in no way meant to question your unfavorable impressions. We had no issues with the food on this cruise, either with taste, temperature or forgotten dishes. This applies especially to Compass Rose, our favorite restaurant (we did not eat in Chartreuse on this segment since we don’t care for it generally). As far as service, we did not notice much difference from the previous cruise, but there was definitely a significant crew turnover in Dubai. As you mentioned the Observation Lounge, there was one new server, while very friendly and eager to please, needs additional English language training as she sometimes did not understand simple requests. We did not have any problems with getting items washed cold in the laundry, but definitely had some laundry problems on other cruises. i could not agree with you more on the early morning excursions (though I believe it may not be unique to Regent). They need to realize that we are on vacation! Finally, I can understand why you may not consider Regent again. Since you mentioned Seabourn, we had quite a bad experience (worse than your Regent experience) on Seabourn after a number of enjoyable cruises. I made extensive comments after returning from the trip, but never heard so much as a word from management or anyone else. As a result, we do not sail on them anymore.
  14. I would just take the Regent credit and book my own first class flights for whatever the additional amount is. That way you get to determine the schedule.
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