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  1. The Westerdam is in a unique situation. And the crew missed their Manila visit just a few weeks ago. Navy separations were not easy. Our longest was for 13 months. My heart goes out to the crew, celebrating that they can hopefully see their families. Barbara
  2. Surely some of the crew will get to see their families. :) Barbara
  3. This evening's TV news announced progress on a covid-19 vaccine. There is hope. https://time.com/5790545/first-covid-19-vaccine/ Welcome home to Pat and Bob ! Barbara
  4. Annie Frances is wonderful ! So is Chef Bella from Australia. She was on our Maasdam EXC In-Depth voyage around Australia. Thanks again for bringing us along on this adventure. Barbara
  5. Thanks so much to Wehwalt and to you for your thoughts on this. Here is more: https://www.bangkokpost.com/world/1863174/cambodia-casts-doubt-on-malaysias-virus-diagnosis-of-us-woman I am thankful that so many Westerdam passengers have made it safely home and remain healthy. Barbara
  6. From post #1304: "This repeat detection test was performed to confirm that the COVID-19 case was cured and negative." I find this Malaysian comment ("cured") to be confusing. Maybe something was lost in the translation? I want to believe the CDC that the Westerdam lady in Malaysia never did have COVD-19. This muddies the waters. Welcome home, everybody. May your good health continue. Barbara P. S. Who is the Captain of the good ship Westerdam???
  7. From the Westerdam Roll Call for February 1, 2020: USN59-79 #381 Posted 1 hour ago We just arrived home today from Narita via Phnon Penh. HAL booked us in business class on both flights as we had purchased a higher class than economy when we boarded on 1 February. Just received an email from Orlando Ashford thanking us for our patience and he noted that the woman who had supposedly tested positive after leaving the ship to Malaysia has now been shown to have been negative for COVID-19. So no Westerdam passengers or crew has tested positive for the virus. While the last few weeks have been trying times, I am very pleased and satisfied with the help we received from HAL, but also our embassy in Phonm Penh and the other foreign embassy personnel that were helping us in Cambodia and elsewhere. Ray and Sara
  8. Welcome home! And thank you for this USA Today article. I like it. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2020/02/21/coronavirus-holland-america-ms-westerdam-cruise-passenger-cleared/4834124002/
  9. My new theory is that maybe the lady in Malaysia has had the virus that led to her husband's pneumonia. And I am hoping that every single Westerdam passenger has been and is free of COVID-19. Barbara
  10. I was hoping that the Maasdam might visit the Philippines and Indonesia. Barbara
  11. May all of the Westerdam passengers arrive home safely and stay healthy. We want to hear from you. Barbara
  12. Nobody has used the words "false positive." I had questioned the two positive tests for the lady in Malaysia. Since then, she has tested negative. And others also seem to be questioning how she could have tested positive while no others have from the Westerdam. Barbara
  13. And that is why more quarantines are recommended. Time will tell. So far, so good. Barbara
  14. One more thing, thanks to Happy In Van's reminder: Wash your hands. Keep washing your hands. Avoid this new virus. Barbara
  15. Barbarian Paul: Yes, but I think that Cambodia was already welcoming untested people from China. And except for 20 passengers with minor health problems (including one with pneumonia?), these passengers appeared to be healthy. Subsequent tests did prove this, both those in hotels onshore and everyone left onboard. This was an extraordinary situation where perfection was not possible. I am thankful to Cambodia for welcoming the Westerdam, when no other country would. Gold medals to all of the countries who are helping these passengers travel home safely. May they continue to maintain good health. Barbara
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