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  1. Really sorry to hear about the terrible wildfires in Australia. TV here in USA mentions NSW and QLD. Thoughts and prayers are for all affected. Barbara
  2. Thanks for sharing another voyage with all of us. Remember to report your wasted internet minutes to the people at the front desk, so that they can make it right. Barbara
  3. Sorry that Kangaroo Island was canceled. Hopefully you will really enjoy Melbourne. I do not remember ever hearing of a Production Manager before. Are you getting enough inspiring and informative presentations to truly appreciate the wonders of Australia? Barbara
  4. We love the wombats. Australia has such unique wildlife. Ken, how were your sea days off the south of Australia? Barbara
  5. Thanks for the update. Again, Kay is so wonderful. I have such fond memories of her keeping an eye out for us on a hike. Barbara
  6. Hopefully you do not have to eat those words. Glad you brought your jackets. Nice photos. Thanks for sharing so much about this Xquisite voyage. Barbara
  7. Thank you for the correction. Barbara
  8. So glad that you got to see the entire antenna field. In 1971 my DH was almost assigned to the "Northwest Cape" communication station with the U.S. Navy. Last winter we were lucky to tender to Exmouth and take a tour that included the Harold Holt Navy Base. That countryside was even more remote and desolate than Broome. But we got to see where we might have lived for three years. We drove by the old buildings of the communication station and the antenna field in addition to sightseeing. Base housing was on the outskirts of Exmouth and looked quite nice. Good friendly people and a very nice town centered around the busy swimming pool. I was surprised to see papa emu leading his children into town for their daily rounds. We were told that they wander into any open doors looking for food handouts. Later in the day I saw a group of emus visiting the exquisite hotel, getting photographed by happy guests. Barbara
  9. The presenters aboard can be a valuable group of experts. We had a number of good ones last winter, wearing yellow lanyards to identify them for asking questions whenever. Barbara
  10. The 2020 WC will visit Japan and China during the cold winter. The 2020 Grand Asia would "echo" that itinerary the following fall. Barbara
  11. This is a special family cruise, so you want every single photo. Individual photos are expensive, so you want a package. Yes, talk to the photography manager after you board the ship. They want to sell photos to you. Last winter my issue was getting the best price for back to back cruises for five star mariners. They contacted Seattle and in a few days had a better photo package price for us. You need to find out the best price for all photos of your whole family group. Hopefully they will make you happy. Barbara
  12. Good morning, Ken. I think that you have two sea days between Broome and Exmouth. I would love to hear what lectures and In-Depth preparation HAL has been providing. Kaye and Erin sound good. Thanks so much for sharing with us. Enjoy your voyage! Barbara
  13. Ken, your tour probably cost a lot less than mine did. Part of the history of Broome was the pearl diving business. Japanese were good divers, so they came and lived and died there. Other nationalities probably came for jobs too. I see a lot of historic similarities between Native Americans here in the USA and the native Aborigines in Australia. My personal opinion is that the Russian Orthodox Church did a better job in Alaska with the Natives. So did the New Zealand settlers. Enough opinions. Barbara
  14. Nice photo. Thanks. Broome is a unique remote location that not everyone gets to visit. Our tour guide shared his Aboriginal / Filippino ancestry with us and welcomed us with open arms. We ate fish & rice soup from his mother's recipe in the cafe where his father was performing original music. I loved seeing his friendly young children sitting nearby and examining this new batch of tourists. I also enjoyed a bookstore, but the desolate hot & dry countryside was hard to appreciate. Barbara
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