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  1. You must have some enthusiastic passengers aboard. I wonder if they will again try presenting the full house programs two times to reach everyone? I assume that the only talks repeated on TV are for the ports and shore excursions? Thanks again for bringing us along. Barbara
  2. Enjoyed reading about Madang and the Garove Caldera. Icing on the cake! Barbara
  3. Thanks for fixing the photos, Tim. You really had a memorable adventure in wewak, PNG. Madang looks interesting too. Had no idea that cassowaries had such nasty and dangerous temperaments. We were surprised in Exmouth, Australia to find emus strolling the streets, hoping for handouts. They looked fairly gentle from a distance. Barbara
  4. Something is different about your blog photos. I cannot get them to open. 😞 Barbara
  5. You brought back memories of our 2015 disastrous embarkation to Guam. Your four coming Lido Market dinners look tempting. (Heritage, Indian, French, and Australian-South Pacific) Barbara
  6. Thank you, Tim for sharing so much history and details of Iwo Jima and Saipan. So good of your captain to get Tinian Island included. I am pleased that the trees on Saipan seem to have recovered since the 2015 typhoon just before we visited. Nice photos from Guam. I was surprised how much resentment our 2015 guide there had for the Spanish colonists, which included some of his ancestors. Barbara
  7. I wonder what is happening in Jayapura, Indonesia? Barbara P. S. Google reports protests and riots. Maybe another port could be substituted???
  8. Nice to read about Nagasaki, such a delightful city. I especially enjoyed the shopping in and around the cruise terminal. Barbara
  9. Happy Birthday, Tim. Lunch in the Pinnacle Grill is a special treat. Enjoy Nagasaki. Barbara
  10. Possibly they landed in the lost and found at the front desk? Barbara P.S. People need to remember that the In-Depth cruises concentrate on area information, not entertainment.
  11. It sounds like HAL is doing a good job of keeping you safe. Tim, when we were on board last Dec to Feb, it felt like there were a lot of changes and surprises as the In-Depth program evolved, especially during the different segments. Now it sounds like you have settled into a more predictable routine. I enjoy hearing what presenters and quality staff continue the journey. Enjoy the weeks ahead. Barbara
  12. Enjoy your cruise. We loved sailing on ms Rotterdam a couple of years ago and hope that you do too. Barbara
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