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  1. yes , thanks for posting this article. The cruise lines have always been fodder for negative reporting, much as the airlines are. Always good to read about things from the worker's perspective which brings things closer to the way things really are.
  2. I miss the continental breakfast buffet. The croissants and the round cinnamon swirl pastries, the fruit, cheese , and I miss the smoked salmon and bagel that was on the room service breakfast. I would even have paid the extra for it, when it was no longer free. I miss the pepperpot soup from many years ago, the tom ka gai soup also. I miss the chicken fajita wrap from the room service menu. I miss the creme brulee, the cheese plate that was on the dessert menu in the mdr, but you could also order it as an appetizer. I miss some of the old drinks, like goombay smash, and the twilight zone. there are so many more. Mostly I just miss cruising in general.
  3. I may have missed some info along the way, but had the refurbishment of Victory already started? or not. If not, than I hope they retain Victory as she was, or is. I sailed on her in 2015, loved the ship, loved the sea oriented theme, of coral, sea horses, (yes those seahorses!) LOL. I would much rather see the Victory just updated with more modern rooms, and maybe some new food venues, but not add extra rooms, and reduce the public space. again, just my own opinion, and I know others will differ.
  4. Chief93, I hope you are doing well with your medical condition. I have not always enjoyed Indian food and curry, but learned to do so, when I had a group of friends who were from the culture, and others who were vegetarian, and so I gradually learned to try new things, and found that WOW, | really liked it, not all of it, but most of it. When I was on cruises and expressed interest in the cuisine, the waiters and chefs really seemed to be more than happy that I enjoyed it, and that I wanted to try new offerings. They just could not do enough.
  5. I did one similar to this in 2000, on the Sensation, but it left from Tampa and went to Grand Cayman and Cozumel, then to New Orleans and back to Tampa. It was 7 days, and also my first solo cruise, as well my first on Carnival. I enjoyed it very much. I might like to do one like that again, but whenever I do get to cruise again, I would like to take a longer cruise. I think 10 days minimum would be what I want, so may have to look to another cruise line for that. Or maybe take a back to back. I would really also like to get back to Key West again. Went there on a different cruise, just felt the port time was too short, and no time to see what I wanted. But yes I would give it some consideration.
  6. Peachypooh, hope for better days ahead and a future visit to Barbados. It is my favorite island/nation in the Caribbean. I have been there so many times on land vacations, and absolutely love the place and the people. Let us all look forward to a brighter future for all, safe for travellers, and safe for the islands to allow visitors and support to their economies.
  7. I am not sure what buffets will be like in the future on ships or elsewhere, but putting aside the current situation and the likely changes in the future, I will say that I always have enjoyed the buffets in the past. I loved the salad bar, and the continental breakfast section in the am among other things. I really missed the Tandoor station when they took them away, so I would say add a few curries and other Indian foods on the buffet, even if it means they are served by staff. I have no problem with that concept. More curry, more vegetarian dishes in general.
  8. I have enjoyed all my cruises, but if I had to pick one, I would say Valor, just something put me off with that ship. I do like the class of ship, conquest class, but I just was not fond of that one. Was a great cruise though in other ways, just the ship was not my favorite.
  9. my first Carnival cruise was on Sensation, out of Tampa Fl, in October 2000. It was my second cruise, but the first on Carnival and also my first solo cruise. Up till then I was quite used to travelling alone due to my work, and having started solo travelling early in life, but my first solo cruise, I was particularly worried about going to the dining room, and back then there was no anytime dining, so sharing a table was a bit of a concern, and I am not an extrovert, so debated going the first night, but figured if I did not go first night, I would not go for the entire cruise. It turned out to be the most interesting and enjoyable group of people at my dining table, that dinner became the highlight of the day, both for the good food and service, but for the wonderful group fo dining companions, who somehow knew how to draw everyone into the conversation, and feel accepted and welcome. Unforgettable experience.
  10. Destiny was refurbished and changes made to it, also renamed as Sunshine. They have done the same with the Triumph, which is now called Sunrise, and Victory will become Radiance. Not all are happy with the changes, which are extra staterooms added and less public space, meaning more crowding, and I am just saying what others have reported on Sunrise and Sunshine, but others do also love the refurbished ships with more food options, and updated rooms etc. I cant speak from personal experience because I have not sailed on these ships since they changed, and were renamed. I would love to do the cruise from San Juan, and include an added 5 to 7 days in San Juan before the cruise, because I love the place, and would love to see more of Puerto Rico. I would do it on a Fantasy class ship, but would be just as open to Sunshine, Sunrise etc, or another class.
  11. it has been a while since my last cruise, it was on the Splendor, out of Miami in 2016, late September ? I think, or early October, cant remember, been that long ago LOL. It was western Caribbean. The only reason that I have not cruised since then, is that I am caregiver to two parents, 24/7, with no other family to help, so travel is for me for some time not an option, and of course for all of us, now is not an option. But as is with all my cruises, I have fond memories, and hope to some day get back to it again, though at the moment am in no hurry, given my personal situation, as well as the the global health/travel restrictions. Still nice to reminisce on these boards of great cruises in the past, and hopes to some day get back to it.
  12. there have been so many great crew members, some of them I never even knew there names, but if I pick one it would be a really great room steward named Angel, he was from Peru. Always smiling, always calling out to me from a room he was cleaning, as I walked down the hall. He always asked how my day was, was I having a good cruise etc. Just a super friendly, upbeat, happy smiling young man. As I say many more, but Angel rates right up at the top of the list. Carnival has very friendly crew.
  13. tennboy1981, I am frustrated with these offers in a very different way lol! for years, I cruised Carnival every year or two or three, and spend a bit of time and money in the casino, as it is something that I consider part of my cruise vacation entertainment, and for many years I never got any good offers in that regard, just he usual offers that were not really that enticing. let a few years pass, and I now cannot travel at all, due to being 24/7 caregivers to family members , I cannot travel now even without the current situation with travel shutdowns, but looking forward, do not see that I will be able to travel or cruise in the next few years, yet the offers keep rolling in, such great offers, but as enticing as they are it makes no sense for me to book even for next year, because I have no idea when I will be able to travel again. So for me , my frustration is , why....when the times I could travel did those offers never come in, and I had to book cruises at prices that were not really good at the time, but fit my vacation time, and i did so at significant cost, inside room , solo. Now I get these offers several times a day, that are beyond wonderful, but I cannot take. So...just saying, I do not understand either, would normally be frustrated, but given my life right now, and the global health situation, am just considering all this.
  14. op, it all depends on what or what not the travel agent is doing or not doing to your liking. it is ultimately up to you to whether you fire the travel agent or not, and or whether the friendship is worth doing that. Really nothing anyone here can definitively advise you on. I really do however feel that travel agents, personal vacation planners etc these days are very much in need of some understanding and patience from clients at this time, as they must deal with us, the clients as well as the cruise lines and whatever other travel modes they deal with. Times are tough right now, for all, but these folks are dealing with the same pressures we all deal with, ie' working from home and or social distancing etc. Please try to work with your travel agent first before doing something without weighing the pros cons. JMO.
  15. Oceandoll, I am not long behind you in downsizing, so am not acquiring things anymore, however wish to say, thankyou for reviving this thread. I too loved the the S.S.Norway, and was my first cruise ship, and cruise in October 1999. Only reason I did not go back to Norwegian after that is because I started to cruise solo and got better deals on another line. But I only have the best memories of the Norway. Best wishes to you on your upcoming move and hoping that you are going to love it.
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