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  1. My copy of the Cunarder and the Christmas card arrived today. A nice card this year.
  2. I love being on board in December. They really make a lovely job of the decorations. Thanks for posting.
  3. You don't need to dress for afternoon tea, but I would avoid shorts. There may be a tea dance which will be advertised in the daily programme. On a normal day, it is a case of sitting down and being offered as much tea as you can drink and as much food as you can eat. As for dance classes, there is no dress code, but you are advised to wear appropriate shoes.
  4. Your question about water has been answered, but they usually have paper cups as well as classes so you can get a drink to take with you around the ship. Although it might be easier to take a container with you and fill it from a glass or cup. I think you need need more than six drinks a day to cover the cost of the soft drinks package. For me that would not be value for money.
  5. Thanks Bell Boy. I hope it's a good name.
  6. Thanks for all the helpful info. I have plenty to think about before we go.
  7. Thanks for the advice. It looks like it will be a CAB or the ferry. Plenty of time to decide.
  8. Thanks for all the helpful advice. It does sound quite expensive for a transfer, but it could be worth for convenience. We got two of everything last November, but only one in July this year. I thought maybe that was down to the number of people doing the round trip. A shame, but it sill not spoil my enjoyment.
  9. Thanks for the information. I think I am in NY on a Tuesday, but it could still be chilly in December for hanging around outside.
  10. Thanks, yes we are on for the 2020 Literature Festival, I did not know that when I booked so a bonus.
  11. Thanks for the advice, we are thinking of walking so it's good to know we get plenty of time. Six hours sounds just about right. If it's cold we will have to go in Macy's
  12. I am doing a B2B TA on QM2 next December and am wondering about the transfer to Macy's. This is not advertised in the cruise booklet, but is usually offered on board, or it has been on my last two TA's. Has anyone don this trip? I am not so much worried about Macy's but it seems like quite a good way to get into NYC. I did the ferry to Wall Street in July and it was great, but as my next visit is in December, I am looking for somewhere warm.
  13. It would be a push to get to Macy's band back for 12.30. I would recommend taking the Ferry to Wall Street and maybe a walk to Battery Park.
  14. You should also keep the same table in the restaurant for the return trip.
  15. I had a boarding time of 3.30pm for Queen Elizabeth in October. I arrived at 11.45 and was on the ship by a little after 12. The same applied for Queen Mary 2 in July. Ignore the time on your e-ticket and arrive when you are ready.
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