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  1. Correct, maybe the bus made it too easy.
  2. Changes here including working from home. That will not help my job hunting, but the search continues.
  3. The bus will give you a clue to this one.
  4. It's been a lovely warm sunny day here. As is clear, we have just watched the ISS fly over.
  5. This port has been seen before.
  6. It was and as you can tell from the picture, it was a warm and sunny day. A port I would love to go back to.
  7. This might be a tricky one. It's from 1997
  8. Correct. I can't remember exactly what the ice cream was, but I know I enjoyed it.
  9. Correct, impressive as you didn't have much to work with.
  10. It used to be on the World Club section, but last time I tried to log on to that bit I got an error message.
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