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  1. Sorry to hear that HH. Not looking good for my my B2B TA on QM2 in December. What with the advice not to cruise and the high rate of new cases in the USA.
  2. I am going away with my friend in August. Although we don't live together, he lives alone so has been allowed to join a bubble so we count as one household. But yes HH I think 5 households would be stretching things.
  3. The pubs have opened in England along with some tourist attractions, hotels and camp sites. It's also raining windy and not very warm. At least it should put a few people off going to the coast.
  4. Congrats to Mr HH. I have started applying for jobs.
  5. The charity shop has re-opened, but the valet stand has been sold. To add insult to injury, I saw the lady who had bought it carrying it away.
  6. Thanks Kynance. People do have a habit of hearing what they want to hear. But it is beyond me why anyone would want to go out on such a hot day to sit in traffic then join half a million other people. I am also angry that they did left their rubbish for someone else to clean up. I think that says just about everything about how selfish those people are.
  7. There are nine of us, plus seven from another department.
  8. Thanks. This might give me the push I needed to do something new.
  9. Thanks everyone. On the bright side, I have been with the company for 21 years so I will at least get a lump sum to keep me going until I find a new job. Not a total surprise as the company was taken over a few years ago so we were expecting it at some point.
  10. Thanks for the good wishes. Not the ideal outcome our office is closing so time to look for a new job.
  11. I have had an email from work and there is a meeting tomorrow which I have to attend. So looks like I might have to go back soon. It will be shock to the system after so long.
  12. It is very hot today, well by normal standards anyway. If it gets any hotter, I will have to go and sit in my car with the air con on full blast.
  13. I have had a refund from Holiday Inn from my June cruise so I have now had everything back. Including the travel insurance. This money has now gone towards my road trip in August.
  14. I am lucky that I live in England where we can bubble. As my August cruise has been cancelled, I have changed my days off so that I am off for three days. I don't know if I will even be back at work but better safe than sorry. The plan is now for a road trip starting on Saturday and ending in Southampton on Tuesday to match up with the hotel I had booked.
  15. If the world cruises do not happen, then hat would mean a full year of no cruises for Cunard. That, or they will have to do some new cruises over the winter months.
  16. It really is hard to see how we can get back to anything like normal until there is a vaccine, but we can't stay like this either. I am glad I am not in a position where I have to decide how to get out of this mess. Lots of people demanding conflicting action and the press are waiting like vultures to pounce on any mistake. All we can do is wait and see what happens next.
  17. Well, it's official, my August cruise has been cancelled. Now I just have to wait and see what happens in December.
  18. I did wonder about Southampton to Liverpool and back. Would give you a day at sea, a day in Liverpool then another day at sea. Not the most exciting trip but it could be done. Unless I have technically been to Bermuda as well.
  19. My first trip on QE2 was a cruise to nowhere so it can be done. Alternatively you could cruise from one UK port to another and back again. I expect when cruises start it will be at a reduced capacity, so you might still get afternoon tea in the Queens Room.
  20. Yes thanks Photo Andy, my car is due a service and MOT in early July. I am hoping I can take it in before I go back to work. I am wondering what to do whilst I am waiting for it to be finished. I have a service plan, but that limits me to where I can take the car. The original plan was to drop the car off and go into Manchester on the tram from Bury. That's not happening this year.
  21. It must be time I went to bed, I saw that and had a vision of a giant Venus fly trap.
  22. Cunard are still selling the August trip, but I expect the cruise will be cancelled. Hopefully, we will meet sometime. I am due on QM2 in December and then again in May 2021 and QV in September 2021. Therefore, if the August cruise is cancelled I will need a refund.
  23. We are having issues with fires near me. There have been 4 or 5 on the moors around here. Not sure if these are idiots with BBQ's / camp fires, arson or accidental. It's been very dry here so does not take much for a fire to get out of control.
  24. Yes, I agree, stay safe and I hope your house and neighbourhood are ok.
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