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  1. Kazu, Plz add DonCarlos and Fishbabe : N Amsterdam-02 Jan 20 - 14 Caribbean Collectors thanks
  2. i may be wrong but i think pccs get more "points" for calls [ esp initiated by them ] than for e mails
  3. see the roll calll...someone on board now [ continues after 10-5 ] chimed in
  4. the airport hilton has a shuttle bus to fro rome so think about this [[[[ double check with hotel before jumping ! ]]]] .......arrive hotel , check in , leave bags, bus to rome , enjoy , bus back , go to room [ assume porter put bags in when rm was ready ]...worth a try , right?
  5. Port de la lune. downtown
  6. that was one great cruise ! great memories !
  7. thank you for all your effort in providing these great reports . like Kazu, we have an upcoming similar itinerary so your logs with ideas are very helpful. Kazu, we will be awaiting yours as well . Stay well and write when you can .
  8. Rotterdam had one early this month kept tidy by someone as no "librarian " any more. No new releases except those left by guests . Still a great spot on a great old DAM ship
  9. Rotterdam has relieved P'dam on this trip . No Antrerp or Rouen[ but iten is same after that . i too question if Rotterdam can go up the Estuary to Bordeaux or must dock at mouth of Estuary { Le Verdon [[[ sic ???]]] ] . i had an email from Hal a week ago [ I have no agent ] so suggest your agent get busy !!!!!!!!!!
  10. Knowing HALL for 45 years and P'dam for 30 I agree with Kazu completely !
  11. I too will miss the P'dam. I go back to Royal Viking and Capt. Halle ! However , I like the S and R ships , particularly the R'dam { tho I get nausea thinking of the butchering of the aft of R'dam and Veendam and have a general lack of affection for Lanai, esp. the reduction of deck chairs open to mere mortals}. Like in football you are allowed 3 substitutions [ 4 if extra time ! ] so I have 2 on the bench that I use and like in Cunard and Seabourn , but now need a third . Therefore I have again enbarked on the every 5 year review-study program-seach for a 3rd sub. I am looking at Regent, Silver, Crystal, Oceania and Viking [ Hapag-L scares me as I know only 12 words in German ]. It is like cars in that for 10 years and 100000 miles I have not followed cars and now I get Consumers Reports April Ed to study [ to prepare for eventual passing on the present coach ] and can't cope with all the choices . The bottom line is we have choises , thankfully, but it is hard to face changes !!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Wow, what a job you now have !...Thanks for your efforts....I "signed in " on the list noting Rotterdam picked up the orig P'dam trip ...we will stick with that as of now ....thanks again for all u do
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