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  1. We are going to be on the Seaview in a little over a week😀 Can we use USD to get chips in the casino or do we have to use Euros for chips? Is this the best way to get chips for table play or is there a different/better option? Thanks!
  2. I agree that the Seaview wouldn't be a good choice for a relax by the pool vacation--it's on a port intensive Med itinerary right now. Doesn't lend itself to the beach vacation vibe.
  3. That is odd. Although, I can probably tolerate that better than rocking. Here's to hoping for weird vibrations and not rocking 🤣 Thanks! Rachel
  4. Thanks! Did you notice the movement all throughout the ship or mainly in YC?
  5. We are currently booked in 16020 on the Seaview Western Med cruise out of Civi. Being that YC is forward, has motion been an issue? We are cruising in June if that makes a difference for the seas in that region. Also, I saw a picture of the hairdryer on board. Is it a "real" hairdryer or does it feel like someone is blowing on your hair like other cruiselines? Just trying to determine how much Bonine to bring and if I need my travel hairdryer. Thanks! Rachel
  6. Thank you! We are YC, so it's whatever the package was before the changes. I will have to see if I can find it.
  7. We are on Seaview in June:) We booked August 2018. Should we have gelato included? Do you know what specific drink exclusions we will have? I have tried following all of the drink posts and it gives me a headache. I thought about calling MSC, but I'm afraid that will give me a bigger headache Thanks! Rachel
  8. I have cruised several times, but new to MSC. I am trying to find the differences between Aurea and YC. I can get a little info on the MSC website, but not all of it loads. We are looking at an itinerary on the Seaview out of Cannes that has no sea days, so wondering which would be the best choice. Happy Cruising! Rachel
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