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  1. I'd do it with these caveats: 1. You have to be ok with tying up your money for 12+ months 2. Get an insurance policy that specifically states they will pay if the tour company goes bankrupt.
  2. Here in the southern part of the US we call the cold weather in the spring blackberry (German brombeere) winter. The blackberry bushes are typically blooming during this time, hence the name. Yes, we've had a few days of cold weather here as well, dropping to around zero C, normally it's around 10-15 C at night. Edit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackberry_winter
  3. I got an email a week or so ago cancelling our cruse of May 31. They offered a refund or FCC but I have to wait until May 7 to apply for the refund. Now, today, another email saying they have issued a FCC ! I guess I'll have to call them and wait in line for xx minutes (hours?) to get this straightened out. Any other thoughts as to what I should do?
  4. As Budget Queen says, at the end of the day it doesn't matter. You'll have a credit on your cc account and charges to that account. Your cc company will subtract your charges from your credit. I'd be surprised if there is a way to stop that from happening, but you can use the money you normally would use to pay off the credit card and put it in a savings account. Either way you get the value of the refund.
  5. Probably not for a 4 month cruise. Instead I would get the power supply linked below and leave it plugged in an inside outlet, then use it to jump off my car when I returned. It can also be used to power a lamp and/or TV during a power outage. I have a similar item that I use for that. http://www.searshometownstores.com/product/DieHard-71688-Platinum-Portable-Power-1150
  6. A lot of car guys who store their cars for the winter use a trickle charger to keep the battery charged. You can google it.
  7. Glad to hear you have a plan. Hope everything works out for you. Godspeed.
  8. Thanks. That really puts pressure on the cruise lines to find flights for their passengers. I suppose they could let them stay on the ship as they sailed to FLL but HAL has said they wouldn't do that except under extreme circumstances . So maybe this new ruling by McGowan is an "extreme circumstance". More to come I'm sure.
  9. How do you know this? If people don't have flights, it could be a long wait.
  10. Just a guess, but ships will probably not "shelter in place" but rather go to their next port of embarkation when that has been determined. The crew will remain on the ship and clean, clean, clean. What is less clear is whether or not they'll be paid. My guess is not, unfortunately. They might get a little bit but it'll be less than their normal wage (which is normally paid by tips?). Again, all guesses on my part.
  11. Correct. If there was a problem, you would have heard by now.
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