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  1. As an alternate, consider flying to Hawaii, spending a few days, then on to Australia.
  2. Maybe too late for the OP, but we used Uber twice in Basel....no problems.
  3. Thanks for starting this topic and being available to answer questions. My question: Do you have to book all segments in one class, or can you mix? For example, I wouldn't mind flying coach on shorter (say, 3 hours or less) legs but I would desire business on longer routes.
  4. As others have said, you can't predict the weather that far out. Instead, base your decision on when is the best time to see what you want to see, for example, penguins. We went the second week in Feb and that was a good time for penguins. YMMV.
  5. We sailed from Rome a few years ago. Flew in a few days early and spend some time in Rome (you can't see Rome in a day). Make sure you have a plan for getting to your destination (airport, Rome, or wherever) when you disembark. Taxis are few and expensive since most people don't disembark in Rome. We should have arranged a private car but instead relied on a Taxi....not a good plan for us.
  6. We took the included tour in April and thought it was good. Our guide works as a "miller" which means she is trained and certified to operate a windmill and had a lot of good info. One of the best tours on the cruise.
  7. Take the "small boat" excursion that goes all the way through the canal. You get a bird's eye view of the canal and can even reach out and touch the canal walls. As timf20001 said, you'll be tendered ashore in Gatun Lake for this excursion. There are no excursions in Colon and if they allow you off the ship at all, it'll only be for the terminal.
  8. Kathi's blog: https://2019halgv.blogspot.com/2019/03/march7-2019-cruisingthe-amazon-river.html You can get different days by clicking on the tabs on the right side of her blog
  9. Our "bill" was generally $80-100 for two not including gratuities. We don't drink alcohol so that wasn't on the bill.
  10. We prefer a mid level balcony so that we aren't under or above any noisy areas. Deck 9 would be good. The dining perk you can order one entry and as many appetizers and desserts as you want. You have to pay the extra gratuity up front when you book the cruise We generally avoid the excursion credit because we do excursions on our own. And it's per port, use it or loose it.
  11. The reason you've never heard of Thorianite is because it's not an element. It's an ore. The element is thorium.
  12. Just off the Sun and we had the package "down" from unlimited(no streaming but otherwise unlimited). We could only use one device at a time.
  13. Sounds like they are considering it, otherwise they wouldn't ask those questions.
  14. No penguins were reported on Magdalena Island the second week of Feb. Doesn't mean there weren't any, just none seen.
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