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  1. Kathi's blog: https://2019halgv.blogspot.com/2019/03/march7-2019-cruisingthe-amazon-river.html You can get different days by clicking on the tabs on the right side of her blog
  2. Our "bill" was generally $80-100 for two not including gratuities. We don't drink alcohol so that wasn't on the bill.
  3. We prefer a mid level balcony so that we aren't under or above any noisy areas. Deck 9 would be good. The dining perk you can order one entry and as many appetizers and desserts as you want. You have to pay the extra gratuity up front when you book the cruise We generally avoid the excursion credit because we do excursions on our own. And it's per port, use it or loose it.
  4. The reason you've never heard of Thorianite is because it's not an element. It's an ore. The element is thorium.
  5. Just off the Sun and we had the package "down" from unlimited(no streaming but otherwise unlimited). We could only use one device at a time.
  6. Sounds like they are considering it, otherwise they wouldn't ask those questions.
  7. No penguins were reported on Magdalena Island the second week of Feb. Doesn't mean there weren't any, just none seen.
  8. Another vote for Punta Tombo. Those on our cruise that went to the island saw zero penguins and said the ride back was very rough. We took a private tour to Punta Tombo and saw many penguins, up close and personal.
  9. Ocean ships manufacture fresh water by distillation or reverse osmosis, or both. How do river cruise boats get fresh water....do they also manufacture it or do they have a holding tank they fill up at port, or what?
  10. $9.95 pp on our recent around the horn cruise on the Sun. Note that it's only good for contacting someone else onboard who has the package as well. So it basically costs $20 for two people.
  11. The captain on one of my NCL cruises held a Q&A and someone asked him who is responsible if something goes wrong, the harbor pilot or the captain. The captain replied that he is always the responsible person, ie, it's his ultimate responsibility to control the ship. So yes, he captain is "the man" as they say.
  12. Starboard so you can see the glaciers in the Beagle channel. And our cruise went past the horn and turned around so both sides could see it. Check your itinerary closely and/or ask on the Celebrity board.
  13. My wife and I have never done a river cruise and are considering this cruise in May of this year. Anything special we should know/avoid? I know it's impossible to predict water levels, but on average, is May an OK time to do this cruise? Any reason to do the cruise "in reverse" ? Our schedules are flexible.
  14. The OP mentioned a DL or a PP, but did not mention a birth certificate. So if his/her niece took her DL only, would that be sufficient? I'm thinking what you said is correct, she would need a DL (or gov't issued ID) AND a birth certificate, or a PP only. Of course if she has the PP she wouldn't need the DL AND birth certificate.
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