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  1. The Other Tom

    Questions about Viking Rhine cruise Basel to Amsterdam

    Thanks for the tips
  2. My wife and I have never done a river cruise and are considering this cruise in May of this year. Anything special we should know/avoid? I know it's impossible to predict water levels, but on average, is May an OK time to do this cruise? Any reason to do the cruise "in reverse" ? Our schedules are flexible.
  3. The Other Tom

    Duplicate License ok for ID?

    The OP mentioned a DL or a PP, but did not mention a birth certificate. So if his/her niece took her DL only, would that be sufficient? I'm thinking what you said is correct, she would need a DL (or gov't issued ID) AND a birth certificate, or a PP only. Of course if she has the PP she wouldn't need the DL AND birth certificate.
  4. The Other Tom

    Where are Bill and Mary Ann?

    Lots of people blogging their world cruise in 2019. Check out this link https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2602656-any-bloggers-in-jan-2019/
  5. The Other Tom

    Panama Canal March 2020

    You didn't ask about this, but maybe it will help in your planning. We did a partial transit a few years ago and took the small boat excursion that went through the Pacific locks. Since it was a small boat we got a close up look at the canal. IMO, that's the best way to see the canal.
  6. The Other Tom

    Phillip Island: Penguin Parade

    We paid extra for a special viewing area but I don't think it was worth it. IMO we got the best views as the penguins traveled beside a boardwalk that anyone could walk down. Remember, no flash photography :)
  7. The Other Tom

    Arriving Sydney by air - why not to bring

    Well...if they are open and "not finished", then I would say trash them. If unopened, declare them. I declared a sealed bag of almonds (after all, they're "seeds") and was ushered through the inspection line quickly. No issues. But I don't know what would have happened if I had not declared them.
  8. Blinkinlightz is correct. New SIM=new phone number. Might be best to go with your carriers international plan for a short stay.
  9. The Other Tom

    NCL POA - what is NOT included?

    No, not a suite. Just a "regular" cabin. No Latitude status either. As I said, the reservation times were somewhat limited. We like to eat early and had no problem but the popular times were already booked.
  10. The Other Tom

    NCL POA - what is NOT included?

    I think you meant to say it's possible to make advanced reservations but not "required". We've always waited to make reservations once on the ship, but, of course, you take your chances with times if you wait that long.
  11. The Other Tom

    Command removable hooks

    See post #10 above
  12. The Other Tom

    Party of 20....freestyle dining possible?

    ^^^^^This^^^^^ Make reservations. I believe you can do that once on the ship.
  13. The Other Tom

    Port or Starboard for Inside Passage Alaska

    Yes, if you're going to see the glacier at Tracy Arm, you should take the small boat excursion. We were disappointed with our "view" of the glacier from the cruise ship. There's too much ice in the channel for the large cruise ship to get close enough to the glacier for a decent view. We only saw a glimpse of the glacier. Edit: If you really want to see a glacier with associated calving, take the cruise that goes to Glacier Bay.
  14. The Other Tom

    Freestyle in Europe

    Within reason, there is no dress code on any NCL ship. When we did a Med cruise on NCL, I wore jeans and a tee shirt to dinner. No problems.
  15. I thought they forward first class mail only, ie, not junk mail. Is that your understanding?