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  1. Ah I see. It's not the closure of the glass door that keeps AC on (phooey) its the closure of the window, only. UGH. Thanks.
  2. I love a balcony cabin, but also value my air conditioning in 90 percent humidity! If I kept the verandah window down but closed the glass doors off, will the air conditioner still stay on? This way there is a separate balcony (open at all times) and climate controlled space. But, I guess you can’t lower the shades with the window down? I see gripes about these cabins, but it seems like this would be a way to make them more “traditional”.
  3. My RC ship just cancelled and I’m glad since their policy changed. I will book onto Edge, I suppose. And that is because of the vaccination policy. It’s the only way I would want to sail, FOR NOW. This is all so new and they don’t need to F this restart up!!!
  4. I just don't want another cancellation. Worried about that FL law that will be in effect, and if Celebrity will end up cancelling. At any rate, I think I will give it a shot. As a fresh booking, I would get my money back if cancelled.
  5. As long expected, my 17 July 21 RC Symphony was just cancelled. I can’t lift and shift to Celebrity, but will get refund. I am prone to forget about cruising this year and just go to Costa Rica. I only have one specific week off (July 17). Should I give it up or book on one of these ? Hmmmm. What to do!? **July 17 out of SXM. Millie. Air is very expensive(unless they offer discounted air). But I love the ship. **July 17 FLL Edge*. Will this thing still be sailing then with all the Florida going’s on? *New FL law kicks in July 1, after the first Edge sailing. I want to sai
  6. CANCELLATIONS AND OPTIONS from Travel Agent page Allure of the Seas departing Port Canaveral: July 4-August 1, 2021 Brilliance of the Seas departing Tampa: July 3-August 28, 2021 Enchantment of the Seas departing Baltimore: July 1-August 26, 2021 Explorer of the Seas departing Galveston: July 5-Sept 22 & October 25, 2021 Freedom of the Seas departing Bayonne: July 3-October 23, 2021 Harmony of the Seas departing Barcelona & Rome: July 4-August 12, 2021 Harmony of the Seas departing Rome: August 19 & 26, 2021 Liberty o
  7. It's clear they are operating this way to hold on to $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ as long as possible.
  8. Okay, Symphony July 17 is officially off the books, it's not listed on RC's website for sale any longer. This equates to cancellation, correct??!? It's the same thing. Has anyone gotten communication yet about FCC/refunds?
  9. "Cut"??? Does this mean cancelled per se, or cut/removed off the website.
  10. The sailing (July 17) is no longer offered for sale on their website.
  11. I don't see 17JUL Symphony listed on their website now. Yep, it's gone.
  12. actually stop the presses...I wasn't thinking clearly. I was thinking CWC would allow refund or FCC. SO I am staying put until they cancel..... hahhaa
  13. I just requested cancellation of my 17 JUL sailing (Cruise with Confidence). Too much going on now. Going to Costa Rica!!!
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