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  1. mailmama

    Presenting a cruise for Christmas!

    When we came back from our first cruise in 1998, we decided our children had to experience this type of vacation. We bought 3 white sand dollar Xmas ornaments and wrote 1999 on each one. They each opened their ornament box on Xmas and their expressions were "what the heck?!! Then you should have seen the joy when we said we are all cruising together in June! We have been bitten by the cruise bug and so has our 3 children who are now in their 30's!!
  2. In Portland Me, we walked up the hill to the Eastern Cemetery for a guided tour. They showed us the different style of stones, designs and dates. Very interesting tour for $5 per person. Money goes for the headstone restorations they are doing since this is a late 1600's cemetery! In Bar Harbor, we used a private tour company called, At Your Service Taxi. Fantastic tour in a minivan. We did the 4 hour tour and had MJ as our guide. Would definitely do and use them again. MJ pointed out so much more than a tour I did on Olli's Trolley. We had people from our roll call join us so that made it great to meet new friends also! In Halifax, the citadel is very interesting and historic. Make sure you are there at noon if possible to see the cannon fire. Cool tradition! We walked down the hill from the citadel along the wharf for nice sight seeing. It's a great cruise; any line you use!
  3. 1. no problem ordering a minute later after explaining I wanted a wine to take to show. 2. Only soft serve and best I remember machine was located near pool and wipeout cafe. 3. Crepes with blueberry filling was often available for breakfast in Windjammer 4.Check out Compass for murder mystery and the Speak Easy. Yes, there is additional charge for each. On Oasis class ships, not sure of other classes 5. Recommended to reserve show and you can only do this once. Catching missed part of show will require you to stand in line and hope to get in.
  4. Carol, A big shout out to you for your advice in selecting this hotel and information on using PATH!! Thanks so much for being there for everyone on these boards! Planning for this trip was much easier because of you!
  5. This hotel was perfect for taking PATH from Newark into lower Manhattan. We flew in Friday afternoon to sightsee NYC before our Canada/NE cruise on Sunday. The room was ready when we arrived and we cleaned up a bit before simply walking across the elevated walkway directly into Penn Station. Never having been in a train station before, it took us several minutes to find a machine selling tickets. (we were looking for a live person!) Another several minutes spent locating our departure point, and off we went! We arrived at the Oculus and then toured the One World Trade Center area before traveling to the top for a late afternoon view. We then ate at an Italian restaurant before taking PATH back to Newark. Easy peasy for people like us who live in a town with only a yellow blinking light! Wanted to let others know there are places to eat nearby this hotel, all walkable! For quick easy breakfast or lunch there is a place in the elevated walkway right outside the hotel. Large cafe/grill type place. For a relaxing dinner with a nice selection of various pub type food is a place called Bella's Pub. This is a quick, short walk through Penn Station to the back door. Look across the street and there is Bella's! This was a great experience for us and the warnings of nowhere to eat near this hotel are unfounded. Uber picked us up for cruise within minutes and it was an easy trip to Cape Liberty. Cost for Uber was about $15.
  6. mailmama

    EWR Hilton Penn Sta. to museum in NYC

    Thanks for suggestions. We really wanted to see the SOL but heard the Summit would pass by. Now hearing differently, we are opting to take the Staten Island Ferry so can see her. Getting into NYC from Newark should be easy taking PATH to World Trade Center station. From there we will walk to ferry on Sat. taking our time and sightseeing along the way. Was thinking is Uber available if my foot won't cooperate? (my mind says go, my foot says stay!) We are arriving Friday noon in EWR and have reservations for the World Tower from 3-6 pm so hoping to see the city lights come on. (Only thing my hubby has asked to do on this vacation!) Also want to eat NYC style pizza somewhere on Sat.. Not a big must see list, just a few special ones!
  7. mailmama

    EWR Hilton Penn Sta. to museum in NYC

    You make a great detective! This is exactly what I was referring to! Wanted to make sure we see the SOL, so will now for sure to take the Staten Island Ferry. Will just take our time and make our way from World Tower to the Ferry, sightseeing Wall st. bull and other sights along the route. Is Uber available? We have all day to spend in lower Manhattan on Saturday. And yes, we have already got tickets for the Tower Friday night. Thanks for info on the options available for Sat. but will stick with original plans so can see the "lady"!! Thanks to everyone for suggestions/info......advice always welcome!
  8. We are visiting NYC Sept. 21-22. (in a few weeks!) Have heard via these boards the Summit will pass by SOL so we won't need to take tour. We are visiting the World Tower Friday evening and have now thought to see the museum of natural history on Sat. How hard is this to do from EWR Hilton Penn station hotel? Any suggestions? We have tentatively left Sat. open to do PATH to World Tower and walk down to Staten Island Ferry pier sightseeing along the way. Is there a sidewalk available all the way? If so, what streets should we be on? We would like to do this but if it's too involved, were thinking just to Uber to museum of natural history? We are not familiar with any mass transit and it's starting to freak me out!! I don't have great mobility in my foot but the walking to Staten Island Ferry will be ok if can sit and elevate foot for short breaks. Thanks to all for any info!
  9. mailmama

    Acadia after Island Explorer Stops Running

    At your service taxi co. is offering a 4 or 5 hr. flat rate tour with guide. We are going end of Sept. so can write review afterwards, but you can check them out if it interests you. They say they are able to see sights in park that Olly's trolly can't get to.
  10. Our son proposed Dec. 2011 to his now wife while both families vacationed together on the Freedom. Then Dec. 2012 they got married ON the Allure with both families present! Since then , bride's mother has passed away so we really cherish those sweet memories of family times!
  11. mailmama

    Do you keep them?

    I keep mine in a journal that I write for each cruise. First sailing was in late 90's so my bookcase is full. We actually get them out and read them to laugh and reminisce about all sorts of little details that could have been forgotten over time!
  12. mailmama

    traditional dining - is 6pm 6pm?

    I've been cruising since the 90's. Traditional dining times have always been what was posted on our reservation. They do open the doors about 15 minutes before stated dining times and some people do start to gather about 30 minutes before hand in the hallway. (why I don't know as you have an assigned table!) I was surprised to read your question as I personally have never know it to vary from the booking reservation.
  13. mailmama

    Panama Canal Cruise Advice

    We've taken 2 full transit cruises. Once on Princess, Once on Celebrity. Both went from either San Diego/Los Angeles to Miami/Fort Lauderdale. 2 different months; March and November. We really enjoyed March as we saw so much wild life. Lots of whales, turtles and very calm seas. In Nov. we saw no sea creatures and had very windy seas. Enjoyed both cruises but loved Celebrity's perk of beverage package. Ports are almost identical for all cruise lines. Little factors like time of year could really make a difference in your choice.
  14. When I book a cruise, I start a folder. It's a plastic see thru kind with a flap that closes with velcro. I put in all documents and confirmations. Also, the passports! I learned this from my daughter who is a travel agent. She has group cruises and always calls each client to remind them to bring passport. GUESS Who forgot her family's passport and had to turn around on the drive to Florida and go back for them??!! Yes, it can happen to the best of us!!! This has been great thread to remind us all!
  15. My sister and I left Princess cruise ending in Quebec City and took Via Rail to Montreal. Train station was just few minutes away by taxi. Quick and easy. We left early in the morning and had no trouble taking our luggage onto the train car with us. (plenty of room for luggage) Lovely train and great trip, hassle free. We then toured Montreal all for the day and stayed overnight. Then took Amtrak/Via Rail down to Albany, NY and flew home on SWA from Albany. Great views and nice trip. Very relaxing, fun way to end the 10 day cruise! The cost of both train rides was less than 120 dollars. That of course will vary. Albany was a great ending point because train depot is not far from airport.