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  1. Just to throw by 2 cents in......Our October cruise was delightfully cool when we reached Bar Harbor and Quebec City. We just layered up in the morning and by late afternoon, we had on long sleeve t-shirts and comfy. Quebec City was just beautiful with cool, crisp morning of blue skies and wonderful color on trees. I'm cold natured and just layered up with heavy sweater. No hat or gloves were necessary. So October cruise was cool in am and comfortable in afternoon. Definitely better than Sept. 2010 where we thought we were in the tropics!!
  2. The floating cabanas were not ready when we sailed so we booked the beach cabanas in the private area. They were great and well worth the cost for the 7 of us. (we split the total cost) Our cabana attendant wasn't worth what we tipped him but ooh well, we were on vacation, after all! No shirt, no shoes, no problems!! He told us he'd bring lunch at 12:00 but by 1 we just picked up our own. Then at 2 pm, here he comes with a tray of food.....(hated to waste it so we made the men eat more burgers!!)
  3. Stress to your TA that very few handicap rooms open. Tell her you have date and cabin picked out. RCI was ready to move my sailing when I told them I had the ship, date and cabin selected already. A good TA will state your need and most often RCI is willing to move mountains if possible!
  4. We must have been lucky. We knew Canada closed so asked the rep if we could lift and shift as we knew our exact dates we wanted. Same ship. She ok'd it since we were ready. .... same ship, same dates. Probably just had luck on our side for once on this sailing!! yes, it was the Ovation.
  5. Called RCI yesterday and was allowed to lift and shift May 2021 cruise to 2022. I wasn't able to get the same rooms but did get the same category 3D balcony at the same price. Only skin in the game I have is the original deposit from a booking payment in 2019! Maybe 2022 will be the year we finally see Alaska!
  6. Replying to the original topic of basically how safe is Seattle, I have a cruise leaving there next May. Closer to the new year if cruise lines are a go, we will evaluate the circumstances. Right now, we have 15 people traveling to the cruise port and would like to explore Seattle for a week before sailing. Hotels are booked but they can easily be cancelled if the town of Seattle doesn't make their tourists feel comfortable. Lots of money could be spent there but only if there is an atmosphere of safety. Right now, Not so.
  7. Last time we sailed out of FLL, we stayed here and ate at a very tasty restaurant about one mile from hotel if I remember correctly. Was a greek place called my big fat greek restaurant. Hope to go again in 2021
  8. Back in late 90's, we celebrated our 20th anniversary on the Galaxy. We were given an anniversary box from guest relations. It contained 2 plush Terry bathrobes, bottle of champagne, 2 celebrity champagne glasses and a picture frame. We were so surprised! Our room stewardess even had a roll of packing tape/scissors available for us to use to ship on our plane ride home! We were never sure how the word got out, but it was the nicest touch! That's why we love Celebrity!
  9. My refund showed up on my credit card under 4 installments, however it all did come in exactly correct when added together!
  10. Brought a smile and a few tears also! Hope to sail the oceans blue again soon!!
  11. We did the Liberty of the Seas last year. Loved the slides and had a great time. Very relaxed atmosphere on the ship. Had a balcony room on Deck 6 which we love as it's down one flight of stairs to the Cafe Promenade for coffee/tea and snack! Liberty is a big ship but not too big that it's an effort to get around or find someone.
  12. Started sailing on the Galaxy in 1998......hooked ever since! 😍
  13. We have been blessed to have been cruising for 20 plus years. Our first cruise on Celebrity's Galaxy was magical. It opened up a whole new world for us. So much so, my sister's family and ours sailed the next year on the Century. The best memory on that was the embarkation. As we reached the top of the escalator , the kids looked out the window at the huge ship and all nearly screamed! They had no idea it was such a big ship (by 1990's standards!!) We had prepared our children all summer long for table manners at a formal dinner. They were told, this is your chance to try new things to eat
  14. I must be one of the lucky ones! Had a cruise canceled by RCI in March and 60 days later, everything owed to me was put back on my credit card. Never got an email but amount on card was all correct......cruise, port fees, insurance, deposit , shore excursions and beverage package! Turned around and put deposit down for another try next May. These are stressful times as it is, don't add more to your life.......they will refund it.
  15. Just went online to Celebrity's website and looked up "contact us". Called the 800 #. A gentleman answered and looked at problem of switching with no exact same itinerary. He then contacted Resolutions dept. and they all worked out a satisfactory solution. It was about an hour total phone conversation but worth it to us.
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