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  1. Fred Olsen cruises has given the Amsterdam, now Bolette, a makeover and has designated 50 of the cabins singles. The carpets in the inside cabins are hideous IMHO and they have replaced the sofas with two chairs. Also it is interesting to see how they have put the cabins into categories - not the same as HAL. See the Fred Olsen website. They expect to sail in a few weeks time on no port stop short scenic cruises.
  2. A year ago we were headed to Auckland and on to the Maasdam and we did get into Norfolk Island on that cruise. Captain PJ van Maurik must have learned from the previous cruise. The ship crew built a structure to go between the tender deck and the Norfolk Island ferry boats. At the island tall strong Aussie guys hauled us up onto the pier. We were glad to see Captain PJ in charge as he got us into Ushuaia on the Veendam 10 years ago after trying for several hours. He doesn't give up easily.
  3. Nothing happening yet for us in LA County, the largest county in the US at over 10 million inhabitants. That must be bigger than several states.
  4. My DIL is an elementary school teacher and she got her vaccine at the Arizona Cardinals stadium Phoenix yesterday. She said it was very efficient. When you say "register on 1/19" she was told to register on a certain day but she said the registration online opened up early. So maybe try on 1/18 at hourly intervals? We are in LA County and I read there are 500,000 health workers to be vaccinated before they start on over 75s. They are requesting more vaccine.
  5. We went in October when it was dry and the river low and in March when the river was high and flowing very fast. Huge difference at the ports and definitely worth going twice.
  6. I spent some of my "at home" hours exploring the website www.fredolsencruises.com It is much easier to navigate than Holland America's, maybe because they have only 4 ships, including the former Amsterdam, now Bolette, and Rotterdam, now Borealis. I signed up for email and the links in the emails help to get to parts of the website directly. On the website you can find sample dinner menus, sample drinks prices and even a typical day at sea. At the top of the home web page go to "cruising information" and look at the drop down menu. All prices are in pounds but using the current exchange rate if you multiply pounds by 1.3 you get the US dollar cost. I think the prices given for cruises include port taxes. It seems deposits were non refundable but they now have special pandemic conditions of booking for some cruises. I went on a 4 night cruise in 2004, on one of their much much older ships, now sold. It was okay but I would choose Bolette and Borealis over Balmoral and Braemar.
  7. Norfolk Island Australia. You must have been on the same cruise as us, January this year. So glad we were able to tender in.
  8. Last photo looks like Petropavlovsk. Also photos are labeled cruise Russia to Vancouver
  9. Looks like a Scottish house. It has the stepped gable. Maybe near John O Groats ? NE mainland.
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