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  1. Oh no! I've been watching vids about the Viking Ocean ships, and now I don't care about Iceland anymore! LOL 😆🤣 I booked for Iceland but now I just want a week onboard! Anywhere — please!
  2. Thank you, @id4elizabeth, @Heidi13, @azdrydock, and @Clay Clayton for the useful info and ideas. And thank you, @IWantToLiveOverTheSea for compiling that excursion data one week on. As usual, this thread does not disappoint!
  3. Thank you, @gramfrog! 🙏🙏 Edit: P.S. I do understand that things are not typical right now! Really looking forward to experiencing Viking Ocean!
  4. Not to change the subject (shorex are critical – especially for these sailings!) but another question for the group… Many of us are running under the assumption that on (now not June 15 but) July 1, Iceland's testing-and-quarantine-on-arrival requirement will be lifted. I've read some are planning to hit the Blue Lagoon or take other tours on Day 1 before joining the Viking bubble. If taking this approach, and independent Reykjavik exploration time was on the agenda, do you think one could drop bags at the ship midday, but then not actually board (read: "join the bubbl
  5. My sailing's shorex have not opened yet, but to be prepared, I inquired with Viking yesterday to find out whether it's okay to call or if we must use MVJ. I was curious if having booked the cruise with a travel agent made a difference (I'm a Viking newb but know that other lines won't speak to you directly if you booked via TA). The rep replied that shorex should be booked using MVJ by either the guest or the guest's travel agent. He said that Viking CSRs are not supposed to be booking excursions for guests. But we know that it's worked for others on this thread previ
  6. Thank you, @DaveSJ711! Appreciate your input. At this point I'm leaning that direction. 👍👍🙏🙏
  7. Thank you so much for the thoughtful and thorough reply, @IWantToLiveOverTheSea! I was thinking a relaxing afternoon at the baths either in Husavik or Vok would be a nice break from the heavy touring we're planning to do elsewhere throughout the trip. I, like you, was less impressed with Vok, which is why I'm considering sacrificing Lake Myvatn for Husavik. I do agree there seems to be a great deal of variety in the Myvatn area so would be a shame to miss! Decisions decisions… 😀
  8. A few shore excursion questions for this very knowledgeable group… Seems some have had better luck booking shorex by calling Viking directly rather than using the MVJ system. Can folks who booked using a travel agent call Viking for that purpose? Or does everything have to go through the agent? Thanks! Any insight/help/advice for an Iceland newbie torn between the sights of Lake Myvatn and the Húsavik baths? Fortunately it seems that on either excursion, one gets to experience Godafoss falls. 👍 Thank you, all, so much! This thread is the best!
  9. Thank you all for your replies, and to @TayanaLorna for the link to the PDF! This is all extremely helpful.
  10. For those of you whose excursions opened for booking on Friday, were they the same as the ones detailed by those on the first three sailings? Did the options in @AKexplorer's spreadsheet (see post #1166) roughly match what's offered on subsequent sailings? Recently booked on the 28 Aug. sailing so just beginning to get organized. Thank you all for the wealth of great information on this thread!
  11. Renderings of Rotterdam VII's Club Orange dining room and the new Half Moon Bar right outside (replaces Blend on The K and NS). These spaces look vastly improved. Makes Club Orange that much more appealing.
  12. Thank you for the update. What happens next? Is it possible for Key West to appeal this somehow?
  13. Thank you, @kazu. I know it's a question no one can answer. Appreciate your commiseration.
  14. With the newly scheduled ships sailing at about 50% capacity at first, what are the implications for Rotterdam VII? If she does sail as scheduled, will bookings have to be canceled to reduce capacity?
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