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  1. Yes, you’re right. I’m ‘lucky’ that the airline have relaxed their rules due to COVID 19, so I’m able to change flights until September 2022 which is very good. Have also been able to cancel hotels booked either side of cruise. We’re holding off booking anything until 2021.
  2. They weren’t when I booked it, after speaking to three different agents about it!
  3. I’m shocked it’s taken them all this time. Booked it nearly four months ago and we’ve now got the financial burden of cancelling flights, hotels etc. especially as they admit it’s their system error!
  4. Thanks for all your replies. Very annoyed with NCL as we booked this in good faith, called twice before booking, no mention of any problem. We’ve now got non-refundable very expensive flights (not booked with NCL) we can’t use. Will NCL compensate for this?
  5. Oh I see thanks very much. We were thinking of cancelling so this has made our minds up. It’s annoying though as we didn’t book online but phoned NCL and our friends did the same. Surprised NCL’s system didn’t flag it up to the agents we spoke to.
  6. We’re from UK and booked b2b cruise, on Jewel Seward/Vancouver, Vancouver/Hawaii. Received email today saying we can’t do the b2b as it’s in violation of the Jones act. Can someone explain this please. We booked this holiday in February so seems strange NCL only contacting us now.
  7. Where did you hear this cruise is cancelled? We’re on this cruise and haven’t heard anything and it’s still being sold
  8. Been announced all Spanish ports closing at 23.59 tonight. Includes Canaries
  9. Thanks for that. Totally different to the trip now. Apart from Cuba, I prefer the ports now.
  10. We booked this cruise with the current itinerary, never knew it had been changed and was originally going to Cuba. Just learned this today from the forum! Would be interested to know what the original itinerary was.
  11. Am flying to Far East with TUI. Booking says 20kg hold and 7kg cabin baggage allowance. Can I take a handbag as well as the 7kg carryon case? If so, does. It have to be small. Thanks
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