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  1. We have R731 on the Regal for our upcoming cruise out of New York. Looking forward to that big balcony and the concierge lounge. We've had a suite before, but this is our first aft with a wrap around balcony. Was it as wonderful as I envision? How was the concierge lounge? Anything worth getting excited about? The balcony is enormous!!! . . . almost too big for 2 people but a perfect spot for a balcony dinner. there is a balcony entrance from both the bedroom & living room. The Concierge (Elite and full suite) lounge is available 24/7 but only staffed at certain times in the day. There are beverages and snacks which change according to the time of day and the hostess can make dining & shore reservations for you. There are copies of same day menus and one of the perks to a full suite is that you can have any item off the menus served in your suite if you don't wish to dine with 4000 of your closet friends. This will be our 4th time in a full suite and will be very hard downgrading to a smaller cabin . . . unless I win the lottery. (:
  2. We had the Owners (R730) Suite on the Regal in April out of Ft. Lauderdale. After clearing security and getting our Medallions, we were directed to a separate elevator and taken to the Elite / Platinum waiting lounge. Once the assisted boarding and wedding parties were on, a waiter in a tuxedo escorted us on board via a different gangway than everyone else, through the Casino to elevators near Club 6. The waiter then took us directly to Riviera deck and into the Concierge lounge where we were allowed to leave our bags as the Suite wasn't quite ready. I don't believe escorted boarding comes automatically as we had to ask one of the Princess shore staff in the terminal and it may not be offered at every port.. Regardless, it's a very nice touch and I highly recommend you inquire at the port when staying in a full suite. We're on the Regal again for New Year's (Dec. 29) and look forward to the extra service. Our prayers are with all of the victims of Dorian.
  3. Hi there, If you would like a new CVP (cruise vacation planner) call their toll free number 1-800-901-1172 and follow the prompts. Princess will assign one to you. I have used the same planner for my last 6 cruises. I find her helpful with any questions I have especially concerning Ocean Medallion and she is always willing to adjust the fare if a better deal comes along prior to final payment. I do agree that because they are super busy, I often have to wait a few days before getting a response from her because as she explained to me, new bookings are their number 1 priority. The other issues I have is they keep regular business hours and so are not available evenings and weekends. I find calling the main number frustrating as you'll never get the same answer twice.
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