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  1. Those times are pretty much standard on Celebrity.
  2. It depends on the server, how observant he is, if he even notices you have different packages, how busy he is, and so forth. He may pour for all, he may not.
  3. I don’t think it does, not as I understand it.
  4. Usually around 6:30 or 7. There should be no customs/immigration at Civitaveccia.
  5. Shows are almost always at 7 and 9 if that helps you plan.
  6. Blue Chip Ruby status? That’s their top level —- 1,000,000 points? For Elite Plus? That doesn’t make sense to me.
  7. Explain please.....what blue chip level corresponds to what Captains club level?
  8. There can be as many as 800 back to back passengers....it’s a popular thing to do!
  9. Sorry, post deleted,I misunderstood the OP’s question
  10. The scooter (whether 20 or 21”) will fit through the door but not past the bed.
  11. A 20” wide scooter will be able to get through the door but not past the bed.
  12. My travel agent was told that it had been chartered. I actually doubt that. I think it is related to the drydock. But that’s just my gut feeling.
  13. A lot of cruise lines won’t let you park scooters in the passageway overnight. Princess is one. You have to move scooters to another location overnight. I thought that was also Celebrity’s policy, but maybe they ran out of space.
  14. Somebody at Celebrity really hates 14 night Caribbean cruises😢
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