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  1. Hispaniola is the name of the whole island. It has the two counties, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Labadee is on the Haiti side.
  2. Summit has port calls there on November 5 And December 7, 2021
  3. Call Captains Club. His points should be in by now.
  4. It is waaaaaay to early to have any info about September, and there are so many options (Bahamas, Bermuda, even having no changes at all is possible) you can’t make an informed decision. One question to ask yourself is, are you willing to go no matter what the destinations are? That is, Is the ship itself is enough of a draw that the destinations won’t matter?
  5. 4:00 p.m email “Your Guest Vacation Documents are now ready 5:01 p.m email cruise cancelled 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤔🤔😢
  6. It all depends. Do you love a balcony? Take Summit. Will you have lots of clothes to hang? The E class closets are woefully small. Do you like to lie on the bed and watch tv? Summit televisions swivel, edge tv’s don’t and it’s too soon to know about apex. Is on board shopping something you enjoy? E class ships have high end, expensive shops, not much in the way of cheap souvenirs. Do you want ballroom dancing? Take Summit. Is a forward-facing lounge important to you? Apex doesn’t have one.
  7. You haven’t given us enough information to answer this question. Do you have little kids in tow? Do you have any mobility limitations? How will you plan to get to the airport? Do you have TSA pre-check? Do you have any frequent flyer status that will help you get through lines faster? Which airline? Domestic or international?
  8. Assuming we get to go on the 11 March Equinox Cruise, I will wager that we will be boarding the cleanest ship we will ever see😁
  9. Maybe they will get Captain’s Club points —— better still, their points will merge with yours!
  10. I don’t care what Princess does. I come here to find out about Celebrity.
  11. Equinox doesn't go out of Seattle
  12. I wish this thread had been titled that you “might “need a Doctor’s note,or possibly need a note, or could need a note or anything other than the definitive “over 70 passengers need a note”. This is how rumors get started.
  13. I wouldn't expect that you would be asked to pay extra for a new port. As I understand it, you would never be charged more in port fees than what the original booking called for. And you MIGHT get a refund for the missed ports. Here's what was explained to me the last time we missed a port. Port charges go up and down. From the moment you booked, if the port charges of any given port go up, you are not charged extra to cover that. Similarly, if they go down, you don't get a refund. You pay exactly what the initial booking required. In the months between when you book and when you cruise, port charges may have gone up or down, but you aren't asked for more money or given a refund. Once the cruise starts, if a port is missed, they look at the total of the port charges for that cruise. Maybe some went up, so you don't get a refund for the missed port. But maybe the total went down, and in that case you get the port charge back for the one you skipped. Port charges also vary by what country you are from. Say you are traveling with friends from France. One country, call it Q, charges French citizens more port tax than American citizens. Your cruise doesn't call on that country because of bad weather. The port charges for all the other islands have been going up and down since the initial booking. Some went up a little, some went down a little. The total may have gone down enough that the French citizens will get a refund for the missed port but the American citizens won't. And Australians might get a refund but less than what the French get. So you will never get charged extra if port taxes go up, and you won't get refunds if port taxes go down, but if a port is missed you MIGHT get some port taxes back as OBC on your shipboard account. And if you ask other passengers, you might find that the amount they are refunded is different from what you get, or perhaps you get a refund and someone else on the same cruise doesn't.
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