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  1. We all liked the tiny touch of fruitiness that a splash of juice gave the drink.
  2. To be sure, other cruiselines do it differently but with Celebrity, tips on drinks are always included in their packages. Not that servers don’t appreciate something extra when they give excellent service.
  3. The initial question about HiPAAwas misguided so let’s forget about that and move on. The vaccination record has nothing to do with HIPPA.
  4. Not sure why the question of HIPA came up. I concealed my name and address. That document doesn’t get registered anywhere, it is mine and mine alone.
  5. I think he was implying that you might get exposed to some other diseases, of the social variety, for which there were no vaccines. Yikes!
  6. Yes I have a completely different card for my Covid vaccine, but I am going to keep it together with this record, and my passport.
  7. I never had that drink on board a ship, but what we made was pretty tasty
  8. Back in the 1960’s I got one of these showing vaccine against cholera and 3 (!) smallpox boosters, and various other vaccines including polio. I have now had my first Pfizer shot entered into this antique record and will get the second one written down there too. Does anyone else have one of these? I wonder if it will work for Cruising?
  9. Luckyinpa, Yes there is a fine for violating the passenger vessel services act. They impose the fine on the cruise company who generally turn it over to the passenger.
  10. Would there be more if you added ferry boat companies and river cruises?
  11. We are going to try some cherry juice from a jar of maraschino cherries tonight—just a splash
  12. Not me....but I think of them often, favorite baristas and bartenders, especially.
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