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  1. Arrange the MDR dining with your Aqua Maitre D. Since you don’t have seating in the MDR assigned to you, arrangements will need to be made.
  2. That cart sold watches. There were also other karts with other merchandise.
  3. Who needs a mall when you have these, as seen on Edge.
  4. Or should RCL work to incorporating Silversea into Celebrity ? Or into Azamara?
  5. I have only been on two bad cruises. One was Costa, one was on Edge. For me, it was “one and done” and you can read my review for detail if interested.
  6. I got to thinking about this question, and I remember something that happened on a ship I was on, but it was quite a number of years ago and I cannot remember the specifics. It was on a transatlantic crossing. Some family was moving from Europe and had booked a room just for suitcases and trunks and cartons full of personal effects. The speculation was that the price of the room was less than what a moving company would charge them. Looking back on it, they probably booked one of the family members into that room on paper, rather than booking it as just an empty room. But who knows? I wonder how they cleared it all through Customs.........
  7. I will throw another wrinkle into this. Normally, they want to sail at full occupancy. Post Covid, they may be looking at ships NOT sailing full. So they might be more likely to let you book this "empty" cabin. There are a couple of other considerations. One is the passenger manifest which has to be submitted to TSA. I am guessing that there is no way to submit an unoccupied, but paid for cabin. But this is uncharted territory so maybe there is a workaround. Another is any "perks" that might come with booking -- usually the insides come with no perks, but there are specials every so often which give a beverage package, or internet or the like. They would have to work that out. Finally there are the gratuities. If the cabin is even occasionally used, there will be a steward taking care of it, so be sure to figure in the gratuities.
  8. Aqua....maximum occupancy 2....your dining room would be Blu Concierge...a few arrival day perks, otherwise probably not worth the premium price verandah ... some obstructed views (Cateories 2C and 2D). Otherwise the differences are strictly location. They consider higher floors to be more desirable sunset verandas....all the way aft
  9. It was there in the past, but what was there formerly may not be when the ships start sailing again. I wouldn’t count on much being the same as it was.
  10. The suite lounge is not visible from the rest of the terminal. it’s a large room with the uncomfortable seating that looks good in photographs but is too low and difficult to sit down in and get up from. There is also some bar-type seating near where the food and drinks are served. Also not easy to access if you have any mobility problems.
  11. No one knows whether it will be warm enough or not.
  12. Or follow the links seen in posts 259 or 264
  13. DaveKathy isn’t quite right regarding reciprocity of tier levels. Diamond Plus and Pinnacle = Elite, just as Elite Plus and Zenith = Diamond.
  14. We don’t know that since they aren’t even due to post for three weeks.😄
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