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  1. Newcomers also may not be aware of something else they can do to recognize those who have given them extraordinary service. Partway through the cruise you will receive a form asking if you have any comments. If you name a server and explain what kind of extra steps they have taken to help your cruise be special, they will get extra time off or some other recognition that will be significant for them. It is also helpful as they are working towards promotions and advancement. Then at the end of the cruise when you are home you will receive a survey via email. Again naming a server is very important to their job. So take note of their name tags and write a few words about them. It means a lot to them.
  2. Newbies to cruising may not understand the system. While you can remove the auto tips it isn’t a good idea to for several reasons. A big one is that doing so places a black mark against the servers and housekeeping staff. I don’t think that is your intent. it isn’t feasible to only tip certain servers. They have to turn those tips over to the top pool. if you leave the auto tips in place and then add extra cash, the servers can keep the extra.
  3. And don’t forget another “feature” of the IV, when you open the window, the room A/C switches off.....it can get pretty humid in a hurry in the rest of the room.....
  4. Other way around, i think. Cat 8 is cheaper than cat 7.
  5. There won’t be any any. You may be able to pay a small amount for an upgrade but there won’t be a free upgrade or any on board credit. Perhaps some lines will do that but not Celebrity.
  6. I vote Equinox. Edge is not worth the premium prices
  7. Don’t jump to conclusions about the OP’s motive. Could be nothing more than curiosity.
  8. Sticking with Celebrity ( and Royal, ) but never on an Edge Class ship. I made that mistake once and that was enough.
  9. Ok that is a little different. from the airport to the ship, that information is correct. OBC can’t be used for that transfer. Nor can you pre-arrange to use OBC for the transfer back to the airport, but once you are on the ship you CAN use OBC to pay for the ship’s transfer to the airport
  10. This would be new.....which ship? Who told you? Did they explain why? OBC has always been available to use for shuttles and I, for one, think you might have been told this by mistake so I would like some more information if you can provide it please, Keesar.
  11. I guess that depends on when you board?🤪
  12. Other ships may call it “dress your best” but as of January 2020, Serenade still calls it formal night...”Make it a night out in your best black-tie look. Suits and ties, tuxedos,, cocktail dresses or evening Gowns are welcomed” is what the Compass says.
  13. Havent seen anyone in shorts at dinner but there were many dressed up quite formally last week. If you want to wear shorts to dinner there’s always the buffet
  14. You can’t. The local providers change from time to time, buses break and are replaced, a tour operator might own a mix of old a new vehicles, so there is just no way to know ahead of time what bus you will get.
  15. It doesn’t always change to local time. But on a southern route it is highly probable that it will. It’s on Western Caribbean where you sometimes see the announcement to stay on ship’s time rather than change to local.
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