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  1. Sorry I wasn’t clear. I didn’t mean that the travel agent held the funds. The travel agent runs the card 1 to 2 weeks in advance of the actual final payment date so that in case there’s any trouble with the card they have a chance to make it right. They run the card and it shows as celebrity cruises, not the travel agent, on the statement. so I end up paying Celebrity a few days in advance of the actual Final Payment date.
  2. FP is 90 days before the cruise. Most travel agents actually need their money a week to two weeks in advance to make sure there’s no problem with the credit card payment
  3. Not only has the website been acting up, but I have received two emails back as undeliverable. One was sent to a customer service representative who gave me the address to use in reply to her. The address worked last Monday but now it doesnt. The second was sent to the shareholder benefit office, using the email that they supplied for the purpose of requesting the benefit. Returned as undeliverable.
  4. Keep in mind that the decision whether or not to allow a power cord is made by contract employees in the various terminals, be they in Miami, Vancouver, Fort Lauderdale, Buenos Aires, Sydney, Venice, or wherever.They are not Celebrity employees, they work for the port and they are following a set of guidelines which actually vary from cruise line to cruise line. It is not surprising that there is inconsistency on what is allowed to be taken aboard and what is not.
  5. I should add that other captains also run contented ships, but this discussion focused on Capt. Leo. I would not want one to think he is the only one who exhibits strong leadership.
  6. I am in complete agreement with the comments regarding how important it is to have strong leadership and a happy crew. I just got off an Azamara cruise and while there was nothing I could point to that was exactly wrong, it just didn’t have the same atmosphere I got from my recent X cruises. Remember how the boss of “Fantasy Island” used to say to the staff as the new planeload of guests was arriving “Smiles, everybody, smiles!” That must be what Capt. Leo does, too.
  7. There is a spreadsheet showing SClass cabin information, look just above the main board too find it. the Xpress pass is your boarding pass.
  8. AFAIK, the main dining room is classified as a restaurant, not a bar or lounge
  9. Thanks for pointing out the issue of the gratuities. Yes, these photos are from a cruise which began in Southampton, so gratuities are included in the price.
  10. I often see posts which request photos of drinks menus so people can see what kind of prices are being charged. Here is one set of photos from explorer, November 2019, I have no idea if the same prices are offered fleetwide or are specific to the ship but it’s a place to start. There are Nine in total, so it will take three posts to get them all
  11. Well, I am happy to report tt my email confirming my FCC has arrived in my inbox! Just in time to apply to an upcoming Final Payment deadline😁😁😁👍 I hope others who were inconvenienced by the delay have also received their emails.
  12. As the OP didn’t ask whether any of us would book that many day at sea, does anyone actually know the answer to the question that was posed, is this a record for Royal Caribbean?
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