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  1. "Can anyone tell me what red wine they give you in place of this?" Wine supplies vary by ship and itinerary -- I don't think you can predict what you will get "I didn’t know you were allowed to bring alcohol off the ship. " That depends on the laws of the country you visit. It isn't up to the ship, but since they don't scan you as you leave the ship, there probably would be no problem taking a bottle to the beach. As you re-enter the US you have a certain allowance you can bring according to the Customs and Immigration guidelines. Again, since they don't scan you, it is up to you to declare what you have with you.
  2. I don't think they make any announcement of it. just go to the buffet and ask
  3. Agree -- the other cruises which used to regularly see 1000+ Elites and above were the 14 night Caribbean, but those cruises are no more (for now -- who knows if they might reinstate them in the future). It became a regular occurrence for Celebrity to put on two Captain's Club staff members to handle them all. I think the most Elites and above I ever saw was around 1200, and approximately the same number of Classic and Selects -- so more than two-thirds of the ship. The Elite breakfast overflowed the Tuscan Grill and into the nearby Qsine.
  4. "Perhaps a few hundred of 3000+ passengers total. " Except on transatlantics where the number of Elites and above regularly rises above 1000 passengers,
  5. It isn't very good. Some people mix it with orange juice for morning mimosas, which might be a very nice way to start your anniversary. You can try to exchange it for something you would like more -- ask the sommelier at dinner. Sometimes they do a one-for-one exchange, sometimes they give you a credit toward something better.
  6. Try the port of call board since this is not a Celebrity specific issue
  7. which airport? Seattle, Fort Lauderdale or Miami? And if one of the latter two, where is your cruise arriving? Fort Lauderdale's or Miami's?
  8. If they list a restriction for a shore excursion, the chances are very good that they will be abiding by that restriction.
  9. Since the OP is from Sweden, a call may not be practical. Payment can be done on line.
  10. Are you asking what would justify paying premium prices for pre-and post hotels? Lots of things come to mind. Being in a culture where you don’t speak the language, there’s a comfort factor to having your hotel booked through the cruise line, with its accompanying transportation.
  11. That is the form I had. I wrote in Specific waiters names and the amounts. I know they got it, because I was thanked. But on the second leg of the back to back they said I could go longer do that and all the waiters tips went directly into the pool not to the person I specified. It changed from one leg of the back to back to the second. No one at Guest Relations could explain why.
  12. Viewing the glaciers from the helipad is a magical experience. I don’t think the edge class have anything like that that is available to all passengers and seeing them from the magic carpet not be the same.
  13. I have never seen shampoo in the “sundries” on board shop. But the inventory varies wildly from one cruise to the next. You may find it, you may not. I would bring my own, in small bottles.
  14. Anyone want to place a bet on when this will disappear? I will guess it will be gone by Hallowe’en.
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