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  1. Keep in mind also that when you open the window, the room air-conditioning goes off. It can become very uncomfortable in the room.
  2. I see the problem - I had chosen "Australia and New Zealand" cruises for that time frame, They are calling this "South Pacific" and I hadn't checked that category. Thanks for posting so I can see it now. Appreciate the help. Edited to add -- after this cruise there is a two-day sampler cruise and then the transpacific.
  3. The website shows that there is a cruise on 26 March, 2022, for 11 nights, but when you look at the itinerary, it shows 12 nights. So the next cruise would start on either 5 April or 6 April, but I don't see a cruise listed for either of those dates. Does anyone have any insight into what is going on? TIA
  4. Remember when there were ships that tried to implement “no smoking anywhere on the whole ship”. Passengers had to sign agreements that they wouldn’t smoke. Guess what? Many did anyway. Yes if they got caught they were kicked off the ship but many didn’t get caught. Keep that in mind.........
  5. We know how it used to work, but no one knows what we will find once Cruising commences again. Take all this information with a grain of salt.
  6. Not being a resident of one of the designated countries you should not have received any power up points. You found a “ back door“ way into the system, but it may not happen that way for you in the future.
  7. As has been noted on previous threads, The refunds come in dribs and drabs and sometimes it can take months but eventually you get the full sum refunded to you. Partial payments are the norm.
  8. For future reference Because this gets asked so often I've compiled a list of things to spend OBC on. The only thing I know of now that you CAN'T buy with OBC is a deposit on a Future Cruise. Otherwise, here you go: Acupuncture Airport transfers Alcove Rental (some ships) Apple products etc. and Ilounge classes Art Auctions Babysitting Barber Shop services (Edge only) Beverages -- Alcoholic, carbonated soft drinks, specialty coffees and teas, bottled water Bingo Bottles of wine Casino Chef’s Table Duty free liquor and cigarettes Extra cost entrees and other items in Main Dining Room and specialty restaurants Extend Your Stay program Fitness classes Flowers Gelato Gift shop souvenirs, purses, cosmetics, clothing, jewelry, etc. Gratuities, and extra gratuities Guests dining with you in Luminae (applies to Suite Passengers only) Guest entertainers' CD's and DVD's Hair and nail salon Hollywood hot glass experiences (some ships) Internet Laundry/pressing/drycleaning Luggage Valet Martini Flights Medical Center purchases (but not treatments) Mini bar Portrait photo sessions Pay-per-view movies Persian Gardens passes Personal Training Sessions Photos & cameras Room service up charge items, and late night delivery fee Shore Excursions Shuttle to town (some ports) Spa -- massages and treatments Specialty restaurants Teeth Whitening Telephone calls using ship's system Transfer to another passenger's account Voyage in Review DVD Wine and liquor tastings Zumba
  9. Keep in mind that this is how it is done on Celebrity. If you cruise on a different cruise line later on, you may find different procedures there.
  10. On Apex you can have a traditional balcony but it won’t be a Concierge Class Room. for a Concierge Class stateroom with traditional balcony you’ll need to pick a different ship, one of the M or S class ships.
  11. Not silly at all to me. In theCaribbean, the ship is my destination. I don’t care for salt water, avoid the sun, and generally stay on board in the shade. i don’t think you are “silly” for going to a beach, please don’t call me “silly” for staying on board.
  12. as Frustrating as it is, you probably won’t be able to find out anything about your refund schedule. The refunds are being issued a little at a time, some people get them quicklyOthers have to wait a long time and No one seems to know why. I wish I could be more optimistic for you, but there isn’t much you can do. And you read the threads mentioned above, you will see that you are not alone.
  13. I believe you re riced incorrect information. Your level should be matched. Contact Captain’s Club to accomplish this before you cruise again.
  14. Today’s offer.....make a new booking for 50 power ups, verandah or higher for 80.
  15. Has anyone actually looked at the Facebook page to see how many photos got posted? I am curious, too. I can’t look because I’m not on it, or Instagram either.
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