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  1. On the other side, edge was not for me. I will not sail on an e-class ship after my thoroughly unpleasant cruise on her. Be sure to read lots of reviews before you book.
  2. If this cruise should happen to go, and I think it’s highly unlikely that it will, looking ahead to its arrival in Southampton and wanting to go directly to Heathrow and then out of the country back to the US, how would that work with the current requirements for quarantines etc. both the UK end and the US end? What is the current situation re: travel ? It’s hard to keep up with what’s going on with air travel.....
  3. While quite a few ships could be made to Caribbean ports for embarkation and disembarkation, that’s not the only option. Galveston comes to mind if fights over Proofs of vaccination continue in Florida.
  4. Final payment for the August 1 cruise was a few days ago.
  5. And at what point does it become fraudulent to sell a product knowing that you cannot deliver it? Or do they have some sort of plan, at this point undisclosed to us, for resolving the dilemmas? Not the stop in Halifax, which is easily taken care of by simply avoiding the Canadian port, but the 14 day length.
  6. I am interested to know if there will be any loyalty program crossover with Celebrity Captain’s Club.
  7. I am surprised that they are still selling it.
  8. Will there be any way that this cruise, and one following, could be broken up into smaller Cruises less than seven days in length? It seems to me that when the CDC impose the seven day rule, they were thinking that all cruises were round-trip, Miami to Miami, etc. We already know that the powers that be in that agency seem clueless when it comes to what really happens on a ship, so maybe they did not know that there were cruises such as this one and other transatlantics, all more than seven days long. It’s easy enough to just skip the Halifax stop, but what about the
  9. In my experience, the age restrictions are put in place by the vendor who operates the shore excursion not by the cruise line.
  10. In general, the specialty restaurants other than Sushi on 5 have not been open for lunch. Sometimes there has been one day per cruise when Tuscan offers lunch, but it’s not an every day thing.
  11. Interesting zombie thread you have resurrected. perhaps have a look at the S class stateroom sticky to see if there are any more recent comments
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