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  1. Have you attempted to contact the town of Sitges to see if anyone there had the same symptoms? Or all the places you visited on the cruise? Seriously, it would be nearly impossible to trace your illness back to its sources after all this time.
  2. It’s very interesting that on the schedule for 2022, the one that was pulled but thank you for the link, it shows the Greenland cruise as ending in Reykjavík Iceland. And the return beginning in Reykjavík. The 2020 version would have gone to Dublin, the 2021 (if it happens) goes to Southampton.
  3. These are not true back to-backs, in that they are on different ships. They are two completely separate bookings. Did you get the back-to-back discount? I would doubt that you did. You have already noted that the first cruise is beyond the CDC control. The second cruise fits within their guidelines. There should be no issue. Now the broader question is, what if someone scheduled to CDC-approved short Cruises on the same ship back to back? Would they be allowed? At this point, no one can say for sure.
  4. If any job would be eliminated it might be that of the second Retreat Concierge. Not every cruise had one but many did. If the ships will sail in the beginning at reduced capacity, that second Concierge might not be needed
  5. Even with the changes, the Captains Club elite coffee House style breakfast will still be offered, which the Captains Club host generally attended. I am going to guess that there will be some other Captains Club events, probably outside, including but not limited to, helipad Sailaway parties.
  6. It’s a good thing I have a cover on my iPhone, that last post evoked a Jerry Lewis style spit take of coffee all over my screen🤪
  7. How can you NOT book the all inclusive....that’s all there is, if I read it right...
  8. What about the Captains Club celebration? If the senior officers party is gone is that gone too?
  9. I sit corrected regarding the zenith free cruises. Thanks for the clarification.
  10. Maybe temporary but maybe not. Zenith benefits are not as extensive as before....
  11. And at 6000 and 9000 points there was a free cruise, now it’s a free specialty dinner.
  12. Zeniths also got free laundry and free “extend your stay“
  13. There are no up to date lists or prices, since there is no cruising and hasn’t been any for months🙁
  14. It occurs to me that Celebrity could have softened the blow by giving the singles the premium drink package, and the upgraded Wi-Fi, as their included perks......
  15. But even a GenX single who wants to cruise would have to see how wrong this is, wouldn’t you think?
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