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  1. Very helpful. Thanks again. We are getting very excited about the trip next week.
  2. Thanks everyone for all your help. Think we will just take a taxi from one of the suggested companiies. We will ask if there is a set rate--airport to cruise port and cruise port to airport. I forgot to ask if tips are expected. We will be paying by credit card. In NYC we get a screen where you can add a tip. Are tips expected and is it handled by the credit card screen total? Thanks again. We leave next week.
  3. I haven't got phone service abroad so don't think I can do it. I wouldn't really use my phone except for that so don't think it would be worth it. I do like Uber since they give you the price before hand and no money is excahnged. It is much simpler than taxi negotiations.
  4. Thank you. It does sound more convenient to just go outside and select a taxi from a reputable company. Maybe the conceirge on the ship can help us book one ahead of time when we are leaving the ship for the airport. At home we usually use Uber or Lyft. Thanks again for all the suggestions.
  5. Taxi to and from cruise terminal and airport in Stockholm. Thanks for all the suggestions. If you book a taxi before hand, does your travel agent do it or do you just go on line and contact the company? How do you know what time you will be ready to leave the airport? Do you just assume an hour or 1 1/2 hour after arrival? Does the driver come in to find you with your name on a sign? If you just go outside the airport to find a taxi, is it totally chaotic? Thanks all.
  6. Hi Cruisers, We will be flying in and out of Stockholm, to and from the Marina in June. We are wondering if taxis are readily available and if they take credit cards. Do any of you know how far it is from airport to cruise terminal? Are the cabs metered? Thanks for any information you can give us.
  7. Hi Cruisers, Thanks so much everyone. Misery loves company. Since there is a possibility that it was bacterial, maybe we did carry something home with us. I doubt that it could be just change of food coming home. We are on cruises about 1/3 of the year--long ones and all over the globe. The worst we ever came home with was a cold. We have been to Peru before and were okay but have heard from several sources that this area is frequently problematic. It is the only place where we have had to walk across squishy sanitizing chemicals to get back on the ship. The sickness is gone. We will remember it! We are on Marina again this June but out of Sweden. Hopefully, no Peru germs still lurking round. Thanks again for your responses.
  8. Hi Cruisers, We were on Marina for a b2b 34 days from Tahiti to NY. Halfway through in Peru the ship picked up Norovirus. The captain and crew couldn't have done more to keep everyone healthy. We washed and sanitized and were (with the exception of a couple stomach rumblings) fine for the 2 weeks before getting to NY. The problem had run its course by the time we got to NY. All restrictions had been lifted, and all services were back in place. It was a wonderful cruise. Three days at home (Long Island, NY) I got the stomach sickness and a few days later my husband got it. We had not been out and about socializing so it couldn't have come from here. Has anyone had a similar experience days after leaving the ship? Can a virus lie dormant and come out at home? It has completely surprised us. Let me know if you have heard of anything similar. Thanks for your feedback.
  9. We finally called customer relations and explained the situation to someone named Bob. We sent him a copy of our statement. He was great, very polite and professional. By the end of the day we had received a call saying the check would be here in 4 to 6 weeks!
  10. Thank you everyone for your responses. You gave us some good ideas and advice. We have gotten nowhere with Andres, the post cruise representative. He now says he couldn't read the statement we sent him 2 weeks ago. Obviously he didn't even try at the time or he might have asked us to resend the copy. We think they balanced our account out to 0 after the cruise but didn't send the check??? We are now going through customer relations to try and get it figured out. How do we proceed in the future when we get our final statement on a cruise? Sure, it looks accurate, but will they change their minds?
  11. I've heard back from him twice. He is not getting straight answers as to why the folio they sent doesn't match my statement. I'm not blasting Princess. We love Princess, but this is a weird problem that needs to be solved. The post cruise representative isn't exactly leaning over backwards to help.
  12. Hi Cruisers, Has this ever happened to you? We were on a b2b on Regal Princess in November which we do every year. We follow our account on the stateroom TV and check with Guest Services if there is any error. We use up any on board credit that is nonrefundable but often have refundable credit left. We don't make purchases the last couple days so we know it's accurate. This cruise we had perks of free gratuities, free drinks and had free laundry since we are elite. Our final statement showed a "refundable credit" of $112.55. We have still not received it. We have made several calls and were sent a folio from Princess which is completely different from ours and pretty unreadable. We were told it has a 0 balance. Have you ever had a 0 balance? We sent them a copy of our statement and spoke to their Post Cruise Representative named Andres. He refused to look at our statement and became rude when I pursued the problem saying he would only speak to my travel agent. Now my travel agent is trying to figure out what happened. We have been on more than 100 cruises on many different lines and never had a problem with our final statement being in question. What's up Princess???
  13. We are booking this cruise on Pursuit in 2020. Pleas tell us the good and the bad.
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