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  1. Except, everyone on my other site cannot not get any entertainment. Plus, I was on the phone with Royal Caribbean today and they confirmed that entertainment has not been loaded. m
  2. I see fewer and fewer long dresses except for long sun dresses. The women wearing long gowns generally look stunning but I see a fewer and fewer each cruise. We did a longer Canada and NE cruise this past summer (on grandeur) and I was surprised at how casual passengers dressed on formal nights. I wore a black cocktail dress or dress pants and a fancy top on formal nights. (Occasionally I pack a long black skirt rather than the dress slacks.) Many dressed much more casually. Enjoy m
  3. Was just on another social media site. No one is able to make a reservation yet, so it is not my browser. People are becoming frustrated and are nervous that we will all have to wait in long lines on boarding day to make our reservations. m
  4. I agree that it is the new norm. It seems to be sent out for every ship that has a concierge lounge. I believe it is just a way to make a change to the concierge lounge until they get all the names changed to suite lounge m
  5. The coffee machine is also in the diamond lounge, and honestly is rarely crowded. Perhaps on a busy transatlantic but otherwise not. We have many many cruises, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen more than two or three people around the coffee machine any morning. I’m not really sure why they bother putting in the coffee voucher, but it works for me. If I was annoyed that I was kicked out of a lounge, a coffee voucher would not make me any happier. m
  6. You can likely also get coffee in the lounge. They added the coffee on the voucher for those that didn’t want to bother with the lounge. M
  7. I wish you a speedy and complete recovery. I see many folks on these threads say they don’t need insurance because if they have to cancel the cruise they can absorb the money. Done say they “self-insure“. I guess self insuring means that for five cruises that you didn’t buy insurance, if something happens you can use those saved funds to pay for the expenses. But, your example shows otherwise. I don’t think anyone thinks about extraordinary medical expenses. We travel often and use an annual policy with Allianz. The first two years of the policy, we were lucky and never had to make a claim. Last year, we had to make two claims and although we had to provide a lot of paperwork and jump through certain hoops, we received all the refunds that were due to us. I have mixed feelings when I hear stories of folks that have something bad happen, don’t have insurance, and are angry at the cruise line for non reimbursing the charges. Of course I don’t wish anyone ill health or any harm, but I do believe it is everyone’s responsibility to safeguard their health and money. OP-again, best wishes for good health. m
  8. I received that same letter for an upcoming Rhapsody cruise. I am an early riser and never experienced any rush for the coffee machine. When I go in to get coffee, I am generally the only person there. I do find that the coffee offered at the coffee bar on the ship is way better than what comes out of the lounge machine so it is a win for me. if it “sneaks its way“ into other cruises, that would be fine with me. m
  9. We had this itinerary in December as well as January. When we booked, we had one stop at Coco Cay and a day at sea. It was changed after final payment m
  10. We had a four night cruise with two stops at Coco Cay. Our other stop was Nassau. The casino was only open In the evenings. The casino opened around 6:30 pm on embarkation day, shortly after 5:00 Pm both days we were at Coco Cay and after 7:00 pm the day we were at Nassau. There were some casino players on the ship who were not happy with the short hours as it made it difficult and crowded for them to get sufficient points. Those who are Casino Prime and above and can drink for free in the casino also could only get drinks during those evening hours when the casino was open. m
  11. I’d go for that. Basically it becomes a five drink card because we can share it, and that would be perfect! I often see it offered was just two or three days left of the cruise and don’t need that many drinks. does anyone have any knowledge if a drink card can be carried over to another cruise? m
  12. Sorry. You mentioned the tiny lounge, no seats, overload, crammed chairs, not enough tables, adjacent bar closed, adjacent area roped off, bad decision making regarding Jewel and finally diamond and diamond plus may create overcrowding on all ships. I didn’t realize it was simply informational. Thanks for the heads up. I was alerting others they can avoid the issues you observed by using one of the generous evening drink vouchers. We make plans to meet others in a common bar, get terrific service, no huge crowds and everyone gets a seat. Enjoy future cruises. m
  13. I can understand your frustration, but why would you want to relax in such a crowded environment. You are not required to utilize the lounge for a drink. The cruise line has made it very convenient for you to use your vouchers and get a few drinks anywhere on the ship. enjoy m
  14. We are not on your cruise, but the one following. You mentioned your bookings opened about a month or so ago, our entertainment has not opened at all. Thanks for the suggestion to call Royal. I did that and they had no idea why entertainment has not opened. Apparently for the last 30+ days they’ve been saying, “any day now“ m
  15. So we have an Oasis cruise in about 50 days and the entertainment has not opened yet. No entertainment is listed on the planner and there is a message on the planner to book on board. I can’t imagine the chaos of all the passengers trying to book entertainment once on board. It seems strange especially since we have a Harmony cruise with entertainment opened about 120 days out. Anyone have any knowledge of any issues with Oasis or why entertainment has not yet opened. thanks m
  16. SO TRUE. We have some FCC from when RCCL cancelled our grandeur cruise after just sailing for 15 minutes. We applied the FCC to a cruise this May but because of the pricing model, didn’t use all of the second passengers FCC. We had to lay out money for the first passenger and have FCC left over for the second. We can’t use the remainder until we return in June. Because of our cruise scheduling and final payment requirements we likely will not be able to use the remaining FCC. Seems a shame that you can’t lump the FCC m
  17. We have friends who sail the weekend cruise from PC at least twice each month, some even more. I agree with you....as much as I like cruising, I would tire of it. So-Only two cruises from Florida? m
  18. Hey thanks-finally figured out the thought process behind the undrinkable free HH wine. m
  19. Wonder is there is a correlation between a high number of cruises and close proximity to a cruise port. I suspect (in general) those who live an hour or less drive from a port have more cruises per year than someone who has to fly to each cruise. m
  20. I can sort of understand the rule about not taking drinks out of the lounge. In my opinion, which counts for nothing, I believe you should be able to walk out with at least the drink you are consuming. Perhaps the rule is back in effect as I have observed people walking out with a drink in each hand, and then a tote bag full of water and cans of soda and a beer or two. Personally, one of the best thing that’s ever happened for me is the voucher use around the ship and in the dining room,( if I have dinner with in the happy hour time frame). m
  21. I can only report what I read. Not saying it is true. The post was from a few days ago. Two passengers on the same ship, likely the same time with conflicting info. Imagine that!
  22. We had a seven day cruise become a 10 day cruise also because of a storm, although not Dorian. Actually we were on a back to back cruise, so the initial 14 days turned into 17. I packed for eight days anyway. I never have a problem wearing some of my clothes twice and always rinse out some underwear. I take some serious medication and always pack a couple of extra days so I was fine. We had a couple of extra stops in Mexico, and the captain even suggested folks pick up some medications in some of the pharmacies there. Extra clothes, not an issue for me. Extra meds, absolutely! OP– I wouldn’t worry too much about your cruise. There are a number of things that can cause issues on a cruise. Some of which we have no control I hope everything works out and you have a wonderful time. m
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