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  1. Unless you have CFAR insurance, no one is going to reimburse you for the cruise, pandemics are not covered. I’ve heard most will allow you to switch the coverage to another trip so you aren’t out the cost of the policy. I didn’t bother with insurance for our beach rental in two weeks, it’s an hour away and I know if someone gets sick with Covid, insurance wouldn’t cover. Even if short term rentals were banned, insurance wouldn’t have kicked in because of Covid.
  2. I am an eternal pessimist and I’ve been right about everything since February. Even my family had admitted that my doom and gloom predictions hit the bullseye this time.
  3. One of the certificates was expired, NCL granted them the courtesy of extending the expiration date on this particular cruise. They didn’t have to.
  4. So you’ve never booked a cruise that has a low price advertised with the verbiage “starting from” or “as low as” only to not even see any options with that low price? The reason for those words and that star is to be able to charge a higher price legally.
  5. I get that, my point was that a lot of folks in the know are thinking that international travel won’t be happening for a while.
  6. They can leave that up for years, with the word FROM. All companies do this. Do you think many get this price?
  7. Yes, starting at $46* - the price is fluid, very few are paying $46 per day for the package. If you do the math, it looks like it’s $52 plus 18%, lots of people pay that. Somewhere there is another * stating it depends on the sailing.
  8. Protests are protected by the constitution, government can’t legally stop them. They have to be allowed.
  9. But there isn’t a photo of the price in the OP’s photo of her account.
  10. Notice the word FROM on the price, $46 is the lowest price offered (probably one ship for one week). Nobody pays that price.
  11. My daughter’s big university has a huge travel abroad program, the winter session (January) has been cancelled.
  12. I don’t think I’ve heard medical professionals say that the protests won’t lead to the spread of Covid, actually the opposite, that we need to wait and see if the numbers rise, same with bars and beaches opening.
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