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  1. I see a difference between a momentary lack of good judgement and a deliberate and intentional breaking of the law.
  2. I honestly wasn’t judging you, just saying why I thought you’d rather go to the Hoboken location. I’ve never been, but dd16 ended up there after a soccer game in the area. Sometimes it’s fun to go to tourist traps, take some pictures, especially on vacation. I have teens and young adults, they love going to cities for popular photo opts.
  3. That’s one of the reasons why I think his mind is shot, I too think it’s crazy not to take the plea. One if the reasons why they might not be dropping the lawsuit is to prevent being sued by RCL. There is much better chance of that happening if it’s dropped vs. losing.
  4. I don’t think he lied, I think he believed everything he said. I think he was told what happened.
  5. I live in the US https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.deseret.com/platform/amp/indepth/2019/8/3/20755921/is-leaving-a-child-to-die-in-a-hot-car-a-memory-lapse-or-a-crime
  6. Actually most are not charged in those situations (and those tragedies are not due to carelessness but a specific set of events which causes the brain to fail).
  7. Our family of 7 fit in a van, I don’t remember if there was room for others.
  8. I think that defeats the purpose, it’s not like the bakery is that great, people visit because of the TV show. Dd23 was just in hoboken yesterday, brunch and bar hopping.
  9. No it’s not, because no one is throwing anyone in the pool intentionally. It is negligence, not intentional. Parents who lose track of their kids who end up in the bottom of neighbors’ pools tend to sue the neighbors.
  10. He’s her husband, and from what I’ve read, has been a grandfather to the toddler since birth. My DH’s mom is his stepmom, they married before we even started dating, 35 years ago, she is every much my children’s’ grandma as my mom.
  11. But if a child got out of a daycare and drowned in a pond, vs. child got out of his own home and drowned in a pond, do you think the charges would be the same?
  12. I think it depends on their contract. However, after doing some reading, stopping the lawsuit could open them up to being sued by RCL..
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