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  1. NCL did this briefly and went back to the DSC, I guess cruisers were turned off by th3 higher price.
  2. It didn’t occur to me to bring a stroller for our 4/4/6 year olds on our first cruise, and we had just rented a double for them at WDW days before (6 year old was the size of a petite 4 year old). Just tell him he’s too big.
  3. I don’t think you want to go to Alaska in the winter...
  4. On the Gem they had young adult meet ups at night that my 19 and 20 year olds attended, I also signed a waiver so they could order beer and wine. I can’t think of anything that they need to be 21 for.
  5. When my oldest was 16, we booked a beach vacation with a bunch of friends, but none had kids her age. My four youngest had a blast, she was pretty miserable all week. Young adults seem to not love cruising unless they have someone traveling with them. Fortunately my oldest had each other on our last cruise, 19 and 20, and together ended up forming a pack with others.
  6. You can do it cheaper booking directly and taking an uber/taxi/ car service.
  7. If you don’t need a hotel room, it’s cheaper to park at the pier.
  8. Only some RCL ships and DCL have splash areas for diapered kids.
  9. Keep in mind cabins that sleep 3 will not sleep 4, and you will have to book someone over the age of 20 in each cabin (but can get extra key cards onboard and sleep wherever). Honestly 4 adults in a balcony is tight, our family of 7 gets connecting balconies with our teens/young adults, but I would only do it with my immediate family.
  10. Drink away, you just get charged taxes, a small amount of $.
  11. No need, call the special needs access desk before your cruise and the person in charge will find you.
  12. When we surprised our kids, the story was they were missing school that day to drive 3 hours to a nursing home to have a birthday lunch with a great aunt they never met. They were very happy with Disney instead, and since we stayed onsite, they were peppered with commercials for DCL on TV.
  13. The last time we were at cabbage beach, you could see beautiful black and white fish swimming without a snorkel. I swam way out and forgot my sunglasses were on my head. Swam back and could easily see them at least 8 feet down in the sand with my eyes, dove down and grabbed them. Cable was also really clear.
  14. I didn’t think DCL was worth the price tag.
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