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  1. Take advantage of not being 18 and go to the teen club the first night to meet up with others your age. You don’t even need to participate in the activities. My older kids were 18 and 20 on our last cruise and met other people, but it was a lot harder without the club.
  2. She does have a balance from other charges, so the refund will be applied to those charges. If she didn’t carry a balance, I believe her CC would offer her the option of a check.
  3. I hope so, it’s paid in full, jersey shore property.
  4. The expected deaths for corona in the US is 200,000 this year. Several people in my little town have already died.
  5. My family has a shore house rented in July, beachfront, $10,000+. The mayor is already talking about a ban on rentals, the contract says no refunds.
  6. In regards to not being able to visit loved ones in the hospital, that goes for all loved ones, not just those who test positive for this virus.
  7. A new ship coming to NYC.https://newyork.cbslocal.com/2020/03/27/coronavirus-navy-hospital-ship-headed-to-nyc/
  8. https://nypost.com/2020/03/25/worker-at-nyc-hospital-where-nurses-wear-trash-bags-as-protection-dies-from-coronavirus/
  9. I’m right outside of NYC, you can’t compare it to TX right now! In a few day from now they will start having to decide who lives and who dies. Right now first responders are dying. A local hospital where a friend is a nurse is asking the public for masks. My cousin is an ER doctor in Brooklyn, it’s really bad. Tents are being set up in hospital parking lots, temporary morgues assembled. https://www.businessinsider.com/makeshift-morgue-built-in-nyc-to-deal-with-coronavirus-deaths-2020-3 Ventilators are in very short supply. The NYC metro area is a very small area and has the most cases and deaths (btw it’s almost impossible to be tested here so the numbers are really much larger).
  10. It doesn’t sound like they can afford a vacation this year.
  11. I’m in NJ, on our towns Facebook page a woman (a nurse) is begging those with sewing machines to make masks for her hospital. My SIL just asked me to order groceries online for my IL’s because as a nurse she is working 14 hour shifts 7 days a week, and says they will not survive this virus, she hasn’t seen anything like it.
  12. Hmm, I wonder why it will take so long, it’s not like there is disaster going on in our world right now, I mean, they must be used to cancelling all of their cruises and refunding tens of thousands of customers at once.
  13. In normal times, you would’ve been refunded for those items, but would’ve not received a FCC for the cost of your cruise.
  14. Those fees have always been high from the NYC ports. Back in the day of CTN’s, I’d price them out, but the taxes and fees made a one of two night cruise to much for me.
  15. I think all of them except Bliss and Encore. My boys utilize the sports deck a lot, I don’t think we’d go a a cruise without them.
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