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  1. Most high schools have marching bands, larger high schools have bands with more clout that the football teams, it’s very competitive. They perform at football games but also travel to competitions. Ours starts practicing a month before school starts, just like other fall sports (my kids dropped out of band by age 12 and played sports instead). All of our elementary schools and middle school have bands, but they don’t march (except parades) until high school. I know a guy who is majoring in marching band in college.
  2. I’d tip the porter $30 - $40 to get through customs and the bags to a pick up location.
  3. Yes. We had a customs issue one Sunday and didn’t get out to our car service until 10:45 (after lining up at 7 for self disembark), but you still would’ve been ahead of us, and we didn’t know the porter trick at the time. We are usually unpacking at 8:30.
  4. I’d get 2 uber xl’s. For a trip to the airport, if asked, I’d say she was 8 (all 5 of mine were in boosters until at least 8, some 10).
  5. How many are you and how old are the children? NJ car seat law is 8/80. The max you can get into an uber xl is 5 with minimal luggage, and they don’t have car seats. I used car service once from home to Newark airport and the driver made me bring boosters for my almost 5 year olds.
  6. Having kids involved in choir in middle and high school, and overnight trips, taping the doors is very common. The tape doesn’t lock them in, it just stops them from leaving the cabin after curfew imposed by the school (tape must stay intact). A security guard in the hall is also standard. Generally chaperones don’t stay in the same room.
  7. mjkacmom

    Baha Mar

    I think you would have to book a room.
  8. You can if there is still room, however, if you remove them after final payment you won’t get their payment back. When you get close to a holiday cruise, sometimes the 3rd and 4th fare is more than #1 and #2.
  9. I think resort for a day? A third party site.
  10. A shared van is only like $4 or $5 pp. We love the beaches at Cabbage beach, so crystal clear. The last time we were there (RIU), I told my kids that some folks prefer to stay on the ship at this port, they said that’s crazy (they’ve also been to Cable beach). They are not fans of Junkanoo.
  11. Dial7 or Carmel, as a family of 7, 2 vehicles is usually cheaper than 1, even with tolls.
  12. I’m guessing every pizzeria in Manhattan will exceed your expectations, don’t waste precious time traveling for pizza. We have pizza wars in our household of 7 here in N.J. because there are literally dozens of pizzarias that will deliver, and we all have different favorites (I won last night, got my favorite grandma pie).
  13. I think you get back taxes, port fees, gratuities - everything except the actual cruise.
  14. The only NCL ship with a nursery is the Escape, but it sails out of NYC.
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