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  1. First cruise with kids was when the youngest were 4, backed onto a Disney trip. I wanted them potty trained so they could use the pools and old enough for the kids clubs.
  2. It’s per person, not a good deal.
  3. My daughter’s boyfriend applied in June, was told he might get it back the end of December. My daughter applied in July, so glad their study abroad in New Zealand in January was canceled.
  4. You can try but they move around. Once you check in, it will be noted on your reservation, and your servers will be aware. On our last cruise we are in the bigger MDR every night (just different times) because we are a family of 7 and need a larger table, and we had the same servers many times without arranging it.
  5. I can help with gluten free, we’ve been on 4 different ships and all have been excellent with DD’s celiac. Yes, you can order the night before for meals for the next day. Dd liked to preorder breakfast and dinner, she would call before heading to the restaurants. We usually ate breakfast in the buffet, in an overflow restaurant so she was easy to find. Pancakes, waffles, muffins, had her first eggs Benedict on gf English muffins. Specialty restaurants would just point out gf options and modify some items so they were gf. For the MDR she was shown the next night’s menu and she could have items modified, or have anything made for her. Have it listed on your reservation, go to the MDR for lunch on embarkment, and someone will come to your table and explain it all.
  6. They paid for the second cruise with a FCC, so that is what they are left with. If they accepted a refund in cash for the first cancellation and then booked the second cruise, they could receive a cash refund.
  7. We like the free drink package, just don’t think of it as free, but reduced. It still costs us less than purchasing the package (which we did before it was a perk). The 20% is on the cost of the package, not each drink.
  8. Definitely make reservations for shows, otherwise you will have to wait and see if there are any seats left, and they won’t be the best ones since there is no assigned seating.
  9. Look at us in NJ, NY, CT, you won’t find anyone out without a mask, our cases dropped like crazy. We’ve been wearing them for a few months.
  10. The reason our area is doing so well is because we aren’t opened up yet. No dining in restaurants, no gyms, no bars, masks worn inside and out. My daughter’s university just announced the fall semester will be online. NY, NJ and CT seem to have partnered, and are asking those from 31 states to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival.
  11. But it did expire before it was used, NCL was generous extended it already.
  12. Ok look at it this way, I booked a cruise for 3/20 with my cruise next expiring 6/20. My March cruise was canceled. My cruise next certificate would be expired right now and worth nothing if I didn’t book a new cruise by the expiration date. Your canceled cruise was the last possible cruise you could’ve used you next cruise next on, it was canceled. Your cruise next is expired.
  13. But it had expired, as a courtesy, they extended it so you could book this particular cruise, not any future cruise. The cruise was canceled, so it reverts back to being expired.
  14. Unless you have CFAR insurance, no one is going to reimburse you for the cruise, pandemics are not covered. I’ve heard most will allow you to switch the coverage to another trip so you aren’t out the cost of the policy. I didn’t bother with insurance for our beach rental in two weeks, it’s an hour away and I know if someone gets sick with Covid, insurance wouldn’t cover. Even if short term rentals were banned, insurance wouldn’t have kicked in because of Covid.
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