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  1. efiinut

    New and Improved CC

    I am finding that some pictures do not display. Shows the URL or whatever they call it.
  2. efiinut

    Overnights in Mykonos and Santorini

    yes you can get back on the ship
  3. efiinut

    A few questions about Nassau

    Use a VPN Dashlane password manager has one with their premium service
  4. efiinut

    Big Guy and sSun Deck Chairs

    Yes but They may be few or far between.
  5. efiinut

    Replacing Missed Ports During Cruise?

    Depends, Most times they do a sea day. We have missed many ports in our travels for various reasons. Weather, Can't get in through the break waters (rough seas). We have spent the night in the next port of call if they can get a berth. Depends on what's available and time to next port.
  6. I agree with this. We were on the Veendam 49 day cruise oct-dec 2017. Stewarts having 24 rooms to clean vs 13 b4 cuts. Nobody playing blackjack because of the odds they used. Mostly 3 card poker and Texas Hold tables were full. Walked around the Lido three times every night trying to find something good to eat. Mostly ate in Lido. Two and a half hours to eat in the dining room I couldn't handle it. Great salad table in Lido. Deserts in afternoon great. At night not so much. The crew staff was great (stewarts, waiters, bar staff etc.) Lectures were ok. Shows for most part were hit and miss. A couple of good entertainers. Had a few problems with broken pipes. We got flooded out and moved to another stateroom for rest of cruise. No big deal. Seem to be a common occurrence. We used private tours for the most part. I also agree the loyalty program sucks. I can't believe the number of people who think it is greatest thing going, I have cruised on another HAL ship and it was great. Maybe small ships are not for me. .
  7. If they can deviate course the first week of June of 200 miles to pick up a stranded sailor. I don't think they will have trouble making up the time. I was on the ship at the time.
  8. efiinut

    CPAP Machine & Electrical Extension Cable

    Just as a heads up, we did a Transpacific in Sept to Asia from Vancouver on Celebrity. My cord was confiscated at embarkation and another one given to me by the cabin steward. Mine was returned at the end of the cruise in Shanghai. The cord that replaced mine was no where near the quality of the one confiscated. Also no problem with extension cord in CPAP bag on international flights. Carry on medical equipment is not counted as carry on luggage. You can call Princess and they will have water available for your machine. I have found that you don't even have to do that the cabin steward will bring some if you ask him. I have heard that some companies have begun charging for the water although I have not experienced it yet.
  9. efiinut

    Diamond Drinks Trial?

    We were on the Brilliance Oct 6-13. The diamond lounge was set up just as the CL. They had hot snacks and mixed drinks. We had the option of either lounge. The lounges are in the Viking crown area.
  10. We were on the same cruise. I can verify the same thing. I remember the captain saying when we got onboard in Sydney, Nova Scotia that he had good news and bad news. We weren't going to Halifax but head straight east to out run Gustav. Didn't make it turned into the hurricane and bounced for 12 hours making little head way. First time crew members were sick. damaged rigging in the Theatre. We were on the 6th deck waves were over the top of that deck. That was formal night needless to say I didn't go to dinner. Had a slight headache but slept through most of it. We were onboard with about 12 family members.
  11. efiinut

    New England Tours

    Thanks all for your help. I was just thinking of getting off the ship and booking a tour at the dock. Some ports have them and some don't.
  12. Are there tour operators on land by the ship as you get off at Bar Harbor and Halifax that you can choose from. My wife is obsessing about this. specifically Peggy's Cove and a mountain tour at Bar Harbor We will be leaving in two weeks.
  13. you might want to look at the bottom of your credit card statement that you receive. Look the statement up online
  14. Happen to us not once but twice on the same cruise within 4 hours of each other. Had to wait on Coast guard to pick them up