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  1. Jellyfish sting, not bite. When they sting, it is not an overt, intentional act on the part of the jellyfish, so it's not like they intentionally hide out in murky or seaweed-filled water waiting to attack. It happens incidentally if your skin comes in contact with the jellyfish tentacles, so can be in any condition of water. Jellyfish, like the seaweed/sargasso grass, arrive when the current/wind conditions bring them in, so sometimes it's bad, other times non-existent.
  2. Be prepared for the answer to be no. When you book on 2 separate tickets and miss the first flight, the agent for the 2nd flight has zero obligation to change that flight to suit you, as they had nothing to do with you not being there on time. There may be rare occasions when they would help but that would be the exception, not the rule. I would be prepared instead to book a last minute flight back to London on another airline, even if it involves a connection. Just be prepared to pay a very high, last minute price and if you book on a budget airline, understand that they probably have much stricter limits on both checked and carry on bags and it could cost a small fortune in bag fees to boot. For me personally, with an overnight separating the two, I'd be reasonably comfortable booking this as separate tickets, athough if the initial flight back to London, is in the afternoon or evening, I'd probably consider spending 2 nights in London instead of 1. If the first flight is later in the day, you'll automatically have more limited options for booking a last minute ticket that day. ^^^ this. Back in the day, before everyone had home computers, it was difficult to research and book airfare on your own so folks relied on travel agents and the airlines paid them commission. As more and more folks got computers and internet, fewer and fewer relied on travel agents and airlines eventually stopped paying them commission. And with that, most TAs' experience, and thus knowledge, of booking air declined to the point that when it comes to air, most are just order takers these days.
  3. Waiting for Southwest is a gamble. Maybe when they open up for your travel dates they'll have lower prices than you could get now on another airline, or maybe they'll have higher prices than you could get now on another airline. "When" to purchase is when you see a fare you can live with. As for waiting, I'll say what I've said time and time again, which is to think of the decision making process as a flow chart of sorts: Ask yourself: 1. Are you willing and able to pay a higher price if you wait and prices go up, not down? -If yes, feel free to wait to purchase tickets later. Hope they go down and not up. -If no, as yourself: 2. Are you willing and able to pay the currently available price? -If yes, purchase the tickets now. -If no, ask yourself: 3. Are you willing to cancel your cruise if you wait and prices do not go down? -If yes, then feel free to wait for a lower airfare price, knowing you're ok with canceling the whole trip if prices don't drop. -If no, then go back to the top and go through questions 1 and 2 again and evaluate your answers more closely.
  4. Sounds like one of the many up and coming sites operating out of China or areas near China, that are plagued by complaints of clothing arriving and looking nothing like the picture on the website, delayed shipping, cheap materials and shoddy construction, inability to make returns or get refunds, and sizing that is way, way off. For something as important as a wedding (or vow renewal) dress, I'd be wary of ordering from one of these "the price is too good to be true" foreign-based online retailers, and stick to brick and mortar stores, or established US-based companies.
  5. My point exactly. Perhaps some airline or another advertises it as "business class" but it's not, and that should be clear when looking at seat selection on the airline's booking site. Not all do this though; Delta, for instance, accurately refers to the seats as domestic first class.
  6. They do. Friends of ours booked Emirates JFK-MXP and back for this October. I want to say they paid around $500 each.
  7. I meant to note for Delta options that there may also be options that include Boston. It's not a Delta hub but Delta often adds additional service in and out of Boston on a seasonal basis. I think you mentioned Boston originally so meant to include that option.
  8. I'm going to assume you're arriving in Rome by air from the US. If that's not the case, please provide your itinerary. If I'm correct, then you'll be arriving as someone mentioned, at Leonardo di Vinci Rome Fiumicino airport, which is coded FCO for airline travel purposes. From the airport, you can take the Leonardo Express train, which is essentially a shuttle that runs between FCO and Rome Termini, which is one of the main train stations in the Rome city center. If I recall correctly, it's something like 12 or 14€ per person and takes about 25 minutes. From Rome Termini, get a cab to your hotel. The Leonardo Express is easy, though you may have to walk a bit at the airport, just follow the signs. There are kiosks to buy your ticket upon arrival, just be aware that as with virtually all train travel in Europe, you will carry all your own bags onto the train with you so be sure you can handle your luggage. Alternatively you can arrange a private car service but that is obviously much more expensive. You can probably take a cab or a public bus but I've never done either so can't comment on ease or price. (I've done both car service and Leonardo Express multiple times.) One note, based on experience: if you get a cab from Rome Termini to your hotel, it's very possible your driver will not speak much English. Take the name and address of your hotel written out to hand the driver. (this is actually good advice anywhere in the world where a different language is spoken) And if it's a small boutique hotel on a small street, your driver may not be familiar with the street, so also take a printout from Google maps showing where it's located relative to Rome Termini. (I learned that one the hard way, LOL)
  9. I would post this on the appropriate ports of call board, rather than here on the cruise air board.
  10. A further not on this...understand that AA is only obligated to ultimately get you to FLL. In the fine print, they are not responsible for getting you there in order to be on time for a particular event that you've scheduled independent of them, such as embarkation for a cruise, especially if the delay is out of their control such as weather. So what does that mean? Well, as fbgd said, if you miss the connection and need to be rebooked it may be difficult to find availability for 2 first class seats, more so than 2 economy seats on another flight. Thus you might end up with a choice to make- get on an earlier subsequent flight in coach and arrive to your cruise on time, or wait it out for 2 available FC seats on a later flight that would mean missing your connection. Obviously most people would opt to take the coach option just to get there in time and not miss the cruise, but understand that you would be downgrading voluntarily, meaning AA would owe you no refund downgrade in class and associated difference in fare. It might not feel voluntary, but as you would otherwise have the option to wait and fly FC later, it would indeed be voluntary.
  11. My thoughts too. I wouldn't expect a TA to know every little idiosyncrasy of every possible travel itinerary, but this is pretty basic knowledge that I would expect a travel professional to be familiar with.
  12. Different cabin categories come with their own unique perks. Depending on when a person books and the demand level for different categories, AQ might not always be pricier than concierge, but even if it is, it comes with its own unique perks. Obviously, if you prefer the concierge perks, book that category. If you are otherwise happy with your cabin selections and eating lunch together on embarkation day is of utmost importance, your kids can always forego that perk and you can all eat together elsewhere. The kids probably won't care one way or the other where they eat. And some people are fine with it. Maybe they eat as a family every other night of the year and want to let their kids do their own thing while on vacation. When my kids were younger they liked the "grown up" experience of dining with us in the MDR or specialty restaurants, but now that they're teens and older, they have little interest in a long, drawn out multi-course sit down dinner every night. They don't want to do OUR thing and eat in that manner any more than I want to do THEIR thing and grab pizza every night. I'm sure that that technically they CAN, but the OP prefers her daughter to have some privacy and apparently they can afford it so have opted to book the kids in multiple cabins.
  13. I live in the Charleston area. Those hotel options are fine. They are at the northern end of the touristy/historic downtown area where you will want to spend your sightseeing time, so without relying on Uber/cabs you'll probably walk a good bit to go back and forth, i.e. you sightsee during the day, go back to rest/freshen up, go back out for dinner etc. Many of the popular sightseeing areas that are further down and closer to the port area include Waterfront Park, the Battery, Rainbow Row, the starting point for the carriage rides, the city market, and many of the restaurants though these daysthere are quite a few restaurants further up toward where your hotel is as well. Your hotel will also be adjacent to Marion Square and there are often activities, events or festivals of some kind taking place there. The hotels are also relatively close the SC Aquarium, and from there I believe you can also catch the ferry to Ft. Sumter and over to Patriots Point Maritime Museum in Mt. Pleasant, which are some additional popular tourist activities. Although I've lived here 25 years I've never cruised out of the Charleston port so can't advise for sure on arriving on foot, but I'm almost certain you can. Many people who stay in hotels closer to the port probably just walk over. ??
  14. Thanks, I didn't notice the dates, but this type of itinerary and related packing question is seen often, so hopefully can help someone else planning a multi-week trip with similar weather conditions. (Baltic cruise, British Isles, Alaska etc.)
  15. About 40 miles, and 45 min to an hour depending on traffic
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