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  1. I don't recall if I had access to a priority line due to flying in a premium cabin, or if it was due to Sky Miles status.
  2. So you are essentially asking the cruise lines to evaluate virtually every airline in the world, every airport in the world, and every hotel a passenger might possible end up in unexpectedly due to an unforeseen missed connection? At some point, you just have to accept that "all necessary precautions" is only going to pertain to the ones over which the cruise line has direct control.
  3. Sorry if I misread; it came across as you being upset that PDBs were not currently being offered. As for their return, they'll be back if for no other reason that competitive edge. See my further reply below. Interesting that you mention this. I remember back in the day, when budget hotels first started offering free breakfast. It was pretty much as you describe....mini cereal boxes and single serve milk cartons, whole fruit, and maybe a toaster station or individually wrapped muffins. Then a few realized if they had bowls of ice out there to keep the milk cold, they could add cartons of yogurt too, and maybe hard boiled eggs. The toaster and pastry options gradually increased, they began adding cut fruit, and then someone decided that they would get the edge by adding a hot item and the rest followed suit. Now they have dedicated kitchen prep areas and dedicated staff to put on a full breakfast assortment, often including 3 or 4 chafing dishes of hot items, multiple waffle irons, and hot beverage centers with sometimes 3 or 4 different types of coffee, an assortment of hot teas, and hot chocolate. Each "step up" in offerings was to gain competitive edge. Others followed and it became the norm. They will be back after Covid. Even if one thought, hey we managed without, we don't need to bring it back, someone else will and they'll be forced to keep up or lose market share. Same with pre-departure beverages in first class on airlines, and the other cabin services that have been curtailed.
  4. Are you saying the BA business class is $200 more than business on another airline, or that BA business is $200 more than BA economy?
  5. Entirely different situation than a domestic first class flight; long haul international aircraft are much larger and it's more common to have a 2-door boarding set-up. You aren't generally going to find that domestically. You're entitle to your opinion. But I think most people would find that the larger seat is the main advantage for a domestic flight. (plus priority check-in, additional free baggage allowance, and dedicated bin space) Pre-departure bev is nice, but I'm not going to start complaining because they've temporarily stopped that in the interest of social distancing.
  6. All I would add is that after EZ Air does your booking, get the airline confirmation code from them, call the airline, and MAKE SURE the lap child shows up properly on their end, or you could have issues at check-in/boarding.
  7. Even if it were theoretically possible (see Flyertalker's reply) I doubt Delta is going to prioritize that during covid. Best one might hope for is that on 757s, where boarding door is behind the F cabin, the FAs could start resuming service of PDBs once F is seated.
  8. No predeparture beverages. I guess the opinion is that FAs would have to be going back and forth through the cabin during boarding, meaning they'd be squeezing by pax so hard to social distance. I'm thinking that one one of my flights the FA may have handed out the ziplocs with water bottle and snacks before we took off but after everyone in F was seated?? Or I could be remembering wrong; wasn't really paying attention.
  9. I've flown domestic first a couple of times this summer. They are handing out the small Dasani water bottles, and beer and wine are options. As I recall, they are still not offering mixed drinks, at least not domestically. Not sure about international or transcontinental business class.
  10. I've flown several times since Covid. Delta gives every passenger an individually wrapped sanitizing wipe as they board. The planes are disinfected between flights, but they know people may want to do an extra wipe down of arm rests, seat belt buckle or whatever. I can't recall if Southwest gave these out too or not. You'll also find that airlines (again, I can only speak to Delta and Southwest as far as first hand experience) ask about symptoms etc at check in, require a mask and you must agree at check in to wear it the entire flight. Airports have marked every other seat as "do not sit here" to encourage social distancing, and there are limited retail outlets open in the airports and they don't want cash payments.
  11. Same with Delta...they call it Comfort Plus. Beyond that, some airlines either charge more for exit row seating, or block them from passengers who are not elite level loyalty members.
  12. I'd feel pretty comfortable with it, but would not take ship-provided transportation to the airport. Usually that's on big buses that don't leave until they're full, and they may not start disembarking the bus passengers until later in the morning.
  13. There is no way for anyone to know with certainty this far out.
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