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  1. You're right, it does sound bitchy, lol. That said, I do understand your point. Here's mine; feel free to ignore it: These boards are filled with people whose flying/travel experience runs the gamut from never flown ever to travel internationally regularly and have for many years. When I reply, it may be for benefit of the OP or it may be for benefit of others who may be reading and have far less travel experience (or some combination of the two.) If the additional suggestions don't help you, you can obviously ignore them. Someone else though, may see the suggestions and realize that there are perils in piecing together separate tickets and remember to ask about that when they book a trip, or may realize "oh right, I didn't think about a train" or whatever. And for the record, I have not idea what the "90" refers to in your original question. For the benefit of anyone else who may be seeing that same message while trying to book a ticket on Iberia, I would try contacting Iberia to ask.
  2. Sounds like maybe the original tickets are consolidator tickets, and due to some restriction on them it costs an arm and a leg to change them to new tickets.
  3. Curious what the route was? On some domestic transcontinental routes, Delta uses aircraft configured for Delta One and sells it as Delta One with full business class service. Occasionally on other routes you will get the aircraft configured for Delta One but generally get the domestic first service. Sometimes this happens because they need to shuttle the aircraft to a different airport or something like that. Agreed, see above. You might get the business class bedding or amenity kit, but doubtful the meal would be catered as the full multi-course D1 meal.
  4. I didn't mean for it to sound critical, more just to help others understand. I often see comments like "we flew business class on airline X and it was so much better than flying 1st class." But then you realize they are comparing international business to domestic first, not to international first.
  5. You can call it what you want, but it helps to use more official verbiage. There's a huge difference between domestic first, international business, and international first. They are all in the front of the plane, and some internationally configured aircraft have both business and first.
  6. Your post is somewhat confusing. First of all, I understand the 840 was the total price for two tickets, but was the 1135 you saw the total for both tickets or is that price for each ticket? Next, part of the problem may be that the 995 price you're seeing on the TA is some kind of consolidator ticket and the terms won't allow a voucher to be used, so you're stuck with the 1135 "published" price. Beyond that, it's all very unclear as to how you purchased the original tickets and how you're trying to purchase new tickets now.
  7. A couple of thoughts, that admittedly aren't what you asked but might be helpful: 1. To get from France to Spain, you may be able to find a cheaper ticket on a European budget line like Vueling. I'm just guessing these are pricey tickets since you're ok with a 90€ cancellation fee. 2. Have you considered train travel instead? Again, could be much cheaper. 3. I assume you are spending some time in France, and then traveling to Spain for the next part of your trip. If, instead, you are trying to piece together separate tickets for the same day, I advise against that. i.e. You already have tickets from the US to France and plan to buy a separate ticket to travel immediately to Spain after arriving in France.
  8. I wear my diamond studs 24/7. I'm to the point where I rarely, if ever, even take another pair on a cruise. Maybe a pair of big gold hoops to wear one night just to change it up but that's about it.
  9. Your dresses are all bright colors, so a single pair nude color heels/wedges work with all of them. If you really wanted to, you could dress up a couple of them with a pair silver or gold glitzy heels for the fancier nights but still wear a single pair of nude heeled sandals the other nights. That at least keeps it to two pair.
  10. And before dinner, splurge and have cocktails at the Pavilion Bar, atop the Market Pavilion Hotel. They are only a short block away from each other and the rooftop atmosphere at the Pavilion Bar is lovely, you can see the harbor, the Ravenel Bridge, etc. Don't look at the prices, just consider it a splurge, LOL. (It's one of my favorite places to go downtown. Anytime I have reason to be downtown, like if I have to go by the courthouse for some reason or the Apple store, I treat myself to lunch up there.)
  11. If they are offering true premium economy on domestic routes, that's impressive. Delta, and others, typically only offer the TRUE premium economy internationally. Just the economy+ type products domestically
  12. Are you referring to true premium economy, which is generally only offered by airlines for transcontinental flights, or maybe rarely on transcontinental flights? Or are you referring to the economy plus products that many airlines offer? They are vastly different. If the latter, it is likely NOT like US airlines domestic first, which I would rank well ahead of any time of economy plus product. Economy plus is usually only some extra legroom, but the exact same seat as regular economy, no wider, and no fewer per row. Also, may include free cocktails, but otherwise the same meal service, or lack thereof, as regular economy. Domestic first, on the other hand, is a much wider seat and fewer per row than economy, and often includes meal service on many flights when it is not offered in economy. This is true in the short run, but much of what has been cut for virus-related reasons will return.
  13. Actually it might work as previously stated. I disputed a credit card charge last fall. I was given an immediate credit on my account while they investigated. In the end, it if turned out to be fraud, the credit would be permanent; if not, I would be charged again to cancel out the credit. Same process several times with a couple of smaller charges for subscriptions that I canceled and continued to get charged for. I got immediate credit, merchant never responded so the credit became permanent.
  14. I flew into LGA a couple of times about a year ago. At the time the ride share pick up spot was a shuttle ride away so I just opted to get a cab both times and did so with no line. And no major construction delay leaving the airport. That was a year ago, take it for what it's worth.
  15. What I'm generally hearing in my Delta frequent flyer forums is no pre-departure beverage, and in flight is the same plastic bag as coach, containing a small bottle of water, crackers, cookies and a hand sanitizer wipe. No ice, no alcohol, no other beverages.
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