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  1. No. The airport is just off of I-526 near Montague Ave. Ashley Phosphate Rd. is further west off of I-26. I absolutely do NOT recommend staying anywhere off Ashley Phosphate, no matter the price. It's a pretty nasty area. There are hotels near the airport if you choose to stay there, but I'd make Mt. Pleasant your choice.
  2. Even if there is plenty of food onboard, it's still airplane food....what if you don't like the choices? What if you only like one choice but they are out of that by the time they get to you? For a flight that long I'd take some extra snacks and if you don't end up needing them, consider that a win.
  3. I'm surprised there is no nonstop option on American into MIA. As for how often there are weather issues or whether that should concern you, the bottom line is that any flight at any time can be affected by weather. While December isn't usually the biggest month for snow and blizzards, no one can say with any certainty that it won't happen this year. There's nothing you can really do about it so I wouldn't be overly concerned.
  4. I think the difference is that while you see it as standards dropping, I see it simply as times changing and with it, the definition of what is appropriate dress in a particular venue. Just because things change, it doesn't necessarily mean it's worse if it's what society has determined is the "standard" level of dress, although any change will typically be seen as negative by some who are simply used to the status quo. As a completely different example, there was a time when girls were only allowed to wear dresses to school, but I'm very glad that standard changed. I doubt there are many who are horrified by girls wearing pants to school, but I'm sure every time a school district made that change there were plenty who were outraged. Back to the topic at hand, I suspect you are being facetious when you mention swimwear in the dining room, but honestly, if it gets to that point, it would be because general standards have continued to relax to the point that many would be fine with that. But I don't think that particular thing will happen any time soon, if ever, so let's put that in the category of cross that bridge when we come to it. Today is all that really matters and today, many are very happy that the dress standards for cruising have relaxed to current levels. :)
  5. You mentioned limited travel experience, so if you have never been to London, I would seriously considering springing for a few extra days there. London is a wonderful city and there is so much to do and see. I'd plan 3-4 nights there if possible, but at least 1 or 2. For transfers, we don't care to wait for a group bus shuttle, even if it's cheaper. We'd rather splurge on a car service. We have used a company called Totally Driven for London-Southampton transfers and were very pleased.
  6. We also really enjoyed Qsine, and would often go twice during a cruise to enjoy everything. We tried LPC on our last cruise and really didn't care for it. The food was fine, but I am not a fan of the animation. Yes, it's really cool technology and I can appreciate that, but I found the "cartoon" itself to be very childish. I also didn't like that we might be in the middle of a conversation between courses and have to stop abruptly because the animation starts again for the next course. The whole experience was fine, if only to say yes we tried it, but I don't anticipate going back again.
  7. It may be sad to you, but many are very happy that one can now go on a cruise vacation without worrying about dressing to the nines. Times change. Yes indeed, I have 4 or 5 pair of Vionic shoes/sandals and they are worth every penny for my orthopedic foot issues. You are arguing semantics, especially if you are making a distinction between the first and second picture. You have essentially decided on your own definition of "flip flop" and that's fine, but it doesn't mean your very exact definition is "right" and another is "wrong." Even standard dictionaries define a flip flop as being made of plastic or rubber, so by that definition even the first picture above is a sandal, not a flip flop. And many people are relieved that cruising isn't what it used to be. People used to be fine with dressing up more at dinner, but people are used to be fine with dressing up more for many things that they don't dress up for now because times change. Pretty much everything is more casual now because that's how people like to live.
  8. In my opinion, black hose would be too much, so I'd wear nude. The sheer panel on the dress sounds like a nice detail, and with black hose, that detail won't be as clear. Nude hose will allow the style details of your dress to look their best!
  9. Yes. Go when they open and give yourself a couple of hours.
  10. Denim is pretty widely accepted on most cruises these days, be it jeans or whatever.
  11. And if it IS a problem and they can't be near each other, don't worry about it. You'll likely just talk to the people at your own table anyway so just divide up and switch table mates each night. I wouldn't even worry about that, as you'd still need multiple tables. At a table of 16 it's virtually impossible to converse with everyone anyway. As someone said already, I'd just try to get two tables for 8 and two tables for 6. That's about the largest table where you can converse easily with everyone, so don't worry about getting tables for 10, 12 or 16.
  12. You're in a unique situation in that your hometown is also a hub for a major airline. For many people, a nonstop to Europe isn't possible without making a long drive to depart from a different airport from their hometown. Again, living in a large city that offers many international flights helps you. There is only one European flight nonstop into my home airport (British Air from LHR to CHS). Many are like me, and don't really have viable options to fly nonstop from Europe to their home airport. By the way, any airport anywhere in the world can be affected by weather. That's not unique to the east coast. Granted, summer thunderstorms have east coast weather on everyone's mind at the moment, but it's not isolated to the east coast. A few years back we arrived back at Civitavecchia after a cruise and disembarking was delayed for an hour or two (I forget exactly) due to violent thunderstorms. Can't recall if the airport, which is a little distance away, was affected that day but it easily could have been.
  13. Yes, but generally when someone posts a vague request like that, there are underlying questions or concerns that become apparent later. I'm simply trying to clarify what type of information they are really looking for. Are they asking about weather and dress that time of year? Excursion ideas? Flight options into Seattle? Cruise demographics for that route? or any of a million other things that often come up with regard to Alaska itineraries.
  14. Please don't use the term "raised seal" birth certificate. Not all states issue BCs with a raised seal. Some use a water mark or a stamp or something like that, and if that's the case those BCs are just as official/certified as those from states that use a raised seal.
  15. Thousands and thousands of people have done Alaska cruises from Seattle. What is it exactly that you want to know? What are your concern or what are you wondering about?
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