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  1. Welcome aboard!! I am sure this thread will pick up the closer we get too sail date. My daughter lives is Colman Al. I am originally from Ga. Have a Nice weekend. Shiska
  2. Congrats !!!! You'll love it.(Retirement). We did the same in 2008. Shiska
  3. Welcome Aboard. This will be an exciting cruise on a new ship. Shiska
  4. How's the area around the Crown Plaza? Shiska
  5. Welcome Aboard. Should be an exciting cruise. Shiska
  6. My wife is from Chi just a few blocks off the outer drive. We are both retired. I am from Atlanta. (Long story) Shiska
  7. Welcome Aboard. This will be an awesome cruise. Glad your joining the thread. Shiska.
  8. Welcome Aboard!! Glad your joining us. I agree I think this has to be a first for us as well. We booked a Hawaii Cruise at 500 days back in 2012 I thought was way out. O well we are booked no need to wait till the last minute. Shiska.
  9. I looked up the mileage. According Map Quest it's 15 miles. Check it your self. Good luck
  10. Welcome Aboard Neighbor Glad your joining the thread. This is going too be an awesome cruise , not so much the ports this will be about the ship!! Shiska
  11. Welcome aboard. How awesome is this your grandson on his first cruise on a new ship!!!! What memories you all will have. Shiska.
  12. Welcome aboard glad your joining the group. We are just south of you in Ky. Shiska
  13. welcome aboard. Glad your group is joining the thread. We have a few days to get acquainted . We have 6 in our group that will be cruising this trip hopefully our other friends will join us. Have an awesome weekend. Shiska
  14. Awesome didn't think any one would be joining the thread so soon. And your just down the road from us in Ky. Yea its just around the corner. Have a good day. Shiska.
  15. Lets get the fun started on a new ship. Shiska
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