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  1. Look for a TA associated with one of the big travel consortia - Virtuoso, Signature, etc. They will offer additional onboard credits, and quite often a free tour/shore excursion at their expense. This tour is not one of the Crystal tours, and is usually excellent. As Keith has said, use a TA who has experience with the luxury cruise market and specifically Crystal Cruises - they know the district sales managers and contacts in the LA office who can often link to Crystal promotions. A TA may also give a personal gift of OBCs. Ask if these can be made refundable onboard credits. Book early - not so much for selection of rooms - but for best price protection. Again a TA with Crystal experience will ensure Crystal lowers your price. Consider 3 aspects that each give you the 2.5% - pay 270 days before sailing, sail once and become a member of Crystal Society, and book your next cruise onboard. Book a back to back cruise and save about 5% of the total fare. Crystal also offers a family/group discount. I think you need to book 10 rooms. Details on their website. While the others have mentioned the Amex onboard credits, a cash back card makes this real dollars at the time of the deposit, final payment, and onboard final payment. Lastly, there are TAs that offer rebates - a cheque in the mail before you sail. Cruiselines do not encourage this practice, but there is little they can do to stop it. Weigh the trade-off to deal with one of these companies. Some are excellent; some are just too big to give the personal service or to be there if travel problems arise.
  2. We have had the pleasure of intimate dining with the Chief Engineer, Symphony, on several occasions. We have had wonderful conversations about the drydock work within his purview. He says of Symphony "they don't build them like this anymore". Even tho I use quotes, those are my words, not his. But the inherent message is the same. He acknowledges the tiredness of the cosmetic parts of the ship before drydock, but the focus of his attention (the guts, in my words) cannot be matched in any new build. I take from him, that even though cruisers may yearn for a new Crystal ship, they need to appreciate the quality of the 2 that Crystal sails.
  3. You may wish to read the Viking Ocean board for details: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/689-viking-ocean/ or read: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-4768005
  4. . A couple of questions: For S1-S7 - do we know the room layout? Specifically the bathroom? Is it a tub/shower combination, or shower only? Do we know what is on the "other" side of 500, that would make it the cheapest? Cheapest price is for a S7. Yet there is only 1 cabin on the ship designated S7, Cabin 500 on deck 5. (Please correct me if I am wrong) I think Crystal could be justifiably criticized for advertising"prices from" when only 1 cabin is available at that price. The price advertised on Crystal's public website does not includes port fees/taxes - no surprise there, that is typical. But it does include the Crystal Society discount, meaning first timer cruisers could reasonably expect to pay that price. Lastly, are posts about Endeavor appropriate here, or is there another board?
  5. I have access to a site that tracks price changes. I don't see a 30% price drop, It started Aug 2017 at 11.5 (cat H) and is now 11.9. Is there any chance that your "new" fare does not include air? Air saving is 2700.
  6. TravelCat Glad to read you are that much closer to Explorer! Would you mind telling me your parking arrangements in Vancouver?
  7. Tracie Thank you so much for posting this link. I think back to our conversation with the Captain, in front of the world map outside Bisto, many years ago. He was asking what we were looking at. We asked when Crystal would sail from Halifax to Vancouver, via the Northwest Passage. He was highly skeptical, because Canada would require pilots onboard for all the days in Canadian waters. He also said his friend had just done the NE passage, and was confident Crystal would do that one first. We told him we would be onboard when Crystal did either, and he smiled, and said he too! So count us in! May require some tough negotiations with our financial wizard, but she came through for NWP in 2015! Dancing all the way from Anadyr toTromsoe...
  8. For Canadians, we would not support Luggage Concierge. Terrible hassle after our 2015 NWP cruise. I believe they work satisfactorily in the US market.
  9. On some lines, segmenters are not viewed positively, either by the cruiseline or world cruisers. How about on Regent?
  10. We don't exchange cards or gifts!
  11. Shares are trading at +/- $50. So could you please provide an estimate of OBC for a $5000 investment. Does the credit vary by cabin category and length of cruise? I assume it would.
  12. Can anyone comment on Regent's use of KLM? This would have been our preferred deviation flight, but they denied any affiliation with KLM, even if we paid fees. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  13. Hi Tracie. Done. Heaven only knows what our Crystal Society number is!!! Where to look for this? Last communication from Crystal was Sept 21 - low solo fares. Maybe they heard that we were trying a competitor!!!!!
  14. Is it your sense that this room will cater to those who enjoy formal dressing on BTOs? Or is dress code more relaxed here too?
  15. Keith You say you often dine in your room. This is something I do not think I would enjoy - lingering smells of food in my bedroom, and staring at dirty plates and congealed food. And I don't like seeing this in the hallways either. Would you comment please, how Crystal handles this? Your photos show the good side - nicely set table and food ready to eat. But afterwards ... ???
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