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  1. Hi, I agree about the QE2. I had the privilege of sailing aboard the QE2 seven times between 1984 and 2005. I have also sailed aboard the QM2 seven times between 2004 and 2019. The QM2 is my favorite ship that currently is in service, but the QE2 remains my all-time favorite ship. The QE2 had a certain magic. Chuck
  2. Hi, The Horizon and Zenith were great ships. I cruised aboard the Horizon to Bermuda in 1991 and the Zenith to the Western Caribbean in 1993. The food on these ships was excellent. I prefer this traditional style of ship over the huge ships that are being built today. Chuck
  3. Hi, It was fairly cool and windy outside. I definitely recommend bringing a jacket. During the day, I usually wore long pants and a long sleeved shirt. If I went outside, I always wore a jacket. Chuck
  4. Hi I have sailed on the QM2 seven times throughout its career: 2004, 2006, 2009, 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2019. In my opinion, the ship has improved. The ship looks great after the major refurbishment in 2016. I agree that the Carinthia Lounge is an excellent new space. Also, the design of the Kings Court is improved. I recently did a crossing on the QM2 (late April / early May 2019) and had a wonderful time. My favorite daytime activities (afternoon tea in the Queens Room and the lectures) were better than ever. Chuck
  5. Hi, I actually took a cruise when I had a broken wrist in 2007. It was a seven-day Hawaii cruise on NCL's Pride of America. I didn't need to have surgery but my wrist was in a cast. Thus, my wrist was well-protected. I still enjoyed the cruise but it somewhat limited my activities because I couldn't get the cast wet. I traveled with a friend who could help with my luggage. Of course, I would discuss this with the doctor and follow his/her advice. I would be concerned that the wrist is not protected by a cast. I think there would be some risk of increased pain if the wrist is not protected. Also, she obviously would need would assistance with her luggage. Chuck
  6. Hi, If you go to Jamie's for lunch, make sure that you are very hungry. Last year, I had lunch at Jamie's on the Mariner of the Seas on the first day of the cruise. They served A LOT of food. In fact, I ended up skipping dinner because I was not hungry. Chuck
  7. Hi, I travel to New York City frequently and would not recommend this. I think this is cutting it too close. Chuck
  8. Hi, Thanks for posting the beautiful photos. Chuck
  9. Hi, Thanks for your detailed review. We are doing this same itinerary on the Crown Princess in September. I'm glad to read that you enjoyed the cruise so much. Like you, we are taking the Mont Saint Michel shore excursion. It sounds wonderful. Chuck
  10. Hi, I have wondered the same thing. On a recent crossing, the event was held in the late morning. I went to the event and it was fairly well attended considering the time. On a crossing, it seems like there are plenty of evenings when this event could be held.
  11. Hi, Yes, as I mentioned above, the QM2's gift ship offered Grills and Britannia china for sale soon after the ship entered service. This was identical to the china that was used on the ship. I purchased several pieces of each china pattern (it was fairly expensive). Chuck
  12. Hi, This looks very familiar. 😃 I have the same poster framed and hanging on my wall. Also, I have some of the same pieces of the Cunard Grills china. When the QM2 first entered service, the gift shop sold pieces of the Grills china and the Britannia china. I have some of this china in a display case. Of course, a different pattern is now used in the Grills. I purchased two QM2 stateroom desk chairs from the Prince's Trust. Have a great trip! Chuck
  13. Hi, Yes, it was included in our package. Chuck
  14. Hi, I have received several upgrades from Cunard. In 2012, I was upgraded from an inside stateroom to an obstructed view outside stateroom for a 10-day Mediterranean cruise on the Queen Elizabeth. In 2016, I was upgraded from an inside stateroom to one of the new outside single staterooms on Deck 2 for a seven-day Canada / New England cruise on the QM2. In 2017, I was upgraded from an inside stateroom to one of the new outside single staterooms on Deck 3L for a seven-day World Cruise segment on the QM2. Earlier this year, I was upgraded from an obstructed view balcony on Deck 8 to a sheltered balcony on Deck 5 on a transatlantic crossing on the QM2. Chuck
  15. Hi, A table for two for afternoon tea on the QM2 should not be a problem. I recently did a crossing on the QM2 (April 28-May 5, 2019) as a solo traveler and attended afternoon tea most days. The small tables are set for four people, but there were plenty of tables only occupied by two people. I usually arrived about 15 minutes prior to the doors opening and waited in line. I always was able to get a table near the dance floor. On some of the days, I occupied a table alone. On other days, I joined other people. The afternoon tea on the QM2 is excellent. I highly recommend it. Chuck
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