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  1. The Sagafjord and Vistafjord were wonderful ships. I greatly enjoyed cruising aboard them in the early 1990s. Chuck
  2. Hi, I have cruised on the Golden Princess and the Ruby Princess and like both ships. As noted above, the ships are similar. The Ruby Princess accommodates more passengers, but the ship is newer and (in my opinion) has more attractive public areas. Also, the Ruby Princess has been recently refurbished. Unlike the Ruby, the Golden has an enclosed swimming pool. I personally would choose the Ruby Princess. Chuck
  3. Hi, The Cunard Countess entered service in 1976 and the Cunard Princess entered service in 1977. Prior to these ships, Cunard also briefly operated two small new ships that entered service in the early 1970s: the Cunard Adventurer and the Cunard Ambassador. Depending on the year of your cruise, these ships also are a possibility. The Cunard Adventurer became NCL's Sunward II and the Cunard Ambassador suffered a serious fire and was converted to a sheep transport. Chuck
  4. Hi, I was upgraded to one of these staterooms (2010) for a seven-day Canada / New England cruise in September 2016. I did not have a problem with noise during my cruise. The stateroom was beautiful and I liked the convenient location on Deck 2. I was assigned to a single stateroom on Deck 3 for a seven-day world cruise segment from Hong Kong to Singapore in late March / early April 2017. I liked both categories of the new single staterooms. Chuck
  5. Hi, Thanks for posting the photos of the Zenith. I cruised aboard the Horizon in 1991 (to Bermuda) and the Zenith in 1993 (to the Western Caribbean). The Zenith looks good, but I prefer the ship with the former Celebrity paint scheme. These were excellent ships. The food on these ships was outstanding. Chuck
  6. Hi, I'm looking forward to this crossing and spending time aboard my favorite ship. See you soon. Chuck
  7. Hi, I had a sheltered balcony stateroom on Deck 6 on a QM2 crossing in November and never had a noise problem. This deck is convenient because it is one deck below the Kings Court and the promenade deck. I am booked in a sheltered balcony stateroom on Deck 5 for my crossing that departs on April 28, 2019. I was upgraded from an obstructed balcony on Deck 8. I like the sheltered balconies for crossings because they are protected from the wind. Chuck
  8. Hi, I booked one of the aft mini-suites on the Emerald Deck of the Crown Princess for a cruise in September 2015. I really enjoyed the covered balcony and the convenient location of the stateroom. Chuck
  9. Hi, In March 2017, I spent two nights at the Ritz-Carlton in Hong Kong prior to a cruise on the Queen Mary 2. The hotel was excellent and the harbor view from my room on the 116th floor was truly spectacular. For me, this made up for the hotel's location. I agree with the posts above that Hong Kong is a wonderful city. I am planning a return visit next year. Chuck
  10. Hi, It wouldn't surprise me if the glass roof in the Queen Victoria's Winter Garden is permanently closed. I think this space looks great following the 2017 refurbishment. The new decor seems too nice to expose to the elements. Chuck
  11. Hi, I have sailed aboard the QM2 six times (ranging from 2004 through 2017) and will be doing another crossing on the QM2 in late April. Also, I have cruised aboard the Queen Victoria twice. My first sailing on the Queen Victoria was an eight-day transatlantic crossing at the end of its 2015 world cruise. Most recently, I cruised aboard the Queen Victoria in the Mediterranean in September 2018. The Queen Victoria obviously is not nearly as large as the QM2, but the experience is similar. There is a promenade deck that wraps around the ship that has plenty of deck chairs with cushions. Also, there are speakers on board who provide interesting lectures. The afternoon tea in the Queens Room is wonderful. I think the ship looks great following its refurbishment in 2017. The QM2 and the Queen Victoria are both excellent ships. Chuck
  12. Hi, This person was horrible and would not stop talking about politics. The other people at the table became upset. Some people stormed out before dessert. Out of the over 500 dinners I have had aboard ships, this was the very worst. If the cruise had been longer, I would have requested to be moved to a different table. Chuck
  13. Hi, Dining alone at a huge table is not fun. On the Golden Princess, I was seated at a large table in the center of the dining room. I was the only person at the table two or three different nights. It felt like everyone in the room walked by and saw me dining alone. The dinner seemed to last for an eternity. My most recent Princess cruise was a short repositioning cruise on the Emerald Princess from Los Angeles to Vancouver in May 2018. One of my table mates insisted on discussing politics (even though other people at the table repeatedly requested her to stop). The meal was very unpleasant. After the first night, I dined at alternative restaurants (alone) for the remainder of the cruise. My dinners were much more enjoyable. At Share, I had a wonderful time talking to people at nearby tables. Sometimes you need to be flexible. Chuck
  14. Hi, I have sailed solo on many Princess cruises and usually request a table for eight (second seating traditional dining). In the past, this worked at well and I enjoyed talking to other people at my table. However, there has been an increasing trend during the past few years of people having dinner at a different venue. I always arrive for dinner at the posted time. On more than one occasion, I have been the only person at the large table and wait 15 minutes to order (in case others arrive at the table). After the wait, I end up dining alone (which feels a little awkward at a large table). Requesting a large table may no longer be the best strategy for solo passengers. On most cruises, I usually try some of the specialty restaurants (alone) and enjoy it. Chuck
  15. Hi, I have cruised on most of the main cruise lines (Celebrity, Holland America, Norwegian, Princess and Royal Caribbean), but Cunard remains my favorite. I am sailing on the QM2 for the seventh time in April. I also have cruised aboard the Queen Victoria (twice) and the Queen Elizabeth. Compared to the other lines, the atmosphere is more traditional and formal. The lectures are very interesting and the afternoon tea is excellent. The other passengers are usually very interesting and polite. I have a wonderful time meeting people and discussing travel. The QM2 has beautiful and very spacious public areas. Overall, I greatly enjoy the atmosphere aboard the Cunard ships. Chuck
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