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  1. I don't eat seafood but my husband LOVES crab! I still smile when I think of him diving into his own bucket of King Crab legs at Tracy's! I have a movie of it! I just sat there and watched him eat the whole thing by himself! He was in crab heaven. It was 5 years ago and he still talks about it! As soon as we can ,we are going back to Alaska, and I am taking him back to Tracy's again. Its worth the money and calories for the special treat. I will have a roll and coke again :)
  2. zoena

    Anchorage hotel

    We happened to stay at the Captain Cook in June 2009 when they were having unusually warm weather. As much as I liked the hotel I will not stay there if we go in the summer again. Because they have no air conditioning we had to have the window open all night and it was VERY noisy on the streets below. People were drag racing all night downtown. Its too bad because its a nice hotel. You just have to make some choices with what you are willing to put up with.
  3. We had a wonderful trip, but instead of taking the train up to the Princess Denali and McKinley Lodges we would have rented a car. The year we went June 2009, it was hot and we roasted in those glass cars. We also were the ones riding backwards and I wasn't crazy about that! Also I would book a hotel in Anchorage with Air Conditioning! But thats all I would change!!
  4. In June we were on both the Princess train car and the Holland America car. I took a picture to show people how much room there actually is.Its a little blurry but I think you get the idea. This is a picture of the Holland America train seats. The Princess cars you have a table in between you and the couple across from you. So its a little more cramped but its the same space under the seats. In our opinion the Holland America car was much more comfortable because everyone faced the front and it gave you much more leg room. It's pretty cramped under the table on the Princess car.
  5. I agree with you.We knew people could get into it with some work.Nothing like that is foolproof.But the idea is to make it harder for them,rather to let them just pick it up off the desk and take it.Thats why we have deadbolts on our house doors.It won't keep burglars away.But it gives them extra work to get in.
  6. We just returned from 2 weeks on a Alaska Cruisetour.Before we left I purchased a DaySafe 100 by PacSafe for my husbands computer.It was a great investment!We used the heck out of it.During the day we would take the backpack part with us and leave the safe part cabled to something.It fit ALOT of stuff in it.My husbands computer,both our meds,folder with paperwork,and a bunch of misc.stuff.It was my husbands carry on for all the planes,trains and buses.We feel it was worth every penney(and may I say he rolled his eyes when I first showed it to him!).We plan on using it when we go to Europe and then Australia.Its a good sized backpack.We got ours on the Magellan Travel supply website.They have a video on it.
  7. We were on it in June and this is the only picture I have of it.I hope this is what you wanted.
  8. I bought the High Sierra Lite 22in 3 in 1 Carry-on (AT305). It worked out great! Its actually 2 backpacks and a roller too.I packed a lot of stuff in that bag!!When you get on the plane just detach the smaller backpack and it fits in the overhead just fine. Its made really well and has a lot of extra goodies on it. Its a neat idea. I'm now looking at one that is made for computers. Check it out!
  9. zoena

    Flights went down...

    A couple of weeks ago I checked my flights I had booked back in September to Vancouver and back from Alaska with NWA.They had gone down over $700.00 since I had bought them.I called and told them I understood they were unrefundable, but that was a big amount of difference.I was very polite and not demanding.The lady I talked to said she could not give me money back but she gave me 2 vouchers for $296.00 each.I was very happy to get anything back.We have a year to use them.So I guess I am going to plan for another trip after we get back from Alaska in June.I bought my tickets directly through NWA because the price was no cheaper through the third parties at the time.Also I could customize them a little better for our schedules.
  10. Sea and Ski Cruiser, was the covering over the balcony of this cabin good. We have this cabin in June to Alaska. Also how was the wave action back there? Thanks, Zoena
  11. Can anyone tell me if this catagorie(Q) on Majesty of the Seas has hairdryers.We have a large group going and we need to know, so someone can bring one if there are not any.Thanks in advance.
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