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  1. Hi my lpad is new with the latest version of iOS
  2. With respect terrierjohn, though I was an. IT consultant before I retired, I’m not sure many contributors to these boards know how to change search engines. P & O should ensure that their IT works on all platforms.
  3. Hi All. Now although I read these threads everyday I very rarely post. The new Personaliser/my cruise website does not work with Safari (iPads). Now because most of the population uses iPads and not computers this is problematic. I am a real fan of P & O, having done 40 cruises and don’t wish to complain but really who does their IT. Even small companies manage to have a semi decent website. Come on P & O, sort your IT out. Spend some money and get a decent IT package.
  4. DamienG. The best blog I have followed. Totally honest. Totally real. You put pro bloggers to shame. You have kept my wife and I entertained for the last 12 days. We will miss it. Thanks again and best wishes for the future.
  5. Can anyone please inform me if Dixon’s Electronics still have a concession on Ventura. On her again soon and am interested in a Fitbit watch. Bought an IPad on there last year and with the discount and our Baltic tier 10% it was really good value. Thanks.
  6. 3 different gins (20 mils) presented on a board, with their recommended garnishes with a tonic of your choice. Extremely popular.
  7. Just back from Azura and though I do not wish to write a review, here are some snippets:- Andersons Gin is no more. The contract with the Andersons distillery has finished as they could not or would not increase production. Azura had half a bottle left but could not sell it as it was not on the till. A young barman gave me one by mistake so I suppose I had the very last one. Drink prices. Spirit prices are on the rise. Last July a gin flight was 7.85, in April was 8.85 and last week was 9.95. Though beer and wine had only increased by a smaller amount. Ventura For the 2021/22 summer Ventura will be based in the med with Oceana back based in Southampton. Unruly Guests Cabin next to us had a family in who argued and swore and banged doors during the night and one night father had fist fight with teenage son. Reported to reception who were very concerned and kept phoning us to see if it was still happening. It went quiet then but the last night at 1pm the father threw the boy out in his underpants. He ran off. As this was the last night we let it go but I am sure P &O would have put them off if they had persisted. Oh yes we were told by a senior officer that they had actually had to handcuff someone fighting on deck 4. Did not spoil our holiday as we had a great time. And last but not least, the food was 100% better than on Azura in April. The head chef this time was Andy Yuill. He was on leave in April. Can’t say if this was the reason.
  8. I started this topic as we were just off Azura and wanted to warn people of the changes. The facts are:- The staff apologised for the drop in quality of the food. They called the executive chef as so many people were complaining. People were complaining at reception. We we offered a full refund as they were embarrassed. Now I don’t complain unnecessarily. I have done 35 cruises with P & O. I scan these pages but very rarely get involved. In my opinion the lunch curries in the MDR are far superior.
  9. Don’t know if you good people know that Atul Kutchur has no dealings with Sindu anymore. Just back from Azura. Sindu was same good service, same occasion but the food quality has gone down considerably. Staff admitted that the ingredients have been changed as has the standards and quality. We have eaten there dozens of times but alas never again. More cost cutting I’m afraid.
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