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  1. MY TA cancelled my cruise today. Easy to do, just had to get through. She says the Cruise next value will be added to the FCC.
  2. Okay, so now at 63 days we received an email from NCL with the e-tickets. Some changes to the times, but still the same flights. I have been able to see the tickets from the TAP website the entire time. It even displayed the price payed for the tickets of $719 Home Departure City - Toronto (YYZ) Arrival/Destination City - New York (LGA) Airline(s) used - West Jet (WS) Number of Connections - 0 Outbound Flight departure/arrival time - 0710 - 0842 Departure City - Rome (FCO) Arrival/Destination City -Toronto (YYZ )
  3. They were selling internet for $29.99 per day after Day 2 of our cruise, and then on the last day they offered 1 hour for $14.99 for guests to do airport check-in, etc.
  4. Ship - Independence of the Seas Deck - 8 Stateroom # - 8257 Stateroom Category – Promenade view interior Starboard or Port Side - Starboard Quiet Stateroom? (With comments on problems) – Promenade view Interior. There is noise from the music playing on the promenade. It is louder when it is a band vs recorded songs. We didn't have any problems sleeping or getting to sleep. We just knew it was happening. I think the air unit in the room helped to create white noise. Was stateroom a connecting stateroom? - yes -we could hear the people next d
  5. For Transatlantic April 2020 - Now, this came by email via my TA. When I look up the flight confirmations, it says my West Jet flight is cancelled. I called Norwegian and was told the accurate info will be sent 45-70 days before my cruise. The email was pretty specific with flight times and confirmation codes. I'm not sure why they sent this if it's not my TRUE ticket info. It sure looks like TRUE ticket info. ?? I will update you when I get more info. Home Departure City - Toronto (YYZ) Arrival/Destination City - New York (LGA) Airline(s) used - West Je
  6. A good TA will look after you for years to come. The one we use is in Alberta and we live in Ontario. She was recommended by family. Find one that is specifically a cruise consultant. Ours works for the Cruise Ship Centre part of that big web-based travel site, so she has access to special bonuses. She cruises a lot, and has very good input regarding different cruise lines. She will even send us a gift in the mail to use on the ship and order us strawberries for the room. Always prompt response times, too. I don't have to wait on hold.
  7. We added the free air to our cruise 2 weeks after booking. Our TA had discouraged us from adding it due to poor reviews, but I figured I can't get a better deal and booking air on our own in August for an April 2020 cruise would be non-refundable. We can cancel it before final payment if we find a better option. I've been watching the prices go from $409 to $500 dollars pp for the cheapest non-direct flight and $677pp for direct. We had to pay $334pp for the NCL flights from Toronto to NYC and Rome to Toronto.
  8. https://www.ncl.com/ca/en/cruise-deals/choice/air This link should show you the available airfare and airport. I didn't notice any location outside of North America.
  9. Thank you for everyone's input. All reasonable points of view that will be beneficial for crew and new passengers.
  10. The Getaway finishes a Western Caribbean April 19, then has a Transatlantic booked for April 23 out of New York. There is no cruise scheduled for April 19-23. What happens in between?
  11. I have booked the reduced air for a transatlantic in April. Right now it shows we have a connection coming home Rome to Lisbon, Lisbon to Toronto. Does anyone know, could this change to a direct flight by April, or am I guaranteed a connecting flight?
  12. The prices seem really great. NCL quoted $334 CAD pp for Toronto- NYC and Rome -Toronto. Not sure if the flight home would be non-stop until we get the ticket info. Cheapest flights on Expedia are $400 with 1 stop. NCL charges $127 CAD for the transfers pp. We can get non-stop flights for $690 pp on our own which would save us 4 hours coming home. Even my TA advised us to book our own air as NCL is difficult to deal with and what you get might not be convenient. Too bad they haven't picked up Princess's program.
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