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  1. Hope springs eternal as they say. I’m very disappointed to see this but at least it validates my decision to cancel my November Horizon cruise last week. I rebooked for September 2021. But I also have a Holland cruise scheduled for April 2021. I was really hoping with Europe opening up that we would follow suit. Heckuva way to start a Monday I feel everyone’s pain today.
  2. I am still booked on November 14, Carnival Horizon out of Miami. I did receive The cancel if you would like letter. And I am still on the fence. No there has been no further communication from Carnival regarding the new protocols that will be put into place. I’m really waiting for those to come out to make my decision but with three weeks left I’m waffling. Also somebody pointed out yesterday if they actually do cruise in November this will almost be like having a ship come out to dry dock or a brand new ship. The first few sailings will be working out the kinks of the new protocols. do I really want to be the guinea pig? I still haven’t made airfare because I keep thinking it’s not gonna happen and I’m tired of giving my money to big corporations to keep. Plus one of the rumors is shorten the number of cruise days. Currently the cruise is set for 8 days. if they change it to five days then I have to change air and I’m overwhelmed with this decision. I figure I’m gonna have to make a decision soon if Carnival doesn’t make it foe me.
  3. Thank you and thanks for your input. 🙂 You are right, I could have cancelled in August prior to final payment. I looked into that option as well. When I booked this cruise, I had 400 in a FCC credit and I had paid all but 200 of the cruise. If I had cancelled then: 1. The 400 FCC would be kept as a FCC. That sounds fair to me. 2. 150 of my payments would then be added an additional FCC because that was the non refundable deposit. My fault, I thought the 400 FCC was the deposit. So I opted to wait and see. Now 2 months later, Carnival is offering a full refund. I don't know if that included the 400 FCC (which is not an issue). I'm still doing a wait and see. I'm interested in seeing what the changes and restrictions will be put into place before I make my decision. I really need.want some time away. I'm not a big social person, so masks & distancing isn't much of an issue for me. I'm really waiting to see if they are going to shorten the number of days. Currently it's 8 days and I would have to fly in, so waiting to see if it's worth the flight.
  4. I tired to be very clear in my original post that I didn't/wasn't cancelling my cruise. I was just wondering what other thought to no refunds even with major changes by the cruise line. I still am booked on the Horizon 11/14. I have been given the option to cancel but I'm waiting see what the changes will be before I make that decision.
  5. I’m booked on the November 14 Horizon sailing for 8 days. I’m going to take a day or week to decide what to do. I think the decision will be easier once Carnival releases their restrictions/changes/impacts on the sailings for the next few months. I know we can all speculate but that’s just best guess. I have no problem wearing a mask, being tested, social distancing but going to just a private island (so I will just stay on the ship by myself 😂 ) and having my cruise itinerary shortened wouldn’t thrill me. The decision and struggle is real but I don’t want to make it in haste.
  6. A question that in early June people knew it was going to be this bad by November December. I’m sure if the majority of individuals/companies that thought they way they would not have offered the sailings. Now carnivals in the position of having to either refund dollars or offer a big incentive to keep the dollars. I don’t imagine they’re happy with either of those choices. And I received a letter from Carnival today giving me those choices.
  7. Wow I’m so glad there were so many clairvoyance out there. Can you give me the date it’s going to restart so I know when to cruise next? Your response was so helpful I’m hoping you can help in the next step.
  8. I'm pretty sure this will be my last booking with Carnival. If they cancel it, I will take a total refund and book with another line. . If they don't, I'll go and enjoy my balcony cabin :).
  9. No need to be rude. I not surprised at all. As I said in my post, I'm not upset was just wondering what others thought of the no refund policy with all the changes that will be implanted.
  10. I think most of us was still pretty hopeful in June that the pandemic would pass after the summer months. It was still thought of as the "flu".
  11. I’ve been watching a bunch of YouTubers speculating on the what we’ll see when cruising resumes. I wanted to check others feelings about cruise lines not giving refunds if you opt out on going on cruise due to new protocols. Hear me out please. I booked my November 2020 cruise in early June. Of course at that time none of us thought this ban would go on for so long or antipcated the possible changes. If (and I say that loudly) this cruise sails, based on European cruises the entire experience will probably change. Possible changes that may affect my planned sailing, 1. Pre-Testing: If I test positive I will be denied boarding (I understand and support this). But I won’t get a refund for not being allowed on the ship nor will the ship be responsible for any costs incurred due to not being allowed to board. So they will really be encouraging purchasing insurance . I know many of you do, but I never do. But now I’m second guessing myself. 2. Limited number of ports: I picked a cruise that went to 4 ports I have never been too. Now there might be only 1 stop (probably Carnival's private island). 3. Have to book an excursion through the cruise line. I NEVER do that because I like the local explore it on your own experience. 4. Shorten number of days of the sailing. My cruise is for 8 days and I have to fly across country to get there. It’s not worth the expense to travel to Florida for a 3-5 day cruise. 5. Masks (eek) Personally I have no problem with this, but for those of you who do, are you going to give up your cruise with no refund? I know the contract says they can make changes, but I mean geez, this is total not what I booked and paid for. How do others feel. I know it’s all speculation at this point, so I’m not getting upset or anything like that. Just my mind wondering.
  12. I booked my cruise in June for the upcoming November 14 sailing. It still shows openings and you know it’s a limited capacity. I would’ve thought the pricing would’ve gone down but it’s up by over $1,000. I was hoping it would go down.
  13. Well I’m curious did you get it? And if not what did you decide to do? if they cancel my cruise I will take the refund. It’s like you said, The credit normally barely covers the higher Priced New itinerary. So I think the better deal is just to take your refund and a place it where you get the best value for your dollars.
  14. I’m surprise the Horizon is still ago for November. But I’m not holding my breath. As much as I need and want the cruise I just have a feeling it’s not gonna happen. But I do hate sitting on this bubble.
  15. I’ve seen a lot of talk about when and how crazy it will come back to the Covid pandemic. But I’m curious on how things will change getting on and on the ship. With all the pre-screening will faster to the fun be worth purchasing. Well platinum and diamond members Dale to take it vantage being first on/first off. I would think cc will become pretty stringent with the time you’re allowed to arrive at the terminal. They are going to have to be able to manage the crowds somehow. Then of course trying to get off the ship. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen the mass exodus even with using the color system. The people packed in line shoulder to shoulder waiting to get off. trying to get even 70% of capacity off in time for the crew to perform that extra clean could be a challenge. I have a cruise booked November 14 the Horizon out of Miami. I have not booked my airfare yet because because 1) I’m not sure it’s really going to happen but 2) even if they do I’m not sure what time frame I should use. I currently have checked in between one and 130. So I’ll probably try to come in at least the night before. At least I would have a hotel room to hang out at if Ine needed to. So the real hard part is what time should I schedule flight. I would hate the extra expense of a hotel room but I would really hate missing my flight. What’s everyone else thinking and doing?
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