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  1. About a month ago I did an extensive search for any website that shows the floor plans of the Celelstyal Crystal cabins. Never found one. Also, did not find any websites that had an additional pictures other than what is on Celestyal's website. There are several you tube videos that are about the Celelstyal Crystal including some cabins. Actually found one for the SBJ, S, and SB suites but not for the GS suite. My TA used to work for Celestyal USA and he does not know of any available floor plans. So, for me I had no luck. If you ever come up with any, please share. Stan
  2. Thanks. Good sized group. Talked to my agent last week about one of our travel couples who are interested in this cruise. They did book it. He told me there are a lot of groups booking the cruise, especially the first week, because of the number of the ports or excurions that are religious oriented. Look forward to it. Just hope the virus situation is taken care of by then. We have a river cruise booked for May 2021 and I am beginning to have my doubts about that one the way things are in the states. Stan
  3. Hi Gayle. Curious as to how many are in your singles group that are traveling with you. Thinking about private excursions and how many passengers are required for them. Don't know if you guys are thinking about any private excursions or f you are just going to do the included. Stan
  4. Hi Sandi. Glad you are hooking up with Gayle and that there will be a group of singles there for you guys to hang out with. As I mentioned to Gayle above if you come across any interesting excursions please let us know so that we can also check them out. I know many of them require a minimum number for an excursion to take place, But you might have enough in your singles group to make the minimum. Stan
  5. Gayle, forgot to ask you about your opinion of Celestyal. I have read all of the reviews I could locate. Like most reviews of anything they are some good ones, bad one and middle of the road ones. I take it you were satisfied since you are going again. A lot of the negatives I read were related to the food not being up to par and the cabin sizes. I feel some of these may have been comparing them to some of the newer ships with several restaurants and newer cabins. Knowing the history of the ship we hopefully know what we are getting into as far as the ship. But you can't beat the price. Saw some interesting you tube videos on the ship and the ports of call. We mentioned the cruise to some friends of ours several days ago and they are going to check on the cruise this week. Stan
  6. Thanks for your reply Gayle. My wife (Karen) and I have been to Athens (me twice and her once). We are going a few days early and hope to schedule a trip to Delphi. This will be her first trip to the remaining ports. I have been to Thessolonica and Phillipi previously. Many trips to Atlanta and was in Pensacola 22 weeks for Navy training. I have not checked on Istanbul independent tours yet but the Celestyal tour seems to cover all of the major places. Will have to check on independent tours and see how they are in comparison. As far as Jerusalem, I have found one tour from Asdod port that seems pretty good. However, we have to have 8 people before the tour will take place. Price is good compared to Celestyal. On the back to back cruise we will be stopping in Kusadasi twice. I am still trying to figure out what to do on the second stop. The Celestyal tour seems to cover the major areas and is the same for both stops. Keep in touch with any info or independent tours you come across. Stan
  7. Sorry for the delay in responding. Welcome aboard. Glad to see someone else will be on the ship with us. If you find any independent tours that look good let us know. We are looking at some in various ports that might have a better price than Celestyal. I see you are from the Southeast US. Where from I live in Richmond, VA area now; originally from Columbus, GA; and came here by way of Baton Rouge, LA. Let's just hope Covid is out of the way by Nov. 2021. Stan
  8. There generally are some criteria you can put in for your cabin mate. Question is - would you want to pay $23,000 to $31,000 for the single supplement or the full cabin versus $15,500 to have a cabin mate. All of us cannot afford it! Stan
  9. Has anyone ever started a campaign with Viking for them to have a matching program for single traveling passengers on the Ocean and/or River cruises? This matching program would have Viking pairing up single traveling passengers in a cabin to avoid having to pay a single supplement or the whole cabin. Some cruise lines will waiver the single supplement if they cannot pair you up with another single traveling passenger. I was looking at the Anarctica Expedition cruise which has a pretty hefty price (all cruise lines). I noticed another cruise line that does a similar cruise that does have a matching program which makes it hard to pay the single supplement or the whole cabin with Viking in comparison. However, I would prefer to go with Viking except for the Single supplement pricing situation. Stan
  10. I emailed Celestyal asking the question and they confirmed what you said. Have to go through the travel agent. Did you see where Celestyak has ceased any sailings until March 6 2021? Stan
  11. I booked with a TA also but have not been told I would not be able to see anything on Celestyal's website on my booking. Will have to follow up on that. Celestyal US told me an update was being done on the Celestyal website and that is why I couldn't access my booking. I would think we would at least have access to book excursions. We went to Santorini on a Viking Cruise in May 2019. It was a mad house with 4 cruise ships in port and all of the passengers wanting to be in the same spot. I would think in November it would not be as crowded. Even if it is crowded in the day time, when all of the cruise ships leave it it will be a lot less crowded and enjoyable. We did have a terrific lunch at one of the restaurants overlooking the caldron. Stan
  12. Hi Jeff. Good to hear from you. We are in the Richmond, VA area. Both retired. We are going to arrive in Athens several days early to try to get over the jet lag and to do a few thing. This will be my 3rd trip into Athens and my wife's 2nd trip. We were there about 4-5 days previously and saw a lot. We plan on doing a trip to Delphi one day. Will stay in the Plaka area probably in an Airbnb. For Israel I am thinking there will be a lot of people on the bus to Jerusalem at what appears to be a relative expensive trip. The one I posted looks like a good deal. However, we have to have a total of 8 people for the tour to run. Can have up to 16. Will probably look at some independent excursions in some other ports to get a comparison of the prices and see if they might be better. I have noticed we will be in Kusadasi twice with the same excursions. I am trying to figure out other options. I think we will hit all of the major attractions on the first port call. Let me know if you come up with any other options for it. After we finish the B2B we are going to 3 or 4 Christmas Markets before heading back to the US. By the way, have you been able to get into your Booking summary on Celestyal's website? I haven't. Stan
  13. Thank you Notamermaid. I find the waterway maps very interesting and easy to read. I like that it shows the locks and is easy to locate them. Thanks again. Stan
  14. I would hope everyone understands that wearing a mask is mostly to protect other people and not themselves. If one cannot agree to wear a mask then they should not book a cruise. i also would hope the cruise line would disembark any passenger that did not comply with this requirement in order to protect the other guests. Stan
  15. Notamermaid: Don't know how to thank you for the above info. Now just need to do some translation to English and studying of the data. But on initial glance the graph bears out what you always say. Late spring probably will have high water (just a question of how high). And lower water in early fall. You appear to be a little like me. Do not want to let something go until you figure it out. I had continued to do some research on this but was not having a lot of luck. - partly since everything was coming up in German. Thanks again for the info and the link. Hope you continue to be well with Covid-19 and don't let your guard down. As you might have read, states in the US that continue to move into more "open" phases of reopening are showing increased cases of the virus. Stan
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