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  1. Prior to retirement and when I traveled a lot I made an overnight mileage run to LA to get to my next FF level. I walked down to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. I was the only non-Mexican in the restaurant but fortunately they had a menu in English and I had some real good Mexican food. Stan
  2. I do not recall having one provided on either of our cruises. Stan
  3. I have found that their responding to email questions has been pitiful. Especially since they started cancelling cruises. They just seem to ignore them. Haven't tried to call them. Stan
  4. Don't all of you think we should send Crystal and Nate on another trip so that we can "travel" with them. That way all of us could avoid all the planning it takes; the long over the ocean flight' as well as the COVID requirements, etc. i mean with all of the great pictures and narratives it is almost like we are with them. Now before you say anything I agree that we would miss some great food and the culture. But, we can never leave and enjoy the trip!! Stan
  5. The response Peregrina651 gave in post #1410 above is correct. Stan
  6. Thank you so much for taking us on your Greek Island tour with both of you. I have enjoyed it very much. Enough that I probably will try to talk my wife into doing something similar. We have done a couple of cruises out of Athens and have always come into Athens early to see more of the sites but have never spent more than a part of a day on any of the islands. Again, thanks for the trip and the pictures. Stan
  7. I have been able to use old gift cards on Viking. Stan
  8. We are not booked until November 2022 and have not received an offer. Our TA did send us our new cabin number on the Crystal. Fortunately we are still in the same type cabin. But with the large difference in the number of suites on the Experience and the Crystal there will obviously be some passengers that will not be able to be in a suite. They will then have to made a decision to go with their new cabin assignment or cancel. You need to contact either your TA or Celestyal and find out what your cabin on the Crystal is. Stan
  9. I have found that most, if not all, of the coke products in Europe do not have as much sugar in them as there is in the US. However, the coke in south African, i believe, has been the sweetest. singinalot Thanks for all of your posting and pictures. Have really enjoyed following you. Stan
  10. I have seen several videos of cabins on the Crystal and they seemed to always open the refrigerator and they would be empty. Does anyone know if the refrigerator in the SB Suites are stocked or not? Stan
  11. I read on a review from this summer (2021) that you had to pay for bottled water. Does anybody know if you can take bottle water and soft drinks on the ship? Also, FYI the cabins do not have wash clothes in the bathrooms per the same review. Stan
  12. I was told by TA that the Celestyal website was basically ***** down while Celestyal moves everyone from the Experience to the Crystal. Just tried to log into my account still cannot get in. Stan
  13. Most people take a taxi. The hotel can arrange this. Believe it is around 35 - 40 Euro. Stan
  14. I did read on a post somewhere that the passengers were being given some free time to wondering around town after the included walking tour. However, this could have changed again due to the EU recommendation on restrictions on US citizens due to the high number of COVID cases in the US.
  15. If you have followed Celestyal you will know they had been trying to sell the Crystal without any luck. Speculation is that it was due to it's age and better ships available for the same price. They only wanted 2 ships when all was said and done. Since they could not sell the Crystal and think they will be sailing with a smaller passenger population (due to COVID) they thought it did not make since to hold onto the Experience (unfortunate for us passengers). What could not be derived from any of the articles available is how much did finances play into this decision other than this statement - "The decision to sell Experience will provide the company with enhanced liquidity, the line said, which in combination with zero third party debt forms the continued solid financial foundation to ensure a successful restart in March next year." Bottom line is that certain passengers will not be in the same cabin category they were in on the Experience. This will be due to the lower number of suites and balcony cabins available on the Crystal. Possible that some balcony cabin passengers end up in inside cabins. Bottom line is that we are the ones that will end up losing out. Let's just hope they will be able to sail in 2022. Stan
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