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  1. On our Viking Empires of the Mediterranean in May 2019 we had about 1/2 of those that signed up to show. A few did not come because of specialty dining reservations. A large number of the others did not receive the invitation or did not find the invitation. When I did not find our invitation the first evening (as expected) I called guest services who said it would be delivered. Did not show up the next evening. Again, they said it would be delivered. The next night it was not to be found again. My wife just happened to look in the portfolio on the coffee table and lo and behold there it was for the next night. There was no particular reason she looked in there except that she had not looked in it before to see what was in it. I had looked at it the first night. Why would it be put inside the portfolio versus somewhere that it would be easily found? Did others not receive theirs. I say if you do not receive it the first night ask guest services about it. Keep after them each day. Ask them if they can tell you what night it will be? You do not have to have the invitation to attend. You just need to know when and where. Stan
  2. Based on our experience on the Empire of the Med Cruise most women wore either a dress, skirt or nice capris. Very few capris. Don't remember seeing pedal pushers. No jeans are preferred. What that said there were some "nice" jeans worn also. Did not see any shorts. Stan
  3. Does anyone know what night Viking normally has the Meet and Mingle on the Bergen to Stockholm Homelands Cruise? Thanks. Stan
  4. Can you tell us which Airbnb you stayed at? We are looking at some for our trip. Wife said - as long as it is clean. Stan
  5. Empire of the Mediterranean Cruise
  6. What I have done is copy the MJV itinerary schedule to Excel along with the Viking calendar filled out with the Viking excursions and then I merge the two together. I can then enter the private excursions we have booked also. This gives me all of the info in one place that I print out and put on the cabin wall with a magnetic hook. Stan
  7. In general, I would say you are correct. However, I have worn shorts in Hungary, Austria and Germany. I have read where others have said that jeans are not appropriate to wear in Europe. In response to this I would say we see many locals wearing jeans in Europe. But they are usually younger - under 40. One thing you should remember about wearing shorts is that you may not be allowed into some churches with shorts and/or with shoulders showing. I would also agree with your comment about no tank tops for men or revealing shirts for women. I would summarize by saying that, in general, Europeans dress more modestly and better than what you might see in the US. But, at the same time, you will see some locals dressed similar to the way we dress in the US. On our very recent cruise in Eastern Europe a couple of our independent tour guides were wearing jeans. I would say if you want to wear jeans go for it but I would leave the tank tops at home. Lastly, remember jeans will take more room in the suitcase and might take longer to dry if you wash them. Stan
  8. It was with privategreecetours dot(.) com. We did 1/2 day tour but they also offer all day tours with visits to other sites. Stan
  9. The Star has 4 computers each wth a notepad and a "square" pen and 1 printer. Stan
  10. We did a private tour to Krka Waterfalls and Zadar Tour (Portal Tours - Split Excursions) with a total of 8 people from our cruise which was a lot cheaper than the Viking tour. The key is to get enough other people to go with you to bring the cost down. We used the Cruise Critic Roll Call to find others. Stan
  11. I was on the same cruise as Brad. We also had pre-cruise days in Venice and post days in Athens. We did not have a good start. Our flight was delayed in Richmond, VA due to late arrival and we could not make our connection in JFK. We ended up staying home overnight and leaving the next day arriving in Venice a day late on Sunday to all day rain and wind. As Brad said we needed more time in Venice. i agree with what Brad said about the Viking Star and the crew. It is a very nice and well trained crew. If they have time they are happy to chat with you from the assistant waiters and housekeeping staff to the officers. They do everything they can to please you, if possible. The one difference I have from Brad is that we enjoyed Viking Ocean enough that we are doing them again. We are not late night people and are not looking for a party to go to. Also, not looking for a casino and we enjoyed the age 18 and over Policy. As for the excursions we did 3 included tours, 2 optional excursions and 3 private tours. We did not do any tours in Venice on day 1 since we were there already on our own. Choices of private tours were based on being able to get cheaper private tours versus Viking optional tours or wanting to go somewhere for which Viking did not offer a tour. On 2 of the days we did tours and some things on our own - such as the Dubrovnik wall walk in the morning and the included tour in the afternoon. On our arrival day in Athens we did a private tour to Ancient Corinth; were dropped off in Athens; did the Acropolis in the afternoon and returned to the ship via the Viking shuttle. My negative comments on ports would be the short amount of time in Zadar and Kotor. We are returning home tomorrow (19th) from Athens worn out and used up. Thought we would slow down some in Athens but too much to see. Can slow down once we get home. Stan
  12. We will be doing the same thing this May. We will be taking the X80 Express bus from the port to downtown. It stops close to the Acropolis and Syntagma Square among others areas. See this link: https://www.keeptalkinggreece.com/2018/05/09/bus-express-x80-piraeus-acropolis-syntagma/ The article is old but it still applies. Of course, you can always take a taxi. Stan
  13. Richard2 is correct. I logged into my account and went to the above referenced area and sure enough it now states 3PM For East Coast and 12:o0PM for Wesr Coast. Stan
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