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  1. While I have never booked directly with a cruise line I am convinced the way to go is with a specialist cruise TA, preferably a large volume one dealing with Silversea, Seabourn and Crystal. The idea is that such TAs do know what they are talking about, are accurate in what they do for you, and can help you compare and contrast cruise line and cruise choices. But mainly because if something goes wrong the specialist TA will be on your side. You think you’re going to get that type of assistance from a cruise line sales person employee? No way! Happy and healthy sailing!
  2. Is Mark Conroy playing games with Silversea loyalists who are concerned about children on board whose parents are being newly incentivized to join cruise ships that are clearly designed for adults? He knows - or should appreciate the concerns we have - and should make more effort to explain what direction Silversea is heading for. To repeat the obvious, there are no second swimming pools for active kids, no kids’ clubs unless lounge space adults would use is removed from circulation, and little space for deck sports. You want to add 20 or more children and babies on my cruise? What are they going on sea days that won’t alter the calm of a normal Silversea cruise? What is he thinking? Silversea is an upscale i.e. expensive RCL suite class alternative money maker for rich parents? One without RCL climbing walls, wave makers, playrooms with video games? Does he imagine their suite butlers will somehow band together and entertain these kids? Puleeeez! Nope, I cruise on Silversea for refined cuisine and the mellow vibe. Don’t put my cruise at risk. I easily go elsewhere, and I will do so, if things don’t calm down. Over to you, Mr Conroy. Happy and healthy cruising!
  3. There is no way to make this flight. Getting off the ship once cleared and getting to the airport with check-in are all beyond your control. You had better take one after 11 am or the next day. About weather there are no guarantees so you have to go with the flow, if at all. Happy and healthy sailing!
  4. CaptF., Thank you for interceding with Silversea management regarding their children and baby cruise promotion. It would appear that this is at best a clumsy and badly executed diversion for us and a strong message to Silversea to be more thoughtful with what they are doing... At least they seem to get it, finally. Doing things right i.e. professionally the first time is not too much to ask! Let’s see what adjustments they put through, the sooner the better. Happy and healthy sailing!
  5. Lois, I am no expert on Silversea but I know Seabourn well enough to comment: the Seabourn staff and officers are more active, interesting, engaging-friendly in their service-delivery, can-do creative and always better supervised. It’s the style of Seabourn! The training works across their South African, Latin and eastern European staff in every department. Silversea’s uniformly Filipino staff are pleasant but more passive and less well and actively managed. Unlike Silversea, officers on Seabourn are always visible doing checks and participating in certain crew routines alongside them, while showing passengers their dedication to the product. You will see soon enough how Silversea “good” is taken to a new and very different level. Happy and healthy sailing!
  6. Silver Spectre said above that they found 311 cruises for kids on the Silversea website. Does any other luxury line choose to make such a grab for children? That’s my point. At first I was imagining and expecting a few Silversea cruises to be discounted so that their ships might get booked earlier during school holidays or summers when parents who want to cruise might want to bring kids. But 311? That’s a Royal Caribbean scope of a number. And I don’t know what the rationale might be for the babies offer... I tend to avoid cruises during summers and school holidays generally as I abhor ship pool areas being commandeered by children whose parents could care less about the impact on adults. Maybe on Royal Caribbean the kids mix works. But not for me at Silversea prices, and not if I had mistakenly or inadvertently and consequently foolishly booked one of those 311. It’s caveat emptor, public! Ridiculous. Happy and healthy sailing!
  7. TLCOhio, With all due respect... The Business101 text you mentiom hopefully has a section about the realities of risk management after the opening chapter on seeking out new business. You don’t surprise, annoy, fool or otherwise turn off your current main customer segment with a Royal Caribbean Line stack ‘em high and sell ‘em cheap, which is what they do to fill their kids club, skating rink, climbing wall and mega wave pool attractions ships all year ‘round. This smacks of foolishness. Does Silversea know or care about their current demographic? Who would risk their hard earned cash on a future cruise booking when you won’t know what you’re in for. When cruise lines sell lots of cabins to corporate incentive groups the vibe on the ship can change for the worse. It’s a group mentality thing where their numbers “entitle” them to crowd out others and monopolize facilities. Same with children as far as the older more sedate crowd is concerned. And on a ship without a kid’s club with pool, we have nothing at risk. Please! I will be wary of Silversea cruises going forward and trust other luxury lines with my money. I have never heard of its Seabourn, Crystal or Regent doing anything as reckless. It’s counterintuitive when you recall that Silversea has the most laissez-faire smoking policy and most formal, traditional dress code among the three which I would not think is conducive to family cruising. But if Silversea wants to become a Royal Caribbean for very wealthy young families who smoke and dress up, well, then it makes sense. Too crazy! Happy and healthy sailing!
  8. What is the price per day on all of these cruises in a middle of the road standard balcony cabin? Since both lines are booze inclusive and non tipping - with your expenses going towards laundry, spa treatments, hair salon and internet on Seabourn - you may well want to focus on this element of the value equation. Then there is the objective list of facilities on the ships which you may want; that list will be a subjective and personal matter. Happy and healthy sailing!
  9. Children and especially babies the new demographic of Silversea? And I am paying those prices, among the highest per day in the luxury segment, with 2 future cruise on Silversea. If this is its future, its future, with me in it is... NOT GONNA HAPPEN. Message to Silversea’s marketing department: Don’t start something you can’t stop. This is very foolish, for obvious reasons, unless these babies are very wealthy, very very numerous and have supremely engaged nannies to keep the dining rooms and deck areas calm and maintain a sophisticated ambience on the ships. Which, we all know, is NOT GONNA HAPPEN either. The message to the Silversea faithful: SPEAK UP. The world is crazy enough without someone messing around with what works well enough already! Happy and healthy sailing!
  10. No, I doubt anyone at Seabourn is trying to fool anyone. It’s more likely that Marketing doesn’t know what Scheduling is doing, strange as this timimg coincidence seems, and no one senior to both made a decision back in July to hold the July sale’s 15 August end-date until something like the end of August. Anyway, maybe Seabourn will run another sale event soon. But in any case, all that counts about cruise price quotes is what you pay per day for what you get if you were to book the cruise on the day. We like to book very early as we believe we get very good value, choice of cabins, and the feeling of satisfaction that goes with it. We have in past years seen cruises we had booked go “on sale” and when we checked with our TA we found we were still getting better value. I hope everyone finds something they like on or after Thursday. We have waited long enough already! Happy and healthy sailing!
  11. Yours seems like an especially spirited and resourceful Silversea cohort! Great photos and comments about the cuisine and tours in particular. I have been reading about your cruise daily. We join on 26 Aug and have not sailed on Cloud. Our only Silversea experience was on Whisper. One quick question: has anyone been using the pool? If it’s heated a bit I will give it a go. Happy and healthy sailing!
  12. I just heard from a Seabourn office that they expect the post Oct., 2020 itineraries on Thursday, 15 Aug. I’ll be checking the website. Woo hoo (finally). Happy and healthy sailing!
  13. Ok, then. For discussion purposes, how long do you think sunbeds should be left "claimed" but with no one seated there while the claimant is elsewhere? 20 minutes? 30 minutes? 45 minutes? 60 minutes? Remember that no one will be standing around with a stop watch. The idea is to give passengers the sense that there is a program in place that seeks equitable use of and access to sunloungers while giving those who claim them some time to use the pool area, away from the sunlounger they had been using earlier. Also, the time period gives deckstaff the time to notice when things go sloppy at their discretion, and can remove the stuff for a staging point on deck before it all goes to Seabourn Square's lost and found drawer. Happy and healthy sailing!
  14. How very fortunate you are! While I admit I did not have the pleasure of meeting you, I trust that you enjoyed yourself in the OB and will continue to do so. Happy and healthy sailing!
  15. Les Picantins, You did what you said a couple of weeks ago that you might do unless Seabourn released those itineraries for comparing with the Ponant cruise. Well done for staying the course! Sounds like a great itinerary with your friends. About Seabourn, I don’t remember when they had so little lead time before a new release. It’s now just over 14 months until the void apart from one Nov., 2020 crossing and the Jan., 2021 world cruise. C’mon already! Happy and healthy sailing!
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