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  1. We have two cabins booked for our upcoming cruise. We have a JS and an inside across the hall for the kids. I received an email for an upgrade for the JS, but not the inside cabin. Is there a way that I can bid for a cabin for the four of us? I had originally wanted to book a Grand Suite for the four of us, but none were available anytime I checked. Is it possible to bid for the two of us and just have the kids sleep in the cabin? Just trying to figure out what my options are. Thank you.
  2. I have been in contact with Sicily4you. They sent me a PayPal link for a deposit, but it was a friends and family link. How did you pay your deposit, if you don't mind sharing? Thanks
  3. Can you please share what tour company you used in Messina? We sail 11 August and haven't booked that tour yet.
  4. I hope they add this to Voyager. We are planning on snorkeling in the South Pacific and would love to schedule a blow out a couple of the nights to help tame my hot mess of hair after spending the day in the water.
  5. Those look amazing! Unfortunately, they don't fit with our school schedule. 😞
  6. I know exactly what I need to do now! Thank you everyone for your help.
  7. Thank you for this. If I buy my son a package before I make the reservations, will I be able to make a reservation for four without any extra charge for my daughter, who will not have a package? We have a 5 dinner package and will be booking each of the 5 restaurants on The Jade. Will the order of the ala carte or cover charge still matter?
  8. I will be making reservations for our upcoming cruise in a few weeks and want to make dining reservations for my family. DH and I have the SDP as one of our perks, and we will purchase a package for our son, 15, but not for our 6 year old that eats like a bird, and is perfectly happy eating from the kids menu. Will I be able to make, and not be charged for our daughter since she will be eating off the kids menu? Do I need to purchase the package for my son before I make the reservations?
  9. Thank you for this explanation. I have used this TA in the past and had a good experience, but for this cruise and another one I have booked I haven't been all that happy with his service, and for our next cruise I will most likely use someone else.
  10. No booked with one of the "big" US travel agency using my US credit card and address.
  11. Yes, he is the Travel Agent. Charge was the exact total, but I was surprised that the cruise line wasn't charged the full amount. And if anyone could give me some insight as to why. 🙂
  12. I made our final payment for our cruise a few days ago. I noticed on my credit card that he billed RCCL about 90% and the agency had about 10% charge. I also have an invoice that says PIF. Does anyone know why? I am going to send him an email, but I want to know if anyone knows why this may of happened before I email him.
  13. Because I live in Germany and only can I Johnny Rockets if I go to the States. I CAN'T wait. 🙂 BTW, I will be eating plenty of the "International Cuisine" too. 😉
  14. I almost booked this hotel, but decided to check the reviews on TA, and after reading the reviews I decided against it. Hopefully, someone can point me in the right direction. 🙂
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