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  1. Still no refund. We canceled on 3/15 for Grandeur cruise for 3/27/20. I check a few times daily on the credit card and nothing so far.
  2. We also canceled on 3/15 for a cruise departing on 3/27/20 - Grandeur of the Seas. And we also got the email that our dinner plans for the MTD was canceled. What gives?
  3. I also spoke to an Allianz rep. This is what she also told me. However, I could not do this thru email. I have an old computer. So she said to send the request via regular mail with a letter stating that my cruise had been canceled. Also attached a copy of this letter which shows that your cruise was canceled due to the corona virus. Include in the letter your policy # and your travel dates.I said that I was requesting a full refund of the premium. She said I would be getting a full refund to my credit card. That was 3/16. As of today 3/25 I have NOT received the credit to my cc. They are probably super busy. Allianz - Sales Support P.O. 72031 Richmond,VA 23255
  4. I also have Allianz. I was not able to do it online. So the Allianz rep walked me through the process of doing it by mail. She said I will get a full refund credited to my charge card. It may take 7-10 days after they receive my request.
  5. Yes, I realize that it would take 30 days. But I thought they would have sent an email to confirm that I requested a refund.
  6. I did go online 3/15 and requested the cash refund for this cruise. Still no email from RCL saying it was done. Don't know how long it will take.
  7. Did anyone take the cash refund on RC? If so, was it easy to do? Did you call RC or did you do it through the email they sent?
  8. We are also on the same Carnival Sunrise cruise as you. May 25 out of NYC. We are in our early 70s in pretty good health. March 27, 2020 we have another cruise from Baltimore for 8 days on the Grandeur OTS. Still have not canceled this one. With both of these cruises we drive to the port or take a bus. Waiting to see what develops. We also have a cruise in October RT from Venice with Celebrity. It's a ways off. So we are not panicking about this cruise.
  9. Does anyone know what we can bring through the security scanners in Baltimore. Thinking about bring water and soda. I know we can bring wine. A few years ago when we went through Baltimore, the port security was very picky on this stuff. We are sailing on the Grandeur OTS.
  10. Need info on the ATVO Express Bus from the airport to Piazzale Roma. Can you buy bus tickets in the airport. If so, where in the airport, are there machines to get the tickets, and how much (euros) will it be for two, and where will the bus be located. We will be going to Piazzale Roma to get to the People Mover to the cruise port. We have done from the cruise port via bus to the airport in the past. Now we need to know how to get from VCE to Piazzle Roma to get to the ship. Thanks for any info.
  11. We only have a flip phone between the two of us. We are old school. So I'll look into other options.
  12. We don't use Uber or Lyft. So what else could we use. Thanks for any info.
  13. Any other options besides Uber to get from Cape Liberty to EWR.
  14. We will be in Nassau March 30, 2020 on the Grandeur OTS. We have been to Cabbage Beach a few times some years ago. Not sure if we want to go there again. Now we are looking at Goodman's Bay or Saunder's Bay. Any info on these beaches would be most helpful. Also if we go to Goodman's or Saunder's we would like to take the #10 bus. Any info on where to get the bus would be helpful too. Also what is the fare for seniors on the bus? Do we need exact change for the bus? Any new updates on Cabbage Beach.
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