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  1. We recently got off a cruise to the southern Caribbean on the Summit. The cruise was very enjoyable. While on-board we booked a future cruise. We decided on the NRD because the total price was almost $1000 cheaper and we were only putting $100 per person down. I was asked to sign a paper understanding that the deposit was non refundable, but there was more to the deal than the deposit. Any money that I pay towards the cruise above the deposit will be given back as Future Cruise Credit, it won't be put back on my credit card. So if I cancel before the final payment and I've paid $1000 towards the cruise in total, $200 will be forfeited as the deposit and the $800 balance will be given as FCC. This was a surprise to me. I don't see anything like this on the cruise website when I do mock bookings. Needless to say, I won't be paying anything but the deposit until the final payment is due.
  2. We are sailing on the Summit on Feb 15th. Is Qsine completely gone? Does the LPC play every night in place of Qsine?
  3. I don't see the option to upgrade on my cruise planner today. It was there yesterday when I upgraded. I don't know if I don't see it, because I already upgraded or if it's no longer available. I paid $75.60 for the week to upgrade from Classic to Premium package.
  4. My husband and I are cruising in less than 3 weeks on the Summit. We have the Classic Beverage package as a perk. When I log into my account there is a promotion of 10% off the upgrade to the premium package. We always upgrade, but usually we do it on board. The 10% off price that is showing is $10.80 per day. I thought that was the normal price? Am I confused? Is $10.80 per person per day a discount? Thank you.
  5. Since you are onboard right now. Can you tell me if the MDR has an evening with Lobster and Beef Wellington? I don't see it on the phone app for the week of Feb 15th when we cruise next month. Thank you.
  6. We are sailing on the Summit next month - 2/15. I was checking out the menus on the Celebrity phone app. I don't see lobster on any of the nights at the MDR. Has anyone sailed recently on the Summit to know if Lobster tail is still served in the MDR? It used to be on the last Chic Evening. Thank you.
  7. I rebooked our Feb 2021 Apex cruise this morning. With the Black Friday sale we saved $540, got 3 perks instead of 2 and additional $200 OBC. For us it was great savings.
  8. The couple we are travelling with has booked flight reservations through Celebrity Air. They found flights yesterday for about 1/2 as much through Southwest. The cruise isn't until next February, so final payment is a few months away. Can they cancel just the Air portion of their reservations?
  9. We have a family group sailing next February aboard the Summit out of San Juan to the ABC islands. It already seems to be a fairly full cruise. The only categories left right now are Veranda and below. All the upper categories are sold out. It also seems that because of demand, the prices are pretty high. One of our family members will be sailing solo. Right now if she books as a single in an inside cabin it's over $1700.00. She is thinking of holding out until after final payment and trying to get a cheaper rate. Should she be concerned that the cruise will be sold out before and after final payment? Should she take what she can get now or is waiting until after final payment a good strategy? Thanks for your opinions.
  10. We cruised in February on the Equinox. We had a large group. Some of us had purchased a 2 dinner, 1 lunch package before we boarded. It was $100. When the members of our group that hadn't purchased the package before hand, wanted to dine, they were offered the same deal. They called it the "Flash Sale". I guess you can always ask for the "Flash Sale" package and see if they give it to you. We did Murano and Tuscan Grill for dinner and Sushi on 5 for the lunch. It was great. We also had offers to dine at Silk Harvest for $30 per person while onboard but we declined.
  11. Since you are still on the Equinox, I might suggest the Roasted Rib Eye Steak in the Tuscan Grill. We sailed in the Equinox in February and 3 of us had it when we dined there. Each of us said, it was the best steak we'd ever had. Unfortunately we had filled up on appetizers and no one could finish the steak. Of course they wouldn't give us a doggie bag. Makes my mouth water to think of it. Enjoy your cruise.
  12. We participated several years ago. It was our 25 anniversary cruise. We actually won the game and were given a dinner in a specialty restaurant. The only question that bothered me was when they asked my husband my bra size. I don't remember if he got it right, but it wasn't something I needed everyone else in the audience knowing. I think I would pass if I were given the opportunity again. It was fun, but once is enough.
  13. Thank you. I think we will be fine, but our relatives travelling with us may have to change. They are bringing along their 8 year old on both cruises. It hasn't been a problem in the past, but it looks like they will have to pick different rooms. They have booked the mirror rooms to ours.
  14. We have two upcoming cruises on the Summit. We have chosen outside aft cabins on both cruises because of the extra space these particular cabins have. One cruise we have 7003 and the other we have reserved 8002. Both of these cruises are scheduled for after the dry dock and "Edgification" of the ship. Does anyone know if the cabin layouts and size remain the same after the upgrade? I've tried to view the deck plans on the Celebrity website, but they only go through April 20, 2019. I'm hoping the extra room these cabins afford does not change. Any insight?
  15. Yes, there are changing rooms, food, drinks etc. I think they have snorkel equipment rentals too.
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