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  1. Thanks for all your replies. We are talking deposits only. With Princess. Have to make up our mind today. Thanks Zanny
  2. Hi All. What is the best way to go for cancelled princess cruise. Take the future cruise credits or refunds. Can the fcc be used on any cruises and on specials. Does anyone know if there is terms and conditions connected to using them. Can 1 person from the couple use all of them or does it have to be used by both people from the orignal booking. Hoping someone can answer these few queries Regards Zanny
  3. Hi. Well thats a relief for me as our cruise was Oct 26th out of Adelaide to N.Z. for 17 nights No more stressing regarding final payments etc.Guess travel agent will email news in due course.Dont know why they never made it until end of year.And the gov. havent yet made their descission to extend the band .but they have no other choice imo. Regards Zanny
  4. Hi Just letting you know i rang T.A. she do ubts that the cruise will be going ahead fin al payment due Aug. 15th now. As it was a group tour booking i know they like to get the money in before final day I am happy with another 25 days as i am almost sure an announcement will be made before that date.Thans for all replies so far. Regards Zanny
  5. Hi Don I wonder when that news will filter through to everyone. I cant see cruises etc being allowed if every one has to go into a hotel on arrival. I know the gov says no travel at present . I think we will lose our depsits if we dont payfor the final payment this keeps me awake at night lol. Regards Zanny Thanks for all replies so far
  6. Hi Was juat wondering if any one has any idea whether the Aust Gov are going to extend the cruise ship ban past Sept 17th. I have a pincess cruise booked from Adelaide 17nights Mel and N..Z. End of Oct and TA wants fna l payment Jultv31st its already been pushed back from July 10th. I cant see the cruise goung ahead even if it did. I dont want to be hit with a $3000 pp bill to quaratine in a hotel when we arrive home Any thoughts Regards Zanny
  7. Dillpickle 48. Just ti clear it up it did give a date of 17th Sept. Just google it and you will see. Any way i think tha t eill probably get changed to later in the year anyway Zanny
  8. I have a cruise on Sapphire to N.Z. from Adelaide booked late Oct final payment due early July hope the travel agent extends final payment i cant really even see my cruise going ahead.Regards Zanny
  9. Hi Just heard that cruise ships wont be able to come to Australia until after mid Sept.Just wondering your thoughts.Has any one got a cruise booked before this time. Regards Zanny
  10. Hi Can some one tell me what currency would be used on board .We are going on a 17 NIGHT cruise from Adelaide return on Sapphire Princess in Oct this year.to New Zealand.when we booked I thought that all Princess cruises that depart and return to Australia would use Aust dollars Regards Zanny
  11. Hi I was in Taurunga over night last Sat and all day Sunday on the Celebrity Soltice and yes there is a tour to Waiotapu and Whakarewarewa 7.5 hrs $189 n.z. that is in the brouchure that can be done at the dock just as you go out. You must get there early as they book out by 10 I was told.i never did a tour as we are going on a cruise in Oct again to N.Z. and I wanted all the info. There is another company too it is $199 N.Z. that does that tour goes bfor 7.5 hrs as well. I don't think I can mention the companies on here. Hope this helps. Also lots if tours in Dunedin at Port Charmlers terminal. Hope this helps Regards Zanny
  12. Hi yes that is the water the ships water. Not the Commercial bottled water you buy on the ship Regards Zanny
  13. Hi Can some one tell me if you can fill up your own water bottle on the ship and take it with you when you go off the ship in the ports in New Zealand. Regards Zanny
  14. Zanny here thanks for your replies.Half of the the battle is keeping the case of under 23kg when already know weighs 4.4kg empty although it is a big case.i 'l LIKE the ships with self serve laundry mainly for the iron.i tried rolling my clothes once they were all creased when got onboard will fold them and ho p e for best Regards Zanny
  15. Hi Was just wondering on a 13 night cruise to dinner at night would women wear the same tops pants etc. Or do you have different tops etc and only wear once. Also for day wear on ship.trying to cut down on my packing We are going on celebrity soltice and no guest laundry. I don't like creased c mother but have no choice I am not going to pay to get them pressed Regards Zanny
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