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  1. JUST got off of the Azamara Journey and waiting for our flight out of Heathrow. It was our first experience on Azamara. We are still evaluating and comparing the two lines, but our general thoughts are “What a difference”. Some things are due to the ship’s size. The embarkation was a breeze. The debark......unbelievable! Our overall feeling was a relaxed atmosphere, NO loud music or announcements and not all the shoving or pushing for a place in line or elsewhere. The food was much better and the crew and officers were helpful and cheerful, as we have found the Celebrity crew to be. We were not always getting out the Sea Pass Card. I only used it to get into my cabin. The shows are not big production shows, but we enjoyed them. Actually, we enjoyed them more than the “new” Celibrity shows that they have produced themselves. We could always get a drink. Servers were always there. As we commented to another couple “this is how cruising used to be”. The pricing is not much more than Celebrity if you keep checking prices. For us the relief, as we left the ship, was surprising. We walked off when ready, no mad dash. Luggage was right there. Exit. There were cabs lined up, waiting. No rush. There was no “bad taste” trying to get off the ship, get luggage, clear customs get a cab......please....... It was a wonderful way to end a cruise.
  2. Libraries are being eliminated. If you want to hold a book and read the paper product bring your own. Hopefully there will still be a place for people to swap books during a cruise. I have found some “new” authors this way.
  3. We also prefer coffee with our dessert. Our family from South Jersey always had coffee with dessert. They once commented to me that above the Raritan River (Central/North Jersey) it was impossible to get coffee with dessert. It was always served after. Interesting. Guess it depends on where you live. Bottom line....your cruise, your choice.
  4. We have never had a problem getting distilled water or an extension cord in our cabin. We always request it through special needs. Sometimes the cabin steward has not gotten the request (?), but by the time we go to bed all is well. Our only problem that we have found with CPAP travel and cruising is that we always carry an extension cord with the machine. Many times we need it in a hotel room. When we fly in a day or two early for our cruise we have used it many times. We have found that now when we get on the ship it is confiscated. They do try to get it back to you after the cruise. However on back to backs it can get lost in the process. Don’t take one you don’t want to lose! Our last cruise when we picked it up from Security on the way off of the ship we were told NOT to bring on on board again. Not very helpful.
  5. The body lotion is poor. Thin and watery.
  6. While the lack of a footstool should not particularly make or break a cruise it does impact my cruise. I like to sit on my balcony to read or just watch the ocean. Because of back problems I NEED something to elevate my feet. It’s just how it works for me. The lack of footstool is another disappointment in the “revolution” for me. This is just one more “little” thing. It adds to our consideration in booking new cruises. More cost, less amenities. The thought of packing an inflatable beach ball is not in the part of the plus column when I plan a cruise.
  7. Thanks so much! We’re lookinging forward to trying the restaurants. Your comments have been extremely helpful. Especially the Tips for Azamara Newbies.
  8. We usually cruise Celebrity, but have decided to “move on” to something smaller and more personal. That said, we are taking our first Azamara cruise in August on the Journey. I have been reading the boards here in preparation and have found so much helpful information to help us plan for our trip. This particular conversation and the responses makes me think we have chosen well. We are looking forward to our cruise and are grateful for all the tips and comments we have found.
  9. Good luck. I think you’ll be very pleased with them. Enjoy your trip!
  10. I asked Miles for a card when he dropped it off. I always try to keep track of the good ones! Enjoy your trip.
  11. We decided to stay a few days in Dublin after our cruise. From what I had read taxi’s would be difficult to get so we decided on a private Car. Dublin is a busy working port. Traffic is heavy and slow. They are not really set up for cruise ships. We made reservations with LfL. They do transfers, tours and golf. Yes, golf. It’s Ireland. This was the BEST decision we ever made! When we got off of the ship and found our bags we found the “private transport” sign and followed it out to find our driver. I happened to look over at the taxi line. Think of the OV buffet crowd and add luggage. It was bad. Cabs were only coming in one at a time. Slowly. The line really was not moving. Our driver found us and literally shouldered his way through the crowd with our luggage and across the parking lot. The cars are not allowed into the passenger area and on this day it was a walk across the macadamed lot. A black Ford SUV (?) was waiting. The vehicle was clean and comfortable. Miles loaded us and then our luggage, gave us bottled water and we were off. He answered questions and gave us suggestions and insight for our days in Dublin. Miles was professional, well dressed and well spoken. He also handled the traffic well! We were on a Celebrity cruise and I believe that the contract with the port expires. Next year is the last for the port of Dublin unless things change. If you do disembark in Dublin consider a private transfer. It will improve your holiday experience.
  12. Just back from our transatlantic on the Reflection. We stayed on for the next cruise that included ports in Ireland and Iceland. Fantastic ports! Great cruise. Great crew. As usual the crew was helpful, cheerful and doing a great job. We had fixed dining and it was slow some evenings. Up to 40 minutes one night between appetizer and main course. NOT our servers fault. Staff in the dining room is stretched thin and with plenty of time to observe things during our meal we were, as usual, impressed by them. It would help if when dinner is scheduled at 6 the passengers would be there close to 6 p.m. One night a couple(always late), at a table for 6, showed up at 6:55 p.m. THEY LET THEM IN! All our meals were disjointed as our servers tried to accommodate the late arrivals. Not fair to paying guests, especially not fair to the servers. They manage to serve lots of guests, all at once, as they dance through those tables. We had breakfast a few times in the dining room and watched again, how well they do their job. A big problem (only my opinion) is the “suits”. Most of the staff know what they are doing and how best to do it. One Example: a table for 4 and a table for 2 were to be seated for breakfast. The waiter takes the 4 to their table, seats them and turns to seat the 2. A “Suit” literally sweeps in and waves him away to seat 2 other people that had come in later. Now there are no tables for 2 except the ones covered, not to be used until later. The waiter hesitates, goes to the table, removes the napkins covering the place settings and seats the original 2. Then he has to get the rest of the breakfast set ups. Salt, pepper, creamer, butter. There were seats on the other side of the dining room that the “new 2” could have been seated at. Why make the extra work for these guys? Was the “Suit” trying to impress or make someone happy? 🙄 We enjoyed the ports on this cruise. Iceland was great. Cold and snow with whiteout conditions going in and out the one day. Really interesting. One problem we noticed on the ship during the cold, rainy or snowy days was seating. There was no place to sit and read or just talk some days. The lounges were either busy or full. Seating was at a premium. There was no common space available. On a few occasions I went back to the cabin. If I had an inside cabin I might have been more unhappy. I’m wondering how this will work when the new cabins are added. The Card Room, The Hideaway and the Library were almost always full all of the time. I know this varies by cruise, but on this cruise the Card Room, was almost always full every day. Lots of games being played as well as cards. This was all in addition to the Card players in the OV, Solarium and the lounges. Even the Ensemble Lounge that was a “quiet area”. That was interesting. One day a guy held a 35 minute FaceTime business meeting in there. 😏 The music on the ship is still loud in some places. One couple and our table of 4 finally left Cafe al Bacio one evening because we couldn’t talk. Too loud.
  13. I agree so much with the OP. It’s the “little things” that make the difference. If my cocktail sauce is watered down ketchup one night and my French Toast has no syrup the next morning I’m going to be disappointed. If I can’t get the adult beverage of my choice once or maybe twice it’s OK, but as has happened to us, it is not unusual on many sailings. Now I’m going from disappointed to annoyed. I planned for this trip and saved for this trip. Could they plan a bit better? Do they care to plan better? As for the loud music, if you can’t talk to the person next to you or carry on a conversation, there is a problem. A few months ago we were on Reflection and I had to go to Guest Relations. The DJ had arrived in the Atrium. I had been speaking to the girl at the desk and had to start shouting. When she spoke I COULD NOT hear her. We had finished and between songs I asked why it had to be so loud. She said that “they like the upbeat vibe through the ship”. Really? We have enjoyed Celebrity and we have lowered our expectations. We have also begun to sail other lines.
  14. We did the Transatlantic crossing with NSO and Anthony Inglis in 2017. As an American I had to ask what the heck a “Prom” was. We enjoyed two nights of the NSO on that trip. The first night was dedicated to American music (with special respect given to 9/11, when we were sailing) and the second evening was given to British music. Fantastic evenings. The theater was packed each evening. We still talk about that cruise and the experience of the NSO and Anthony Inglis who appeared to be having the time of his life on the stage each evening. Wonderful experience! We are planning to do another.
  15. Foot rests to sit on while you eat on your balcony. How comfortable. NOT! At the price of the cabin and lack of comfort I am seriously reconsidering. We cruise to relax and see the world. A balcony cabin or a suite are our way of enjoying ourselves with the ability to “remove” ourselves if we want quiet. The furnishings don’t look all that comfy and the pictures on the recent “edgification” of the Summit cabin reminds me of an office break room. Open shelves, small refrigerator, bland colors. It’s like paying for the Ritz and staying in a Motel 6. Really disappointing.
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