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  1. er345

    Ultimate Abyss

    Sleeves are most definitely recommended! I was one that got a terrible burn on the back of my arm from wearing short sleeves. This has nothing to do with elbows being out. I was holding the straps properly with elbows in. But the mat tilted up one side and I ended up on my left side. I got a 5 inch burn right below my shirt sleeve. My arm was in constant pain for a week. I had to be treated at medical on board. I still have a good size scab now, 10 days later. So as I posted on another thread. Be safe and have fun.
  2. er345

    Giving beverage package as a gift

    I think it’s best to let her know in advance. She will appreciate it and know she has that to look forward to. Just have her use your credit card through her cruise planner for this purchase. And I don’t think you have to buy a soda package for your son. I’m pretty sure you only have to buy for people over 21 in the same cabin.
  3. I never did get to see him last week. I looked and looked. Friends finally saw him and got pictures on the last day.
  4. er345

    RCCL cancelled cruise--SO MAD

    Wow, I am so sorry to hear your story! To have booked so far in advance and have this happen is crushing news. I sincerely hope you find alternative plans for a vacation together.
  5. er345

    Best Zip Lines in Alaska?

    Doing a search for ziplines in Skagway. I thought if I bumped this up we might get some feedback. I’m trying to decide between the Grizzly Falls tour or the Adventure Park and ziplines through Royal Caribbean. The Adventure Park tour costs less and is a shorter duration. I’m guessing it’s because Grizzly Falls takes longer to get to. Grizzly Falls advertises 11 lines and the other has 6 with a bridge/ropes course. We have done several ropes courses and in my experience the zip lines at these places are shorter. Anyone have experience with either tour?
  6. er345

    Taking food on at embarkation

    I like your thinking. I bought some chocolate bars in Miami to bring onboard so I could get my chocolate fix. Then I was surprised to find I didn’t even touch them all week. But if I didn’t have them I probably would have been wishing for them.
  7. I would be sad to see Vintages go away. It was one of my favorite spots on Symphony. The bartenders were great about finding wines to meet our tastes that fit in the beverage package. However after trying a $16 a glass wine that I loved, I didn’t mind spending the extra $3.54 per glass. The tapas they serve are from Jamie’s restaurant. It’s a great way to try some fantastic apps at a reasonable $4 each. Twice we made a dinner out of a nice mix of these. Still less $ than reservations at Jamie’s. Also since the bar service in the MDR is slow, we always stopped by Vintages on our way to dinner to bring our wine. Better selection at Vintages.
  8. Thank you for all of the gorgeous photos.
  9. Some of the bartenders told us there was. This came up when several of us were getting drinks at the same time. They would say you can’t get another drink on this card because it was just swiped and we would explain it was to go on a different card. I do not know the “official “ time between drinks. Another in our group thought it was 15 minutes. It also came up again when a friend ordered a drink and took one sip and hated it. She was going to wait the time limit to order another one, but I assured her if she explained she wasn’t going to drink that one, they would make her another. And they did. I could have have sworn I’ve read on other threads that with the deluxe beverage package they put the time factor in to prevent you from buying consecutive drinks and giving them to friends. The old sharing one package topic.
  10. The way we handled this was to switch sea pass cards. I had my wow band and my husband’s sea pass card, he had his wow band and my sea pass card. That way we could bring a drink for our spouse. I was out and about earlier and more often than DH and would bring back drinks for us to share on the balcony. It was also helpful at the pool deck when we would take turns getting drinks. And before the drink police get on my case this was not so we could get 2 drinks at a time for ourselves. The time limit still applies so if he got a drink with my card then I couldn’t use my wow band until the time limit has passed.
  11. We were just on Symphony last week and it was our 5th Caribbean cruise but the 1st one with no plans. We just wanted to relax. We did plan to at least get off and look around St. Thomas, but then I wasn’t feeling great and it turned into a nap day. We did exit the ship for about 90 minutes in St. Kitts just to pick up souvenirs. It was very freeing to not have plans and to not feel guilty about staying onboard. I don’t feel like we missed out on anything. I was a bit surprised at how many people stayed on the ship. On the big ships there just isn’t enough time to do everything even staying on all week. The ship was our destination this time. Our next cruise is to Alaska so we plan to visit the ports because that’s why we are going. But we picked an itinerary with 3 sea days and 3 port days which is just about right for our family.
  12. er345

    Oasis of the Seas

    Central Park and the aquatheater shows.
  13. I completely agree! I started to keep track the first few days but then it got to be too much. I was surprised how quickly it added up and by day 3 we were so far ahead that I knew it was well worth it and gave up trying to keep tabs.
  14. Last week it was $70 a day if you bought it onboard. I did see the 10 drink card advertised at bars at the end of the week. I think they were $85. My husband and I commented that they would only pay off if used for the $13 drinks as the drink of the day was always about $8 and beer was less than that.
  15. Not trying to lecture here, but if you have packed anything long sleeved like a rash guard swim shirt, think about wearing it on the Abyss. In a short sleeve shirt the odds are you will get to the bottom unscathed. And it is a fun ride. But after my incident our friends did carry up long sleeve t shirts just to wear while going down the slide. I have to tell you the burn I got on my arm from the slide got worse every day. Day 1 it felt like a sunburn. I applied aloe every day. Two days later it got nasty and I was in constant pain. I should have gone to medical but I thought I could get though it. By day 3 it was excruciating to have anything touch it. So I did show up to medical to be the first in line at 8:00 am. I was happy to find out there was no charge because I was injured on the slide and just had to fill out a report. They treated me and wrapped my arm in gauze which helped a lot. They even called later that day to check on me. I blame myself and not the ship, but I can’t stress enough how much this impacted the rest of my trip. So be safe and enjoy.