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  1. After reading about the magnetic hooks here on CC, I used them for the first time this spring. I only wished I had packed more. They were so useful, I bought another set for the next cruise. I also packed tea tea lights based on recommendations here, but never used those. I think I will pass on those for future trips.
  2. Thank you so much for looking into the Escape Room and getting us info on this! I will make sure that is the first thing I try to reserve. I’m also glad to hear that I will get to see the fabulous cast on our 8/23 sailing. Looking forward to the shows.
  3. Definitely time for a new suitcase. Looking forward to reading this entertaining review. As an obsessed cruise planner with a DH who really doesn’t care that the beverage package dropped in price etc. I can relate to this.
  4. Thanks for the input. I agree, I think it will be overwhelming to try and squeeze in enough specialty dining to justify the unlimited package. I saw the price drop and had a momentary FOMO. Also I meant to say the kids will be on their own if we get into CK. Somehow it turned into key when I was typing and we definitely don’t have the key.
  5. Ours also went on sale today for $175. I’m torn. I already have the 4 night package for 4 of us, purchased at $100 each. We are on a 7 night Alaskan cruise on Ovation. There are 4 specialty restaurants so I planned to try and get reservations for each one. I also booked the Solarium for one night. If I am lucky I will get a CK reservation for one night with our Junior Suite. (If we get that DH and I will enjoy a nice evening there and the key ds are on there own.) So I can’t seem to justify upgrading for possible lunches on 3 days and only one extra dinner. Is there something I’m not thinking about that would make me want to upgrade? I don’t think Ovation has a Playmakers and I know it can’t be used in Vintages.
  6. If it works like the other dining packages, the gratuities are built into the price. When I bought the 4 night dining package there was nothing added at check out for gratuities like they do on the beverage package.
  7. Well that helps with my memory. We did the chef’s table about 10 years ago and I couldn’t remember if it was on Independence or Freedom. But ours was in a very nice private room, so it couldn’t have been Freedom. It was outstanding! I would very much like to do that again when it’s just DH and I.
  8. Hoopster, thank you so much for the beautiful pictures! And we have been curious about the entertainment so I’m happy to hear about the new show. I love the steampunk vibe. I’m glad there is something else worth seeing in addition to Pixels.
  9. I bought VOOM for a second device thinking my teens could use it to text us onboard. Now I’m reconsidering. I’ll have to find out how the Royal IQ messaging works and maybe use that. I hate to pay for VOOM that won’t work.
  10. Thank you so much for replying! We did the Escape Room on Symphony and had a lot of fun. This is something I’m really looking forward to since my teenagers will be with us on Ovation. Also thanks for the heads up on where to register.
  11. Bumping this up to check if the Ovation does in fact still have it’s Escape room operational? The most recent compass I can find online doesn’t seem to mention it anywhere. I would think if it’s a dedicated room they haven’t turned it into something else. On Symphony we were able to book it ahead of time. Has anyone on the Alaskan itineraries had this show up in their activities section? Edited to add apologies. I did a search for Ovation and escape room and didn’t realize this was in the Australia forum. So my question about Alaska doesn’t really apply. However if someone who recently sailed Ovation in Australia has done the Escape Room that would be good to know. Thanks.
  12. Molly, it does sound like a typical case of RCI implementing something new and the actual ship’s crew not getting the memo.
  13. In the cruise planner the description does say, “For one low price, you can enjoy multiple entrees ......” So you did read that somewhere.
  14. I totally agree that the pizza is better than expected after reading on CC that it tasted like cardboard etc. It seemed to be universally panned as terrible to mediocre at best a couple of years ago. I thought the pizza on Symphony was very good - enough for many repeat trips! I am happy to hear this may be a fleet wide upgrade.
  15. To answer the question “Does this bother anyone else?”, yes it does. It bothers me a little. I have read many bad reviews and second guessed myself on booking her for August to see Alaska. I booked Ovation specifically for the ship. I was willing to do a shorter Alaskan itinerary because I thought my teens would really enjoy the sea days on Ovation. I am am trying to be positive because it does seem like many bad reviews are from people who seem grumpy about everything. People who let all the little things bother them enough to ruin a whole vacation probably aren’t going to enjoy any big ship. Also it seems many people could not adjust to the culture of where the ship was sailing. I am excited about finally reading reviews from Alaska in the next few weeks, which should give us a much better idea of what to expect.
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