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  1. foxgoodrich

    Hey no more wine packages on RCI?

    Others may have had different experiences, but we have never been charged a corkage fee when we take a bottle of wine to the dining room. We bring wine aboard on every cruise. We open the bottle in the cabin before going to the MDR, so it's already open - all we need are glasses, which our wait teams have always supplied without charging a corkage fee. If we don't finish the bottle, they keep it for us for the next night. (We always bring a corkscrew to use in our cabin, but if you don't, your cabin steward or any bartender can supply one.) We are D+, but we've never sailed Grandeur, so I can't say for certain your experience would be the same as it's a different ship than the ones I've experienced. I hope it works for you - Have a great cruise and enjoy your wine! Judy
  2. foxgoodrich

    Favorite dessert

    My favorite is the Grand Marnier soufflé with the warm cream sauce. Oh yum! :D Judy
  3. foxgoodrich

    Cold Fruit Soup?

    I loved all but one of the chilled fruit soups. My fave was the Roasted Peach chilled soup - loved that one the best! The strawberry bisque was also very good. The only one I really did not like was Raspberry/Watermelon. I tried it once, and to me it tasted like kerosene smells.:eek: I will miss them...:( (well...except for the Raspberry Watermelon one) :(Judy
  4. foxgoodrich

    More fake service dog nonsense

    Welcome to Cruise Critic, and please know you are not alone. Judy
  5. foxgoodrich

    Another RC glitch, imagine that

    You are very very very wise...and your mantra is right on :D! Judy
  6. foxgoodrich

    More fake service dog nonsense

    It's certainly been my experience, and probably the experience of others here on CC. For example, just today you have posted 6 photos of your dog here on a cruise chat website. You've posted hundreds of photos of your dog here over the years. (Who else does that?) While I enjoy reading many of your posts about your cruises and your cruise experiences, I really have no interest in seeing your dog's photos posted on multiple threads here on Cruise Critic. I suspect there are others who may feel the same. Maybe there is a chat board about tiny dogs somewhere where you could share your doggie pics to a more receptive audience? Judy
  7. foxgoodrich

    More fake service dog nonsense

    I have to agree. I still believe these people use their little dogs to get attention from others. They will always find a way to show you their dog. They seem determined to force others to look at their dogs in the little outfits. :eek: Judy
  8. foxgoodrich

    More fake service dog nonsense

    We are all just one accident away from a serious disability that might require a service dog. I promise that if I ever see you struggling, with your service dog failing to assist you properly due to the distraction of a yipping pet dressed up and riding in a stroller, I will complain. You don't have to reciprocate. Judy
  9. foxgoodrich

    More fake service dog nonsense

    You certainly DO have the right to be upset. And the right to complain. Corporate policy is NOT to let pets onboard. Corporate policy only recognizes and exempts service dogs working for individuals who are blind, deaf, or physically disabled. Corporate policy upholds the ADA. The problem is that the corporation that DOES NOT FOLLOW its own policy. The pets they are allowing onboard could cause real HARM to people who use legitimate service dogs by distracting them from their work. We should all complain. Judy
  10. foxgoodrich

    More fake service dog nonsense

    Hi Carol! We haven't run into you in ages, but it's nice to 'see' you here. Buz says he thinks he could build a fine slingshot that would be ever so much fun...:D Judy
  11. foxgoodrich

    More fake service dog nonsense

    PLEASE do! And be sure to ask them exactly what work or tasks their service dog is trained to do. I once told another kind of entitled fool in the DL what I thought when he bragged about always booking a HC accessible cabin because they are so roomy. I told him that I was unaware that stupidity was now recognized as a disability.;) (I'd probably say the same thing to the lady with Barbie the Yorkie.) Judy
  12. foxgoodrich

    More fake service dog nonsense

    The ADA allows two questions to be asked by covered entities. And these questions should always be asked! 1. Is your dog a service animal that is required due to a disability? 2. What work and/or tasks is your dog trained to perform? ADA does not exempt service animals from local, county, city, or state animal control or public health requirements, so you can ask questions about the dog's local license or tag (if required), registration (if required), and vaccination status, and you can ask for proof of adherence to those local requirements. Emotional support animals, therapy animals, comfort animals, purse accessory dogs (Sorry, Lisa Vanderpump...that would be Giggy, even though he's adorable..;)), and companion animals are neither recognized nor protected by ADA. Only service dogs, and (I know...it sounds crazy...but it's true) miniature horses 34" or less in height. That's it. Only dogs and miniature horses. (No comfort cheetah, no PTSD tarantula, no therapy iguana, not even an emotional support kitty cat.) And there is this important caveat: The ADA does not require covered entities to modify policies, practices, or procedures if it would “fundamentally alter” the nature of the goods, services, programs, or activities provided to the public. Nor does it overrule legitimate safety requirements. If admitting service animals would fundamentally alter the nature of a service or program, service animals may be prohibited. In addition, if a particular service animal is out of control and the handler does not take effective action to control it, or if it is not housebroken, that animal may be excluded. Under ADA, the owner of the service animal is fully responsible for its care,n feeding, supervision, control, and hygiene. Remember, the ADA is really civil rights legislation. It simply gives people with disabilities the same access everybody else has to government programs and services and to public accommodations by requiring 'reasonable accommodation for the person with the disability. They don't get MORE access, just EQUAL access. ADA just aims to be fair. And here's another BIG problem with fake service dogs that's much more important than all of our cruise quality issues due to fake service dog misbehavior. We may feel irritation/inconvenience/disturbance/gross-outed-ness when fake service dogs act up and interfere with our enjoyment of our cruise, but a disabled person's REAL service dog could be distracted by the behavior of the fake dog and might not perform his duty for the disabled person as needed. Sometimes this might be inconvenient for the person with a disability, but sometimes (depending on the disability and the dog's task) it could be a matter of life and death. This is REAL. A real service dog would never bark at another dog. But a fake service dog's barking could distract the real service dog from doing his job. So these selfish people with their fake service dogs could actually do HARM to a person with a legit disability. Sucks, doesn't it! So here's the deal - Aren't there others here who might want to make a difference? If we want to do something about fake service dogs on ships, we MUST speak up. We MUST COMPLAIN. REPEATEDLY. We must complain about: dog waste in unauthorized areas, barking dogs, people walking around with a dog that is not leashed or harnessed, people feeding dogs from their plate in a dining venue, people being obnoxious in any way with their dog. Our complaints should be made (repeatedly) to Guest Services, but also AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE to Hotel Management (barking dog disturbing guests), to Housekeeping (dog pee/poop in unauthorized areas), to Food Service Management (dogs in laps in dining venues, dog being fed from plate, dogs not restrained and/or dogs not under table in food venues), to Medical (barking dog - a service dog only does that in an emergency, any incident such as a dog bite or attack) and Security (barking dog, dog out of control, unrestrained dog, dog bite, dog attack.) It's the squeaky wheel. Let's go for it!:D Judy
  13. foxgoodrich

    More fake service dog nonsense

    I'm going to guess that's neither service nor therapy dog. I'd call it a purse dog, an accessory highly valued by its owner due to the attention it generates for her. Proof is the fact that she posted it here! :eek: She's definitely getting her attention... just not positive attention. This might even be the same dog and woman I saw one time in the MDR on Freedom on formal night. That woman carried the dog around in a large purse. She put the dog in her lap during dinner and fed it off her plate. I can't remember if the dog was wearing clothing of some sort or if it was just a bejeweled collar, but it was somewhat dressed for the occasion. It was pretty disgusting! It only happened once, though. She was "counseled" by the Headwaiter and Maitre D. Judy
  14. foxgoodrich

    More fake service dog nonsense

    You are correct. Do you think that if Royal just followed its own policies (and the ADA) this thread of complaints about fake service dogs might not exist?;) Their current policy is actually fine. It upholds the ADA, but it also seems to uphold the right of all passengers to enjoy a cruise equally. They just need to tighten it up a bit and follow it. They could weed out the fake service dogs pretty quickly if they did. For example, under Title III of the ADA, a public accommodation (like a hotel or cruise line) is obligated to provide a designated toilet area for the service dog, but it is still the owner's responsibility (not the cruise line or hotel) to clean up after the dog. So my idea is that maybe Royal should tweak existing policy, still strictly adhering to ADA, and put the toilet box full of cypress mulch in each dog owner's cabin. It's more convenient there for both the person and the dog anyway. A container of new mulch and some poop bags with a disposal container for the dog waste and used mulch would be provided so the guest could fulfill his legal obligation to clean up after his dog. If the guest chose not to uphold the law by fulfilling his responsibility, or if the dog chose not to use the designated area, Royal's policy already says they can be removed from the ship. The ADA says it too. Just an idea...:) Judy
  15. foxgoodrich

    More fake service dog nonsense

    You are correct about New York law. Florida state law also prohibits dogs in grocery stores and restaurants (allowing local discretion in outdoor restaurants for leashed pets.) Only ADA service dogs are exempted in Florida, just like in NY. Florida state law also declares the use of fake service dogs a second degree misdemeanor punishable by a $500 fine and up to 60 days in jail. It's up to the store/restaurant management to ask the customer the dog's status in Florida, then contact the local authorities to take legal action if the customer does not remove the dog from the premises. (New York is more lenient. The penalty is a $100 fine and up to 15 days in jail.) Judy