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  1. Almost all of these ports are visited by Princess on calls during the 2020 European season. The Island Princess calls on Amsterdam in September 2020 and Rhodes in October 2020. Crown and Enchanted Princess both go to Malta in October 2020. Crown Princess calls on Malaga in May 2020. Crown Princess goes to Rotterdam in October 2020. For some reason other cruise lines like Royal Caribbean list the port of Chania, Crete as Chania (Souda), but Princess visits the same port repeatedly throughout 2020. None of these are transatlantic sailings. You can also find Cartagena and Brest on transatlantic sailings in 2020.
  2. From my perspective it's somewhat unrealistic to expect much traction with the complaint when Royal Caribbean has 6 ships sailing out of Florida during the summer. By my count, that's 5 ships more than the ships sailing out of any other state during the summer.
  3. Obviously being able to retrieve the passport or a certified copy of the birth certificate is the ideal, but if that falls through, bringing the global entry card, a copy of the birth certificate, and a copy of the old passport hopefully will be enough to get you on the cruise. Take this with a grain of salt given that it was a couple years ago and on another cruise line, but in the fall of 2014 I sailed on a closed loop Princess cruise with a friend. She was running late, left her passport at home and also did not have her birth certificate with her. We did not have time to go retrieve a passport or birth certificate. All she had was a scanned copy of her passport on her phone and her driver's license. I was expecting they would not let her on and was floored when I told the check in agent what documents she had and she said it would be fine, she just needed to sign affidavit that she was a US citizen. Apparently the fact that her passport information was in the system already from completing online check in was important. They told her not to miss the ship at the foreign port and the immigration agent questioned her a bit more than normal upon return, but she definitely did not have anywhere near the documents that she has, and was let on the ship. Good luck!
  4. I called Royal Caribbean with a somewhat related question a few years ago and then were helpful. I would suggest calling them to confirm that you just need to meet the entry requirements of the various countries you are visiting. In my case I had booked a cheap one way cruise from Miami to Panama and only had 4 months left before my passport expired. Panamanian entry requirements were 3 months left on the passport for US passport holders though the cruise line recommended 6 months. When I called Royal Caribbean they were helpful in confirming that I only needed to meet the entry requirements of Panama.
  5. Do you and your partner live at the same address? If so, you can call Crown & Anchor and have them linked to your account and they will receive your status. See below from the Royal Caribbean website: A Crown & Anchor Society member can be added into a relationship with other family members in the same household and receive equivalent tier status; however Cruise Points will remain according to actual cruises taken and calculated using the Program level accrual system described above. Pinnacle Club member tier status will not be awarded to dependents if earned by their parent and/or guardian. Pinnacle Club member tier status can only be earned by an individual, spouse or significant other by one of them accumulating 700 Cruise Points or more in the CAS program.
  6. Carnival Spirit had Guy's Burgers added in drydock in late August/early September this year.
  7. I was upgraded from a Category I oceanview to the Family Junior Suite on Grandeur a few years back. I'm guessing that the fact that the sailing was at about 50% capacity on a repositioning cruise from Miami to Panama had something to do with it.
  8. I don't think priority upgrades is actually a diamond perk. According to the Royal Caribbean website it starts at diamond plus, with the crown and anchor only listed under Diamond Plus and Pinnacle for that benefit: http://www.royalcaribbean.com/cas/benefitsLoggedout.do Priority Access on stateroom upgrades (if available)19 19 We may, in our sole discretion, offer complimentary upgrades to Diamond Plus and Pinnacle members if stateroom upgrades are available. Please provide the upgrade preference information requested below, which will be considered if a stateroom upgrade is offered to you. Neither upgrades nor upgrade preferences are guaranteed.
  9. According to the US Department of State website Denmark requires three months passport validity in your passport beyond your intended stay for US citizens. If you don't renew you risk denied boarding on your flight over to Europe. For example, the machine readers at the airport will require you to swipe your passport and will check for the expiration date. If the machine cannot read them or there is a problem the agent will have to manually verify your travel documents. You would also risk being denied boarding on your cruise. http://travel.state.gov/content/passports/english/country/denmark.html Here is a helpful fact sheet about travel to countries that are part of the Schengen borders agreement, which includes all of the countries on your cruise except Russia. http://travel.state.gov/content/passports/english/go/schengen-fact-sheet.html Russia requires six months passport validity beyond your intended stay for US citizens. At least in my experience, even if you are on a ship or private tour that provides the blanket visa, you still had to individually go through Russian immigration. http://travel.state.gov/content/passports/english/country/russia.html The good news is that getting your passport renewed before you leave should not be a problem, particularly if you pay the expedite fee.
  10. I was on Splendour of the Seas out of Santos back in January and they had all the beers you listed--Corona, Bud, Bud Light, Guinness, Skol, and Brahma. It was essentially all of the beers Royal Caribbean generally has on their sailings plus Brazilian beers.
  11. I do not know if unlimited rides were included but it was $10 round trip.
  12. On Brilliance in June 2014 there were definitely shuttles in Copenhagen and Helsinki. I do not remember the cost for the one in Copenhagen but the one in Helsinki was $10 per person. In Stockholm we took the Hop On Hop Off boat from right at the pier area that was about $24 per person for the day. It was really convenient and enjoyable.
  13. I've thought about this some after a number of similar comments over the years and think that the best response I could give to indicate that the comment is inappropriate while trying to be tactful is to say "Respectfully, if I asked you the same question you would probably think I was rude." Unfortunately every time this has come up I'm caught off guard and just try to get out of the conversation as quickly as possible. In this instance when the guy found out my parents weren't on board he followed up by asking if it was really safe for two women to be travelling alone.
  14. Kids were allowed in the diamond lounge at all times when I was on Splendour in January. As an amusing aside, on the same sailing one of the other passengers in the diamond lounge asked me where my parents were. I wasn't really sure how to respond since I'm in my 30s.
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