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  1. I travel every single month. 2 weeks in March, bought no policy, piecemeal through airline and credit cards. For April, just purchased the cruise and was looking at insurance and trying to weigh an annual policy versus a single policy.
  2. For lost luggage and delays, who would be the primary? Do you submit with both and get reimbursed by both?
  3. I am very confused looking at annual policies. I seem to be able to find them for about 180. But when I look at covering just my 2 week trip, it seems to be about 140. Am I missing some key differences between the two?
  4. So I am a little confused with this credit. Is it 50 per port on the sailaway cabins or a one time 50? And if only offered on sailaway, how would you stack it?
  5. In relation to the kids club questions, make them go the first night. They introduce everyone and go over everything. It is not specific things that are fun, they just are. Games , activities silly stuff. All my kids have enjoyed it. A selling point for kids is they can go to kids club and stay late or go to bed. You do have a gang so they could hang out together with check back with you times. Just have them try it.
  6. No amount is too small if you have the time to spare. Some people check daily. I am too lazy for that.
  7. I disagree with most on here. I think you both need the drink package. If your wife drinks 3 a day then she could easily have one or 2 more for breakeven. A few coffees or fresh juice, you are at breakeven. I f she was a nondrinker, I would go with a deluxe and a refreshment.. But she is not and a cruise is a nice place to try fun new drinks, whether smoothies or frozen mojitos. Get 2 and have no worrying about the bill at the end.
  8. When is there time for any events on these port heavy itineraries? We are booked on the 2020 one but wondered how they handled it last time. I also wish they had left it in September.
  9. Lol it corrected zipline to biplane. There were no biplane rides. πŸ˜‚
  10. I wasn't implying they were cheating. I did not know at 525 you can chose 3 . So that is 3 per person? Nice. I mean we got 3 free sent to us but we did not select .
  11. Cruise lite is the deposits for the short cruises, less than 5.
  12. Oh and thats really great gold night picture. We picked ours up but could not see how much photo shop they did on the screen with all the watermarks.Printed , it is almost blurry. I definitely did not need that much help😁
  13. Yes the hibachi was included int the UDP. It was really fun. It was fun on the Presidents cruise bc we had no lines for the rockfall or biplane or abyss and only short for flowrider. And I think your seat for the visa party may have been the best, no shoving for light up freebies.
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