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  1. Cuss is just southern. Everyone I know says cussing. Its not a fear of the word curse, just a different word for the same use of bad language.
  2. I see. I just knew that I have cruised Princess and carnival out of there and they were reasonably priced. I was unaware that the ships are modified specifically for California. I am of course aware that environmental issues are stricter in Alaska and California.
  3. I give up. I have no idea why the op has gratuity and advised her to call on post 6. But carry on.
  4. Your price for the waterpark is great and seems reasonable but we were talking about the ballon. I guess I spend too much time in small planes to appreciate this excursion. I am sure you will enjoy it if you enjoyed the Disney one.
  5. This is not a dig. This is a statement of fact. Australians do not like the tipping system of the US. Just as you are touting pay living minimum wage, so do most others. The cruise lines were aware that tipping is not part of your culture and included it. Not everything is to pick a fight.
  6. Or maybe it is bc you're traveling with a 3 and 4 year old🤣
  7. Are you past final payment? bc otherwise they will give you the price.
  8. All those activities you listed are free, so they are indeed reasonable. The price of this excursion is way too high for a view for me. Zero interest in this sedentary activity.I will stick to something else.
  9. Wow this looks great. All the fun activities that I love to do. Is the water in the flowrider heated? And why do you think the Key gets to skip the bumper car line?
  10. Lol Robin Williams was filthy and told hilarious jokes. Half his routines were about drugs. When he came in 1982 the UF alumnae lost their minds so we got lame Bob Hope. Then the following year we got Bill Cosby but he said something controversial but was hilarious. That resulted in The Smuthers Brothers and those yoyo tricks the following year.. Yoyo tricks for amped stadium of college students. This is why we do not let the most prudish of the group choose the comedians or suggest "parameters". Free shows are optional and you should leave any show you do not enjoy. As far as reporting to a higher up if the comedian heckles you...🤔🤣
  11. Does it go higher or do anything differently than the Disney Springs one? I understand its for a view and that its for a different view than of Disney. That does not explain the extreme price difference. 59 is a lot for a view. I will fly over in a plane.
  12. How is this ballon different from the one at Disney Springs? It just goes up and around, for about 15 bucks.
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