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  1. We loved it on Harmony. We had great lunch . Terrific seats. Nice breakfast and easy fast disembark. We have it for Symphony again in November.
  2. I think you will like it. I was not excited about it but it seems to have very positive reveiws On a different note, I just went and looked at all the Navigator cruises for late night sailings and they do not exist yet..
  3. Why can't you lounge on the ship? no one makes you go on shore. But I agree about activities. I do not like being held captive to their prices.
  4. Seems fun to be there at night and have beach parties.
  5. I understand. I had one of the changed cruises. They changed the whole itinerary at the same time. In order to give you an additional port, they had to start from scratch on all the Cuba cruises. They had to work the routes out and ports out with all the other cruise lines. That is why they gave you the option to cancel with no penalty.
  6. One floor is my time dining and one floor it set time, early and late dining. where you disembark varies but not usually or ever 3. Each elevator has a large elevator that the computer screen assigns you to.
  7. They made all the Cuba changes at the same time. Are you saying you were not notified about Cuba? bc that is when your whole itinerary was changed.
  8. Tower is mostly finished. Mostly sold out on upper levels. Restaurant is getting ready to break ground, maybe next month? We were shopping tiki bars and restaurants from a windjammer cruise last week. There were lots of great ideas in St. Lucia.
  9. This made me laugh. They have been roping off the formal staircase since the beginning of cruises. And they've blocked off the promenade for the car portrait for 20 years.
  10. lol sorry I got the exact specifics wrong. Its a silky ice cream.
  11. We had our most disappointing meal at Chops on Allure.
  12. 7.5 is the correct tax rate for Key West.
  13. Gelato is just ice cream beat more slowly so it is silkier. It is also served 3 or 4 degrees warmer.
  14. GG sounds like a lady who does not listen. We only have her word that the TA gave the wrong information. I bet the TA did not tell them they did not need birth certificate. GG probably just did not understand when they said no passport required.
  15. So my fb group people were talking about how they bring their children. Were there kids on any of you yalls diinners? I love kids and often cruise by myself with just kids but this seemed such an adult event to me. They were talking 6, 8 not even teens. Am I being crazy?
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