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  1. This was totally unacceptable , the ship should have sailed without them
  2. Pam, when I started cruising with Princess and reading Cruise Critic Ì quickly became a big fan of your postings. Now I'm an Elite but the information you have provided to everyone reading your posts has made our cruising so much more enjoyable . Thanks
  3. They had this on the Regal mid October New England cruise it was Outstanding .
  4. Looking forward to your reviews . Taking an April Trans Atlantic on this ship Thanks
  5. Thanks for your timely review . We will be on the Crown for 2 ten day cruises beginning 1/6/20 so reading your postings are giving us advanced planning options. In re, Internet options with the unlimited option can you use an I Phone with this option ?
  6. Note to all : After posting this thread I checked my email and guess what the Upgrade Fairy did visit ,I'm very happy and surprised but not Ocean Ready ( my choice )
  7. Received a call from Princess this PM which Ì missed since I was in a meeting . Exiting the meeting I quickly called Princess back hoping it was the Upgrade Fairy as we are cruising on Saturday . My hopes were crushed when the Princess rep told that I was not Ocean Ready and explained what I needed to do to become Ocean Ready. I explained that after reading numerous postings of fellow cruisers frustrations becoming Ocean Ready I was opting to have it done at embarkation . The rep said that's fine and shifted into a sales pitch for Internet packages and specialty dining. Better luck next I hope.
  8. Celebrity has large scrolling sign boards outside their buffets listing all their theme nights for the cruise . Have suggested this to Princess after every cruise but to no avail .
  9. After reading numerous postings about the various problems associated with setting up the Medallion , we chose not to frustrate ourselves and show up at embarkation with nothing done We were handed our Medallions and had our pictures taken and boarded No problems aboard using it to open our cabin door.
  10. Does the Crown have On Demand Movies in its cabins like some of the Princess ships do?
  11. Thanks for the outstanding review. We have considered cruising Japan via Princess. I hope others who have cruished Princess in Japan will add their experiences to this thread,
  12. DW is an avid bridge player who was very disappointed when Princess dropped sanctioned bridge play on all cruises except for World Cruises. Another cost cutting measure for sure .
  13. I agree 100% maybe book a flight after 12 . We have used Super Shuttle Excu Car and while it's more costly than regular ST it's worth itIMO
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