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  1. Have gone on 2 Princess Alaska land/sea cruise in early May . A friend's daughter who is Park Ranger stationed at Denali advised us to visit then . She stated Alaska weather is cool but sunny, with the trees just budding you can be deep into forest , animals haven't been spooked tourists in their space, snow melts with snow on ground in shady spots . We followed her advice and it was right on ,had a wonderful trip both times
  2. You have certainly covered all bases regarding why people won't cruise. DW and I have taken many cruises with Princess , Holland and Celebrity usually 2 to 3 per year We have none planned for the future . We well know what the old norm of cruising was and will wait to see what the new normal brings to cruising.. We hope and pray that we can cruise again sooner rather than later .
  3. DW and I miss cruising very much , especially getting out of Chicago's Winter .We have cruised to so many interesting places and have met so many wonderful fellow cruisers it's hard not to miss cruising . We wish everyone good health and pray that a vaccine will be found soon and we can all rejoice by taking a cruise .
  4. Your game plan appears to be just like the one DW & I have . We always ask at the Buffet for a scedules of its Specialty Nights , the Italian & Bar Barvian are our favorites . We have a Circle Caribbean scheduled for early January 2021 but we're are going to cancel and re book for 2020 .
  5. Based on this information it appears that there will be no Caribbean Cruise in January & February 2021 . We booked a Circle Caribbean Cruise for January 2021 but not have received word from Princess that it has been canceled . With no proven vaccines and a yet to be announced New Cruising Norm , we are going to cancel . Thankful that we were able to take as many cruises as we have done.
  6. Thank you for posting this information . To me you have always posted great trip reports and now great financial reports Thanks .
  7. For DW & myself our glimpse of the future is no more cruising unless a miracle vaccine is discovered . We have had many wonderful Princess cruises and don't want to have our future cruise experience lessened by the " new anti virus changes " that are forthcoming . We hope for a happy ending to this crisis but are not getting our hopes up. We certainly will not be among the first cruisers to experience the new normal.
  8. Our first land/cruise to Alaska . It gave us the time to relax , discuss retirement and experience the wonderful world of Princess . We both retired within the year and have never stopped
  9. The vaccine must be found and made readily available before we would consider cruising again We have the 14 Day Circle Caribbean Cruise booked already for January 2021 but unless things change for the better I doubt we will be going . Realistically , one year after the vaccine has been given to all and then we will resume cruising
  10. I'm 70 & my is 69 so we are at the threshold of making our end of cruising decision . We had hoped to be making this decision at 75 but look like today as it snows heavily in Chicago we will seriously discuss this decision .We are both thankful for all the memories of the wonderful Princess cruises we have taken and would hate to have our final cruise be a horrible experience . Praying that a vaccine is found quickly and that life returns to normal.
  11. Never had a problem w taking a cab
  12. We were on the Crown in January for 2 ten day back to back cruises and passenger organized bridge was played on sea days . There was a sign up sheet in the library for those who wished to play.
  13. This was totally unacceptable , the ship should have sailed without them
  14. Pam, when I started cruising with Princess and reading Cruise Critic Ì quickly became a big fan of your postings. Now I'm an Elite but the information you have provided to everyone reading your posts has made our cruising so much more enjoyable . Thanks
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