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  1. It's all over the news here that a severe storm front will be impacting Miami this weekend (Super Bowl weekend).
  2. This article states it was intentional. https://abcnews.go.com/US/passenger-oasis-seas-cruise-ship-dies-overboard/story?id=68472409&cid=clicksource_4380645_4_three_posts_card_hed
  3. This doesn't surprise me. I have a cruise friend that has done the Atlantis cruises and he's told me they get pretty wild. It's amazing to me how many drugs make it onto the ship. Not saying that's what happened here, but he certainly didn't just fall.
  4. I was in 16019 in November. Great location. Near the exit to the elevators (but very quiet) and on the same deck as the concierge and the TSL. Very convenient.
  5. I've had this there and I agree it was awesome!
  6. Hey Sid, long time lurker here. Love your reviews! So, these are really old. These came over as ballast in the ships many, many moons ago. Don't ask me why I have such a strange piece of info in my head.
  7. Yes, it is. At least it was when I was on 2 weeks ago.
  8. Since I'm on 11/17, that's good to know. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Thanks for this. Didn't even thing about the internet package I purchased. Hey, $7 is $7!
  10. I'm on the sailing right before yours. I assume we'll just have a sea day. And we haven't been advised we will receive any compensation at all. Since they've given us advance warning, I presume not. I love sea days, so I'm not at all unhappy.
  11. I'm on Mera 11/17. Haven't received notification of cancelled port stop yet. It's a short cruise, so if they want to add another sea day, I'm okay with that. More time to explore the ship. And it saves me from spending the money on a cabana. Would be nice to be compensated some way, but truly I don't expect it and won't be angry if they don't.
  12. Same here. All my clothes are in the compression bags. Keeps them dry and keeps TSA from pawing my clothes😉 Never thought to waterproof the luggage. Not a bad idea.
  13. Interestingly, I will be there on 11/20 and my planner has YC cabanas listed for sale. So if the YC area isn't done, why are thy selling them?
  14. That sounds ideal to me😃 I was booked in an Aurea suite because all the YC1s disappeared for some reason while I was dithering about booking. They showed up again this past Friday. I managed to snag one before they disappeared, while I was on the phone changing! And the very next day I got an email to bid for an upgrade to the Royal Suite. Looks like they took them out of circulation to try to upsell them. In any case, I'm worried that starting out on MSC in YC will spoil me...I'm looking forward to it though.
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