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  1. Below link explains the soda and more package, or just the soda package. I assume you are talking about the soda and more package. https://book.princess.com/cruisepersonalizer/onboard/viewservicelisting.page?service=beverages&items=0535,0532,0540,0481,0482,0496,0497,0498,0499,0480
  2. This is current Princess pricing for beverages and sodas https://book.princess.com/cruisepersonalizer/onboard/viewservicelisting.page?service=beverages&items=0535,0532,0540,0481,0482,0496,0497,0498,0499,0480
  3. what is the price for the soda and more package?
  4. Are you asking about the soda and more package or the premier beverage package? You are doing the 15 day trip to Hawaii out of SFO. You can book your excursions in your cruise personalizer; or you can use a third party website to book shore excursions. The first few days at sea are normally a little chilly; as you get closer to the Hawaiian Islands, the weather warms up. For that many sea days, think about bringing a kindle for reading, or playing games, there will be plenty to do on board. Hawaii is a great state with lots to see on the different islands. Have fun
  5. Wow oh Wow. Prayers for all those who are on the ship, prayers for the rescue teams, hospitals teams, hotels, and all involved with this rescue.
  6. That is very scary; hope no one was hurt or damage to ship
  7. I received my medallions two weeks prior to trip. My trip was on Feb 16; received medallion on Feb 2
  8. Sorry for mixup. It is actually called ocean compass and it is part of medallion net; you won't be able to use or download until you are onboard
  9. I don't think I ever get board with any ship or any line. Enjoy
  10. pshaze, thanks for your feedback and info. Have a great day
  11. Thanks Mom33, we sailed last month on Caribbean Princess and last year on Emerald; the pool was on deck 16; lido on both ships. Have a great day; we have Sky booked next year; so will see what the layout brings. I know by the time I sail; there will be plenty of chatter on these threads about the ship; along with lots of pictures(hopefully lots of pics) Have a great day
  12. Terry, thanks for sharing this info. I see you have had quite a few interesting trips over the last four years. I have to say the holy land, and petra is a highlight. Let me ask you this question. how far from where Jesus was tried; down the via dolorosa, to his burial ground; how far was this? I say it was maybe less than a football field.
  13. Thank you very much for the quick response. I have not yet sailed on anything bigger than Allure
  14. So if it is on Deck 17 can you still acess it from the buffet area? I have not been on either Royal or Regal. Sky will be my first big ship with Princess
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