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  1. wow that is some history you have shared; and you have pics too. Nice. Thanks for sharing
  2. franktown; thanks for the feedback. Have a nice day
  3. Other than having to submit a new passwod to log in; website looks good to go
  4. Such a shame that now you either use FCC to rebook; hopefully at same price; or just cancel completely and move on.
  5. FYI Carnival Cruise Lines, which is parent company of Princess just sailed one of their ships to Mobile Alabama so the entire crew could be vaccinated. They had health people meet the ship and went onboard and vaccinated all crew. So that's a good thing.
  6. According to the medallion class app in the Apple App Store; the latest version is 3.0; which was updated by Princess 2 weeks ago. Those of you who have iphones can check to see if that is your latest version.
  7. Try this before you reinstall; click on app store and click on your profile in upper right-hand corner; then right below personal recommendations you will see automatic updates. look there and see if the app has been updated to the newest software. My bet is Princess IT depart has not refreshed their app to work with the newest IOS update. It is up to the developers to keep their apps working on the latest software. Apple made a new major update to IOS 14 three weeks ago. And another big update is coming next month.
  8. Astro Flyer that is a great comparison between ships
  9. That makes a great screensaver
  10. Thank you for the name. Great pic who took this?
  11. so what is the name of the ship now?
  12. Is Rao's the same as the sauce you buy in grocery stores?
  13. lenquixote66; I believe you can catch the ferry at one of the docks all the way at the end of Manhattan and it goes to both SOL and Ellis. I will check it out once they get the New England Cruises started again
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