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  1. sure here you go https://www.amawaterways.com/travel-updates
  2. The US economy will be in a recession coming out of Covid-19. There will be companies who have been waiting to buy, buy, buy; and now that the stock market has lost its value; these companies will buy. This will help somewhat to get the markets heading up again. Along with the federal gov't propping things up with aid. Nothing will happen overnight; but I think 2020 will end way better than how the first quarter ended.
  3. I believe the cruise lines will be taking a hard look at which ships they will retire or sell off. Now is the time for them to get lean. Maybe they thought; we can get a couple more years of use out of a ship; well now they may say; it will be cheaper in the long run to retire or sell that ship now. We shall see.
  4. GrJ Berkshire, the airlines will come out of this lean and lighter. They will park or retire older models; when they retire a jet; that means they now have less pilots and maint needed to maintain those aircraft. So less routes, less planes, less employees. That is what I envision for the the airlines once they start up again. They all will be making big changes; and change is good
  5. The OP asked about trashed images. It can be the cruise lines, the riverboat line, the airlines. Change is coming; some have already made changes to the way they do business. Today we have social media, facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. The travel industry have these and they monitor them. The last thing they want is negative publicity. So, they are making changes. Example is Delta Airlines. They have a completely new cleaning routine for all their jets, and all their gate areas. I am thinking that once the cruise industry gets back up and running; they too will implement new changes. I can see cruise lines taking passenger temperatures. You will most likely be signing a form that says if you don't comply with this; you won't be able to cruise. This is pure speculation on my part. My point is; there will be a lot of good that comes out of this worldwide virus. Locally food establishments will change their sanitation procedures; airlilnes, hotels, ships, etc. Change is good. Have a wonderful day; have a Holy Week and bless all who have read my post
  6. Not sure we can guess what will happen until things get under control throughout the world. Change is coming; Delta Airlines has already changed their aircraft cleaning procedures; which is good. I assume every business will change the way they do business, to include sanitation procedures. So time will tell; I know that change is good.
  7. I have a cruise booked for end of Oct 2020. Since it is a Med cruise; I will be flying to the port. So I am choosing to fly Delta. This video explains why I chose Delta. Life is a gamble https://news.delta.com/coronavirus-update-deltas-cleaning-measures-protect-public-health-and-safety-check-arrival https://news.delta.com/delta-clean-delivers-new-standard-airline-cleanliness-now-and-always
  8. I have been on two Princess Cruises. The suggested dress code on formal night is suit and tie. The actual dress code on formal night is 75% dress shirt and slacks, 15% suit and tie, 10% mix of tux, dress shirt and tie. This is what I have seen on my two sailings. I have not seen anyone turned away for dress code violations. On other nights, there are jeans, slacks, and suits. Hope this helps.
  9. Bless all of you who made it home safe and sound. It was an ordeal; and there is nothing better than sleeping in your own bed. it brings comfort knowing you are all ok
  10. Roger88, I understand; it is a sad affair. I have faith; that the doctors and scientists will get it under control within the next 45 days.
  11. shastatroy, that is a very nice pic. Love the other ship behind yours
  12. Our May river cruise was cancelled by AMA. They have a 5% early re booking for next year;. Have to book something by June. We are taking the 115% FCC; so with that money and the 5% early re booking; we hope to stay with the Rhine River cruise for next May. We were booked for this May; moving back a year; hopefully things will be back to normal.
  13. Host, yes we may stray a little; however, Princess is not going bankrupt. If anything it will come back a leaner company; possibly parking a few ships; but it will stay in business. They are getting loans thru their parent company. All should be good. Sorry to move in different directions. Have a wonderful day. Cheers
  14. Daniel A sorry to hear your frustration. My good friend is my travel agent. He has gone over and beyond to make things right. We had a river cruise cancel with AMAWaterways and then we had to switch our two Princess cruises around due to the virus thing going around. For Princess he got us the new all inclusive package Princess now offers and between the two cruises; one int'l and one New England Canada; we still save over $1700. Plus we got onboard credit with his agency. He belongs a large consortium of travel agents; both US based and Int'l . Anyway, sorry you have not had good luck. I used to use the same agency as you currently have and dropped them when they gave me nothing for booking a two bedroom family suite for our Alaska cruise; then when we booked a river cruise with them; (it was with Viking); we cancelled because Viking has a lot of restrictions and no refund on deposit. Anyway this agency gave me the customer a hard time about cancelling. I told the agent you need to look at the fine legal print. I am within my legal rights to cancel any cruise within 72 of booking and get 100% refund. That is when I stopped using them. Good luck with your ventures.
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