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  1. Thanks for the tip about checking both EZAir and the airline websites
  2. Next time I am near Fairfield I will look up Chester's
  3. AF-1

    B2B questions

    Here is a suggestion which may be a cheaper option. If you are a frequent flyer member; look into paying the daily fee and use an airline lounge. I did this with my family. We had eight hours at airport; so I bought one day passes for my family in Delta's club; the price was $30 per person and they had showers, lots of food and relaxing lounge.
  4. Thank you for your service to our country.
  5. AF-1

    B2B questions

    are you going to us EZ Air to book your flights?
  6. Hello map03020. In my opinion the main difference between the two lines is Princess is more relaxed. There are no water sports, ziplines, rock climbing, nor any water parks like on Epic or Breakaway. Gem and Crown Princess would be almost same size and less bells and whistles than the two larger ships. They both have about the same amount of specialty dining spots. A steakhouse, italian, pizza, etc. I have sailed with both lines and Prefer Princess for the attention to guests and service. NCL was nice; but I just prefer Princess for their style; which is quiet and comfortable.
  7. So sad. Prayers for the families of all who are involved. Hope for those who are still missing.
  8. Got it; thanks for the clarification. Have a great day
  9. I would think so; but then again; it only tracks onboard the ship; if they were off the ship then probably could not track
  10. Nice review. Your pics are so clear and have lots of color. Thanks for sharing
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