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  1. AF-1

    New England/Canada cruise questions

    Thank you everyone for the feedback. I appreciate it
  2. AF-1

    EZ Air Phone Number

    My pleasure; add them to speed dial for your cruise; I already have on my iphone
  3. AF-1

    New England/Canada cruise questions

    Thank you. But as you know; we will have to book the cruise way before we know if the summer was wet or dry. But thank you for the info
  4. AF-1

    New England/Canada cruise questions

    Coral, thanks for the feedback. I will look at your weblink. Have a nice day
  5. Hello everyone. My wife and I are booked on CB for 16-23 Feb Cruise. Just wanted to get some feedback on the crew for this cruise. I know crews change out all the time. But some people have Captains and Cruise Directors they love. If you can provide names of any crew that may still be onboard during my cruise; and if you had good experience or good interactions with them. Thanks for any and all info. Have a great day. In case you want to know the current temp in Cincinnati is 7 degrees with chill factor of -1. So a caribbean cruise is going to look mighty nice in a few weeks.
  6. AF-1

    New England/Canada cruise questions

    To all who have been on this cruise; when is the best time of year for viewing; Sept or Oct; or does it matter; since it is pretty all the time in New England. Thanks for any and all replies.
  7. AF-1

    Juneau - Mendenhall glacier and dog sledding?

    Hello we went to Alaska July 18. We did helicopter tour that landed on Mendenhall glacier; then we went dog sledding on the glacier. This tour was remarkable and the most memorable. enhance[1]
  8. AF-1

    Get me excited!!

    Hello, when is a good time to book the NE/Canada cruise? Early or late September; or early or late October? Thanks
  9. AF-1

    EZ Air Phone Number

    800-545-0008-stateside 661-284-4410 outside US I pulled these numbers off internet
  10. AF-1

    Caribbean Princess condition!

    Ocean Medallion is something I am looking forward to. I have downloaded three Princess Ocean apps that should make my trip more enjoyable.
  11. AF-1

    Princess Cruise "Secrets" 2019

    Are the crew comment cards located at guest service desk; or at every venue? Thanks
  12. Safe travels, and I like your thinking. You never know what tomorrow brings; so experience life now. I get it and also don't wait until your so old you can't go anywhere. I love it. Have fun and look forward to your pictures; they were awesome on your last cruise
  13. AF-1

    New England/Canada cruise questions

    If you are doing New England cruise in the fall on Caribbean Princess; this ship does not have a covered pool; the ship provides blankets for movie nights. The area is not covered. The hot tubs will be heated
  14. AF-1

    Princess vs Disney Cruise line

    Dani24, great feedback. Thanks for sharing.
  15. AF-1

    EZair Discovery

    I know the feeling. Some of us just have to pay the extra just for the convience. Good luck. I too have frustrations with airlines because we are landlocked in Cincinnati.