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  1. Were you able to transfer Princess excursions , so your old payment was applied to next year's cruise?
  2. Mimmylove, sorry to hear that. I did get my refund for our boat excursion the beginning of May. But the company going bankrupt was always in the back of my mind. I just sent a deposit in for our Nov. South American cruise. It was only $50 and I am little worried but it is not that much. All of our other tours have stated that they will hold off asking for deposit until the cruise is a definite go. I really do not want to pay any more deposits so hoping other companies follow this new policy of waiting until it is a positive go - but will they be?
  3. I suppose it depends on the ship but our cruises have all been over 5 week ones. We will still check out Sabitinis first but it is kind of nice to a choice of two locations.
  4. I really would like to try one sometime but I always go back to the stern
  5. But they are too windy to use while underway.
  6. I disagree. Since club class came along, Sabitinis has not been the same. We do long cruises so we use to get to know the staff and other passengers. It use to be like a big family that you stop and talk to coming and going. Now, the staff changes every few days and they seem too busy to talk. The staff in Club Class has been much better so we have been going down there for breakfast.
  7. You must be heartbroken. I have been trying to rebook out canceled Alaskan cruise but have not been having any luck with their website. As soon as I find the cruisetour that I like, it comes up as technical difficulties or no pricing available. I am trying to book a grand suite. We were booked in one corner owners suite on the Pacific Princess. And I am afraid they will send her down under and never bring her back. Most Alaskan cruises in June say their suites are sold out. I am getting very frustrated. There also seems to be tons of cruisetours offered. And I can't find any difference in some of them.
  8. I am still waiting for $2000 to be returned from a Alaskan private boat excursion that I canceled 3 weeks ago. I don't plan to bug them yet. I also am waiting for Princess to return money from their excursions I booked. I need to go through all my charge card receipts for the past nine months because I booked them ages ago but since the cruise is not showing on my personalizer, I am not sure how much I paid between FCC's and my credit card. I print off private excursion info when I receive emails but I rely on my personalizer for Princess tour info. I normally don't book excursions as early as I did for this trip but we wanted our grown kids to do some neat tours and people kept saying "book early or you will be out of luck". Seems that more and more companies are starting to require full payment when you book. My heart goes out to the people in Alaska with everything canceled
  9. Ava, I am a scuba diver and found the coolest cover for my phone. I wanted it so badly but it gave no protection. I drop mine often and am surprised it still works. I like to use my phone for pictures so I can send them to friends or post on FB that day. You can't do that with a camera. Being at home now is a good time to talk to my son and find out if they are saved someplace. If not, maybe it is time to do something about it. My son takes care of our phones, computers, etc. I don't understand half the stuff he talks about and I am too old to try to learn. Stay healthy and safe.
  10. I want to book a couple cruises for next year and I always find what I want online.then call my ta and have her book it. I hate calling someone and having them tell me what is available, etc. I want to see the info in front of me. I have never been so frustrated as I have the past two weeks trying to book. Nothing is good with this situation. Stay safe and healthy!
  11. The few cruises I was able to get to the past two weeks, all were up in price. Our June 10 has gone up. I still can not get into my cruise personalizer - been over 7 days
  12. I have been getting BAD REQUEST when I try to look at new bookings. I have been getting this when I go in to check my current booked cruises: We are currently experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again. If you continue to have problems, please call 1-800-PRINCESS.
  13. ok thanks. mine should be coming anytime now.
  14. It has been a few years since I tried it. So, not sure which it is.
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