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  1. I have done many cruises that we booked as one but have only received one cruise credit. I just looked and in my history and on my upcoming one which is two segments, they have it down as 2 credits ( 2 because it is in a suite) but according to you, I should receive 4. Now, I have one for next year and it is down as 4 ( again double because of the suite). It really does not matter because we are way beyond elite. Although the 2 extra ones would but us in a higher category to get a little more OBC.
  2. I wear a swimming suit everyday from April to December. I have had hot flashes forever and I find them very comfortable. If I am cold, I add a top. I can wear them with anything and everything. I have 30 or more. Solids are great with prints and florals. The swim suit section is my first stop in stores. I have several scarf dresses and wear a suit under it to run errands. I get more compliments and my straps do show - I do wear a solid color one. I wear them with a skirt and blouse or a light jacket. I wear them in the MDR for dinner. I have several that look really nice with a skirt and sequin blouse/jacket. If you re wearing an open top over it, no one really knows if it a swimming suit or a type of tank top.
  3. I called Princess this morning and finally found out what happened with my future cruise deposit obc. I called last week because the $300 was not showing up on my cruise personalizer like it normally does. At that time, I was told that for some reason we were not credited with the obc. and the lady said she took care of it and it should be showing up. But nothing in the past week. The lady today told me that because it was manually done, it will not ever show up in the personalizer. Then I submitted my stock info and nothing was showing up. Second time I submitted it, I received an email saying that our names were not listed and also, that I need to submit them BEFORE the cruise. DA, it is eight weeks before the first one. Anyway, finally this morning both stock OBC's are showing up. I can't believe all the issues I have been having and having to call them multiple times. One other thing. We received a goodwill credit of $50 each for our Pacific Princess cruise that was canceled. It was applied to my Nov. 2020 cruise. I asked for her to transfer it to my upcoming cruise and she said they can't. It has to be applied to a cruise that we booked after they issued it. I have three other cruises but she said she could not change it. I could be dead in 14 months!!! WHat is the reason for this rule???
  4. I'm aware of that, but that can be problematic in itself. (I'm a firm believer in not aggravating people who have access to my food or my toothbrush.) I agree
  5. That is where I have always found mine but nothing is listed for any of my cruises.
  6. Where can you find all your obc's? I know I use to see them on the personalizer. The original ones - promotional credit and ta obc's showed up on the invoice from my TA. She said to look for them in the personalizer. I can't find them. I had to call princess because our FCC obc's were not showing up. it was listed at 0. They said they corrected it and it was showing $150 each. It is not under my credits in my booking summary - no obc's listed. It is no-where in the personalizer. I am getting so frustrated and tired of calling princess. And I don't want to keep asking my TA. She did say my AMEX won't show until closer to the cruise. By this time I usually have everything printed out and in folders.
  7. They gave us $50 pp because we were booked on the Pacific Princess Tahiti to FLL and they canceled it and moved the ship to Australia. I see some people are getting $100 pp because the island is having issues and they will miss a port.
  8. Keith, that is the same number that I have been using. I faxed the info again this morning. This afternoon I received an email: "We're sorry documentation provided is not sufficient for action. Please resubmit and provide page reflecting shareholder's first and last name pre-printed. In addition, please note applications to receive these benefits should be made prior to cruise departure date". I don't know what they were looking at but in the top left corner is both of our names. It is kind of dark so I will make sure it is lighter when I resend it. What does preprinted mean? - I certainly did not write our names in there. The cruises are Nov 10 and Dec 7th. I am submitting them prior to the cruise departure date. Maybe third time will be the charm.
  9. I asked my TA if she could see our obc that I sent in a couple weeks ago and she also said that if you make any change or refare, the obc will disappear. BUt we did not refare either cruise. My obc for the fcc is not showing on one of them. My AMEX credit is not there either. I still have almost two months but I like to have everything documented on paper. I hate to waste paper and print it every time an obc shows up but I may need to or at least take a screen shot with my phone.
  10. holomuku, Guess I am the one that is losing it. Keith, We cruise on her more than any other ship. I didn't know she got an extra deck. I thought it was the Island - remember our cruise where we had all the vibration in our corner cabin but you had none in the center.
  11. I faxed mine for our b2b a couple weeks ago and nothing is showing up. Can someone post the number they used? I used the same number that I have used twice a year now for many years. Thanks
  12. We have been on the Caribbean princess many time and I don't recall them adding any cabins. They did change the aft of the Island and added many cabins. Are you sure you are not talking about the Island?
  13. I have also heard those rumors about her going down under. I hope not. She is expensive to sail on but I love the small ships. I wish they would build more instead of the darn huge ones.
  14. When will the medallion be added?
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