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  1. I agree that other than afternoon tea at the palace or whatever it is called and Butchart gardens, we could not find much to do the three days we were there after a cruise.
  2. I've been doing it through excursions for the last week.
  3. We have been to Alaska several times. This is the first for the kids. We probably would not have selected it if it wasn't for the kids. We have traveled all over the world and there are places we want to visit before returning to others. I agree with you that Ketchikan has so many fun activities. We stayed in Victoria a couple days before taking the fast ferry to Seattle. The gardens are absolutely beautiful but there is not anything the kids want to see - and we had such a cool excursion planned for Ketchikan. Thanks - We are fortunate we can travel and it will all work out and we will make the best of it.
  4. Some people only have limited vacation time and for us, June 2020 was the only time our son and girlfriend could go since they teach and have school commitments July and August. Then it worked for June 2021. Now, hopefully June 2022 will work because their wedding is planned for June 2023. Some people go to Alaska every year while others have so many other vacation locations that they are fortunate to be able to go once. And there are many people that can not afford a cruise at all.
  5. I received new confirmations today from my TA. Our son's cabin has Price Protection across the top but our suite does not have it. Booked same day, same ship, same cruise dates. Why one and not the other?????
  6. The only good coupon is buy one specialty dinner, get one free on the first night. But if you are in a suite, you already get the first night free.
  7. gerig, that is the same with us. We booked a vista. Then they said we had a guarantee, next we were in a S5 and I finally connected with a rep and said - "no way on the bow for Alaska" and she was able to change it to a penthouse on Riviera deck. But they are charging us the difference. I have not received the exact amount yet. Our son was put mid ship (originally in cabin next door) and she was able to put him in the balcony next to us. My TA said their price was price protected. So, why isn't ours???? Never got an answer from her. She was on hold for hours yesterday and never got through to a rep. So she is not happy either. I get so mad at Princess - so many times there are perks for all cabins but the suites. They never seem to be included. Hell, we pay a small mint for them. No pleased at all. Glad it worked out for you. Now, if we could only get the original itenerary back!!!
  8. I love the Dolphin decks. Are you in the same category you originally booked. If not, are you having to pay an increase? Thanks
  9. did your category change? I had a vista and there are not any on the Royal.
  10. Our premium deluxe balcony fare was protected but not our suite. Everyone posting that had a suite, had their fares increase. Why????
  11. Not sure it would help but wonder if everyone sent Jan Swartz a letter expressing our disappointment in the itenerary change , would they do anything. Our luck they would change the ship again, and we would have to go through all of this again. We have been trying to book this since 2020 so, not sure but this may be our 7th ship change. Discovery and Majestic are still calling on Ketchikan and doing the inside passage. Aren't they the same size as the Royal????
  12. She just returned from vacation and is up to her eyebrows in emails and other issues with all of her clients. She did call Princess and sent me five emails. I hate to bother her anymore. Yes, I know it is her job but I don't want to have her throw up her hands and retire on me.
  13. Hopefully everything will e straightened out by Friday. I have wasted so much time waiting on hold and searching online that I am going to give myself a break from it.
  14. hapster85 nothing is working for me this morning.
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