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  1. Now that I think about it, I have only been in the owner's suites on the newer ships. I try to stay away from them - prefer smaller ships. Are there any? - I just looked at the deck plans for the Majestic and do not see any Vista suites.
  2. We have been staying in a suite 8 times since club class started and I have to say that we enjoy breakfast there rather than in Sabitini's. Sabitini's breakfast, especially on the longer cruises, use to be a room full of friendly people that would greet everyone or stay around an talk after eating. Now, the staff can change frequently and they seem to be in a rush all the time. You have to ask for coffee and sometimes it may be 10 minutes before they come out of the kitchen. They use to know what your favorites were and call you by name and you got to know them. It is not the atmospher
  3. It probably depends on the itinerary.
  4. my 2020 Alaskan cruise tour was canceled - booked again for 2021 at higher price and just did a back up one for 2022 and it is even more.
  5. That is why I am hesitant to book any excursions for our June2021 cruisetour. Many are almost sold out but I don't want to shell out more money. I think lots of people have OBC's and are using them. I think I will just book the excursions for 2022 so that we have the ones we want.
  6. Yes, you are correct caribill - too much stuff flying around in my head these days.
  7. that, great, that is what I hoping looking for. Thanks
  8. That was what I thought. Not sure what Voljeep was trying to say.
  9. Are you talk about the gift cards from the Princess Visa card rewards or buying them directly from Princess?
  10. Thanks so much for finding the info for me. I figured they would give credit. I may need to call them because I am not asking for the card itself, I just want the amount credited to the cruise so I can book excursions asap. I am sure they would give me a confirmation number or something. I will call them tomorrow. Thanks again
  11. Jadn, I am talking about applying them to my cruises - one is 6 months out and the other is 18 months out. I want to use them to pay for excursions I book now rather than pay them with my credit card.
  12. I have been holding off booking excursions on a number of future cruises. I am very hesitant to book excursions since who knows if they will sail or not. I have a 2021 Alaskan cruise and a 2022 as a back up. Excursions are selling out. I am sure it is because so many people have FCC burning up in their pockets. I don't have any since I canceled all my cruises the day of final payment. I still am waiting for some excursion payments to be refunded. There are several expensive excursions that I want for my family - 4 of us.
  13. I never thought about it but I really lost a lot of money with no cruising last year. I usually come out ahead but not 2020. I plan to travel asap so my AMEX should start paying for itself soon.
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