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  1. Wow, reloading worked!!!! thanks so much for taking the time to reply
  2. We will be on her June 10th. It is so port intense that I have not even thought about what entertainment they will have. It will be a nice surprise to find some good entertainment.
  3. Is anyone else finding they can not get prices for cruises? I tried yesterday and again this morning. It states pricing not available under each cabin category.
  4. Caribill, thanks for the great explanation. I think I used this offer years ago. It was on my plat AMEX card but not my husband's or son's. I called them to ask why only mine and if they could get it added. They said no. If it is not in your offers, you can not get it. He could not explain why some people get certain ones. We also have the Delta platitum card but I have never had the cruise line offer on it.
  5. I was thinking about purchasing some OBC and seeing if I could get another credit but the offer is no longer showing. Does it go away after you use it? I thought the offer was good through 3/31.
  6. Good news. All of a sudden the charge is showing, along with many other ones my husband made. And the credit is also showing. Something must have been off but at least they are all showing now. And it does work for excursions. My final payment is coming up in two weeks, will I get another $100 credit. I thought someone posted that they received several offers. Sorry, I am too tired tonight to go back and read previous posts.
  7. Yes, I would also like to know what made you feel that way.
  8. After my stock obc showed up last week, I decided it was time to book my excursions for our Alaskan cruise before they book up. I usually do private excursions or book the Princess ones on the ship but the private companies are already sold out. I had enough OBC to cover half of the cost and charged the rest to my AMEX card. I received an email from Princess last Wednesday saying $949 was charged to my card. My personalizer shows them paid BUT when I looked on the AMEX site to see if I received the $100 from this offer, there is no charge from Princess. Nothing in pending. This is the first time I have booked and paid before the cruise. Do they charge you right away or are they holding the charge??? And does this offer work for prepaying excursions? Thanks
  9. I was going to do it independently but found they were sold out for our June cruise. So I booked through the ship. We are taking our son and his gf and I want it to go smoothly. Hate to get there without something planned.
  10. Yes. Two years ago I did not realize we did not get one until we got home.. The last two cruises they were delivered to our cabin , like always. Maybe people complained.
  11. We also use to save everything. Several years ago, we tossed all the Patters. Now we save the last one with the ship's log. and our cards. We have a huge pile of them. Don't think we will save the medallions although we do have them from several cruises.
  12. Good to know. They told me : $25 per person per day for Drink package and wifi $30 per person per day to add Dink package and free gratuities $40 per person to add Drink package, gratuities & wifi. And she also said everyone in the cabin has to upgrade to this offer. Our next cruise is very port intense and we will get two bar setups. I don't drink much and I was thinking I could drink the mini bar plus our two bottles of wine and my husband could buy the drink package but that won't work out. We decided to just pay for drinks. We are getting free gratuities and we each have our elite internet minutes. So, that should be fine. We have a 33 day one next fall where we have the drink package included so she said we would need to be rebooked for the BEST sale. But our cabin category is sold out so we can't cancel and rebook. There are wait lists for it. As everyone says - if you do not like the answer from the Rep, call back and see what happens with a different rep.
  13. You should be able to change. They cancel your current cruise so the perks you originally received will go away. The problem is that you will have to pay the current price for the cruise. I just checked on one of my future cruises and the cost to change was $1300 per person. I was already getting free gratuities and 250 internet minutes for being elite and decided we would not drink that much. You will have to decide if it is worth it to you.
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