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  1. I really don't care what people are wearing, as long as they're clean and presentable.
  2. A REAL wrap-around promenade deck. Cozy, comfortable cabins. Good food. Excellent crew. Quiet spaces. These are the things that made me miss HAL when I "strayed" from them last year. Not the entire list, but mostly the last one. I liked Regal Princess, but it was too loud and noisy for my tastes. I think you'll like being on board Zaandam. Enjoy your trip!
  3. More time to enjoy Honolulu. Heck, wish I could be in your shoes. LOL
  4. Apparently, it's for 48 hrs from the original time of booking ... just checked my profile, and it's still waiting for me. 😱 (Might want to make a note of it in case someone else happens to ask.) Have a nice holiday weekend everyone!
  5. Hawaii! It's worth the wait, then! I hope to make it back there one of these days. 😎
  6. 1 night only? Might as well just take a ferry, it'll be cheaper. 🤣
  7. Holy Cannoli!! (Where are ya off too?)
  8. I placed a cabin on hold early morning on the 18th. The friendly reminder said payment is due on 4/19 (today). Is the deadline on midnight Pacific time, or the hour I made the temp booking? Thanks
  9. The HAL website is still listing Cuba for later this year, and Autumn/Winter of 2020. Maybe it's too early to tell if that proposed ban will actually be applied ... (Keeping my fingers crossed)
  10. Noooo!!!! Not the COMFY CHAIR!!!
  11. That looks like a real nice trip. Have a great time!
  12. Uber or Lyft are the best options. Tried a shuttle once, and that was enough.
  13. I have to admit, some of the rates are pretty tempting. Now all I have to do is, make up my mind to see if I really want to go. 🤔
  14. Did I see Strongbow on that drink menu ??!!??
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