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  1. China's quick action?? Treating patients with dignity? This alone scares me. China's government put pressure on the people who spoke out early to keep quiet. Chinese journalists are disappearing. China just expelled 3 WSJ reporters. They most certainly do not seem to be sharing information willingly. Why? I'm not looking at Tedros and the Chinese government to make me feel more secure.
  2. I wouldn't take any posts personally. Yes, everyone is different. Still, EWR is not in the middle of nowhere. If someone posts that, they are going to get feedback. A more helpful post would be, 'hey guys I am stuck at a hotel near EWR, any suggestions for me with these parameters?' etc. I think that there was a lot of anxiety and disappointment for everyone on this cruise. People tried to help. Forums give you lots of opinions, some that help you, some that help others, some you can just skip over. Best thing to do is take what's useful to you and disregard the rest. I'm sure your thread was helpful to others in various ways.
  3. Thanks for the updatee. Hope you can use your FCC on another cruise. Just a note: babies under 6 months cannot cruise and under one year not more than 3 sea days in a row. If you find you cannot use your FCC within the time constraints listed I would call and discuss. Since you have a valid reason I hope that RC can extend the limits of your FCC. Glad you enjoyed Bermuda; too bad about the weather going down. I know what it's like going down to Bermuda when they close off the doors and you can't go outside. Hopefully you feel a little better with the partial refund and FCC.
  4. Mid 200s point level. No towel x2. One time individual serving wine bottle instead of 750ml wine bottle. Multiple times red wine substituted for white. It is free so I don't get too bothered. ymmv.
  5. This looks nicer than the towels I have gotten in the past. Sometimes they don't have the towel in stock and they will substitute something random. One time I was given a fruit basket.
  6. I don't think anyone here can say why RC acted as they did. Common sense would say that they didn't do it on purpose. They don't want to aggravate customers, they don't want to have an empty ship. On the other hand if they just went ahead and cancelled the cruise from the start, you would have people saying, 'why did they do that?!'. Just a bad situation for both the company and the customers. If I was upset with RC I would not come here and yell, I would email the company. I've had some complaints over the years and I do think they treated me fairly. I wrote my complaints out and tried to stay on topic and keep it short. I suggest anyone who still has a complaint over how this was handled do the same thing. mbaylee@rccl.com
  7. Yes https://www.nbcnews.com/video/china-s-leading-epidemiologist-lauds-coronavirus-hero-doctor-dr-li-wenliang-78608453829
  8. I have read a lot of complaints on insure my trip.com. It seems that most often, claims are denied because the person acts prematurely (rearranges flights, cancels before they need to) or doesn't pay attention to numbers (flight delayed 2 hours, when 6 hours is required for compensation to apply). The policies are all pretty specific. That's why you have to read every one. If people paid as much attention to their policies as they do parsing words on cc there would be no complaints.
  9. Also people should know that unless they specifically pay the RC premium before final payment, there is a 60 day look back period for pre existing conditions (no waiver offered). Every once in awhile, I will see a post that someone purchases the insurance at final, then something happens, but because there is a 60 day lookback, they aren't covered. So I would be sure to pay the premium for this policy more than 60 days before final.
  10. I think gatour confused my comment about CFAR with typical covered reason cancellation insurance.
  11. If you go to the roll call for that sailing a few people have posted.
  12. I just gave an average example based on reading many policies when shopping for my own coverage. I did not mean to imply that all CFAR coverage pays out like that. Everyone needs to read their policy thoroughly to determine coverage. I always say that. Also it would be good to share the insurance company you used as 100% CFAR would be very nice to have. I know I would consider it.
  13. A lot of policies include CFAR if you purchase within a certain time frame of initial booking, usually 14-21 days. Compare policies to see how much they reimburse, usually 50-75% of cruise fare. Plus you will get taxes and fees returned automatically.
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