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  1. My NRD difference was more like $100. $900 is worth the risk.
  2. Price out a policy with the cancel for any reason insurance added. It's usually quite expensive and typically covers only 50-75% of your non-refundable payments. I'm glad I chose refundable for my last couple bookings because I made dumb mistakes in planning and I was able to change without penalty.
  3. I would call back and ask the same question and see what answer you get. That seems really high just to add a person to a cruise that is next year.
  4. I live about 45 minutes away. I probably left 9-9:15am the last time. By the time you get there, unload, park and check in it's already around 10:15-10:30. They always make announcements "boarding will start at 11:30am" but I think we got on around 10:45am. The traffic gets bad around 11am and doesn't really let up until around 2pm. I go out of Cape Liberty a lot and I've never had any bad delays boarding. I hope I didn't jinx you!
  5. I also agree with 0-100 for 7 nights. Things that influence the amount for me include how many family members are using the lounge, how friendly the concierge is, how helpful they have been, and how often we use the lounge. Don't forget to tip your bar servers in the lounge as well.
  6. They used to specify 21 and over but now allow accompanied minors. I do believe you that some ships/itineraries may limit minors as Royal's product can be quite variable.
  7. Your statement "consuming as much as they possibly can in the stipulated time AND then having the 3 drinks on top" sounds like they are staying in the lounge during open hours and having 3 drinks in addition. There is nothing wrong with doing what you say above. They use the cheapest alcohol possible and most loyalty members know to tip their servers.
  8. You could even get there at 10am. Once 10:30am hits, the line to drop off is already starting to build.
  9. You can't really do that because once the lounge hours end, the vouchers are not usable.
  10. I agree that the $35 food credit max conflicts with the idea that someone could get multiple entrees at once, but their description is poorly worded, at best. When people actually did start ordering multiple entrees so they had to make a decision.
  11. You could try sending a short email. I did and they mailed me the one I should have gotten. They are not consistent so I'd give it a 50/50 chance.
  12. OP don't waste your time at Guest Services; go to your concierge and calmly explain the problem to him/her. They should be addressing your concerns as a suite passenger anyway.
  13. I just think that they do whatever they have to do to bring the 10s.
  14. It's really just a phrase. I don't actually mean that it is fair what they are doing. I'm saying that I understand that each ship has sales goals to meet, fair enough, but you can't advertise something one way and also allow each ship to interpret it a different way.
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