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  1. He did not, if you mean me. And he was kind of staggering around, yelling stuff. Just painful to watch.
  2. I think it's different to make fun of oneself vs others with that disability.
  3. As an example, the adult comedian on our cruise used Tourette syndrome as part of his act. Some people laughed; I didn't think it was funny. He was mocking an actual disability. If he did the same with other, more well known disabilities, he might have been booed. He also included 'restless leg syndrome' in this bit. Some things are just not funny.
  4. Their policy is that you will have to buy new ones or get them as a suite guest. Regular guest services would not even discuss.
  5. Why would they go again? Hope springs eternal. I felt that the comedian I saw struggled. He stayed too long on things that were not working with this audience. Maybe they worked with another audience. Definitely not edgy or hilarious.
  6. You are missing the point. Some people have no problem with adult language or jokes but if the comedian is bad he is bad.
  7. I don't think that's fair. Point is, adult comedy should be funny. You can say as many Fs as you want and if it's not funny, it's not funny.
  8. I'm fine with the F word. I say the F word. That doesn't mean it's funny.
  9. I wasn't offended by the comedian but I didn't think he was funny. He said F a lot. He made a long running joke about a medical condition. Stuff like that. More shock humor than anything.
  10. We were talking about this on our last cruise. We thought the comedian at the welcome aboard show was really funny so we went to the adult comedy hour at 11:30pm. Wish I just went to bed.
  11. For comparison, if you are staying in less than a JS without 340+ C&A status, you get the bulk dispenser bodywash/shampoo/clothes detergent that hangs on the wall in the shower. We brought our own everything.
  12. There was a lot of side to side motion on the way there (the kind that makes you zig zag down the hallway) and less so on the way back. The weather was nice but there were large swells due to storms that were farther off. I didn't hear anyone complaining of being seasick, but people were feeling the movement. I've been on cruises to Bermuda where the seas were like glass and the crew told us the week before was horrible. You never know. If you want to avoid hot and humid weather go in April, May, early June or October. Your exact weather/sea motion will be random so pick a date and hope for the best. ps the worst 'stormy' weather we've experienced has happened late July and August.
  13. Water temp was 74 degrees when we went to Horseshoe Bay on May 6. Air temps were low 80s with a cool breeze, but sun was still very strong. Weather forecast predicted 80-100% chance of rain up until the last minute but skies were clear except for some overnight showers.
  14. I agree, download the Royal IQ app. It lets you bookmark various activities so you can look at your daily planner and know where you have to be.
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