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  1. Probably best bang for your buck. Most I've done is OS and will probably never do STAR, but enjoy reading about others' experiences. I do not think I would appreciate the extras that are STAR. Maybe I'll find STAR glitch pricing one day.
  2. John sorry for clogging up your thread with Ricardo Montalban.
  3. Sorry to hear this. Condolences to you and your family.
  4. We stayed here and liked it. Fun decor. They also had the snack bar and beer and wine available. I think we had to carry our luggage up the stairs cause the elevator was super small. Has balconies.
  5. Don't think you can change the title. Click the report post button and ask a mod to change it.
  6. I only clicked because it said 'smooches' so I would leave it.
  7. This thread is outdated and needs closing. Confusing to some people.
  8. This whole thread relates to the virus. He's not saying 'adult only' cruise, he's specifying an age group. There are many threads discussing that 60 and over are more susceptible to the virus. As one poster said, 'I got an article in my iphone news feed this morning that the CDC has warned US citizens over 60 not to frequent crowded places and not to fly.' So yes, I think the 'cruising with no one over 60' comment was a bit rude. People are posting over and over that the virus only affects 'older people' and people with 'underlying disabilities'. They are marginalizing these groups of people. They're not disposable.
  9. I think Verizon wireless might be having problems since 10am this morning according to istheservicedown? Most recent reports are from North NJ NYC area.
  10. Get out your checkbook!
  11. I meant FLACRUISER since he said he got through in 2 minutes.
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