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  1. I wouldn't say it's wrong for emotion to enter the economical equation, if that's what you like. The problem is, is that the emoters want everyone to tip their way and really have no tolerance for other viewpoints. It just goes on and on. Royal says what is and isn't acceptable. That should be enough.
  2. Summary: you can prepay tips, you can have auto grats debited daily onboard, you can remove auto grats onboard and tip the way you like, you can remove auto grats onboard and not tip. All of these things are allowed by Royal Caribbean. Most of the crew will give great service whatever you do. A small amount of crew will not be that great at their jobs, whatever you do.
  3. What do you think 'other hotel services teams who work behind the scenes' means? It's basically everyone on the ship you don't see. It tells you nothing.
  4. It's still there: As a way to reward our crew members for their outstanding service, gratuities are shared among dining, bar & culinary services staff, stateroom attendants and other hotel services teams who work behind the scenes to enhance the cruise experience.
  5. No they're not. It includes some people we know as well as a lot of people we never see.
  6. Better word choice would be that they started marketing 'tips' in a different way. It used to be for a certain few people and now it's basically for everyone. You don't see them? Guess what they depend on your tips to get paid. No one is saying don't tip, but people who want to tip as they see fit are usually subjected to ridiculous arguments such as you aren't tipping the laundry people and prep cooks. You don't even have to tip. I don't see why people love to jump all over people who want to tip as they see fit.
  7. I usually do the auto daily gratuities. That being said, worrying about people 'behind the scenes' getting tipped is ridiculous. The cruise line should be paying them a wage. I can see tipping your daily servers/room stewards because you have more of a one on one relationship during the cruise. When specialty/MTD started the cruiselines were in a sticky situation because this one on one relationship no longer exists. They had to find a way around it, so they started auto and prepaid grats, "so that you can be sure everyone will be getting paid" and you can sleep well at night. They have done a good job marketing this way of tipping as lots of posters here are worrying about the people doing their laundry and such. What is your cruise fare for?
  8. Can't imagine having that many loyalty customers on one cruise.
  9. I have looked into these cruises and thought, 'this is the one time you really need to book GS or above'. Then I thought about it some more and came to the conclusion that it's probably best if you're a Pinnacle, because it would be aggravating to have such a large amount of top tier cruisers when you are a suite passenger.
  10. I'm not talking about onboard perks, I am talking about the 25% FCC. They base the percentage on what each person paid. So the first two people will get the most FCC and additional passengers will get less. You may not care, just letting you know.
  11. Another thing about the FCC-they will allocate the fcc according to the cruise fare paid pp. So the first two names on the reservation are going to get the higher amount of credit. I guess you can sort it out later but it's annoying if certain people can't go on the future cruise.
  12. I would probably choose the 4 JS with suite privileges. Hang out in the suite lounge as your common area. Maybe you can get them all side by side and open the balconies? The 2 interiors wouldn't work because who is going to have to stay there while someone else is in the RS? The 4 JS is the most equal, you can probably be nearby each other, and you will still get suite privileges. Hope the obc transfers to each cabin too. Otherwise, I would take the refund and fcc.
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