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  1. That is good to hear Jasper we only used it once in February & they charged 1.45 E. But there was indeed A lots of complaints about that charge even while we were on board. So perhaps they have again changed the rules this time for the benefit of their customers. May have something to do with some posts on C.C. when it was suggested that taking your own capsules
  2. With the Intenditore package you can use the mini-bar in the Suite, again up to 9 euros, they will re-stock it only with items you request & that is on the menu in the cabin. There is a re-order form or just tell the Butler. Water will be supplied in bottles for your use. The same applies in the Club dining room you can order any drink/wine up to the same amount, if you purchase a full bottle you will get 50% off, unless they change that before your cruise. Pillow menu and contact details for your Butler & other various perks are listed in Suite. There is a coffee machine ( Ille) in the suite but it is chargeable, several coffees are available with breakfast not sure which, as we drink tea If you like several cups in the morning ask for two normally comes in a large pot.
  3. I far as I am concerned, I know the terms of the cruise line, if I don't like it, I don't book it. '''''''Simples''''''''
  4. As Bob has said there are indeed some Countries where Costa's service charge is added to the cruise price not shown up as a daily charge on the on-board account. (as in Service Charge included) The thing about this is during the last night on a lot of cruises previously so many never turned up for the final meal in MDR, thus not giving tips. Those guys work hard for little pay, surely 70 euros is so little to add on top of the cruise price.
  5. Every one of our Caribbean cruises (17) the dollar has been the currency on board. I must admit though our last Caribbean cruise was in 2009, so it may well have changed.
  6. Both, but you may well need an adaptor as on some ships mine did not plug in to US point.
  7. Your cruise ticket will tell you boarding times usually 2 pm.
  8. Hi envy4u, All tips and services charges are included & added daily to your credit card. There is no need to tip again, we often give a little extra to those who are above the service we expect. Bad reviews should be taken with a pinch of salt, judge for yourself after the cruise. It is a multi-lingual line & Italian so expect several languages with announcements, if it is not in English then it does not concern you.
  9. To answer most of your questions. Yes you can get more hangers if wanted. No you can not take or get a bottle of water with your package but can buy one., When boarding a small bottle is mostly allowed if some has been drunk from the bottle, but they can take any liquid away on boarding. Yes you can use mini bar in cabin to store things but charged if using anything. You can also ask for your favourite drinks again charged for if supplied. There is plenty of choices (five) you may ask for seconds or extra if not enough. Dining times can be changed if not suitable like other lines if room, your dining time will be on cruise card in cabin when boarding, Maître 'd in MDR about 4pm.
  10. After 35 cruises with Costa only ever seen one 'drunk,' servers are not allowed to serve anyone to appears to be over the limit. Even with the packages now being given with cabin types not seen any, saying that normally go to bed just before 11pm so maybe after that.
  11. As Brain said, providing each drink is under 9 euros also you can order say a beer & a short which is over 9 E's most times they will bring it for you when busy.
  12. Not quite true, if you use towels during the day & leave them on floor or by basins then they will be changed in the evening, if you hang them back up they won't. With the beds if you nap on them after being made up they will always straighten them up again in the evening, they no longer turn down the covers. This is not always about saving money but giving the crew more time of & NOT using laundry & water so much, like the food waste program, take what you can eat, not what you can't, & the limited menus now, this has cut 35% of the food that was left on plates. With five courses to choose from even I a fussy eater can always find enough.
  13. Just of the Pacifica last week saw several people climbing onto the rails on deck 11, including a small child, all while we were eating our meals in the club dining room, also two passengers moved the deck chairs from aft & were laying right across the deck making anyone walking by squeeze round them very close to the rail. Saw the same couple four times during the cruise do the same thing, but also they were very 'shall we say loving' which put me off lunch.
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