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  1. Providing you can access your Emails you can print them out in any hotel or e'cafe or anyone with a printer.
  2. My answer was for the UK poster, not sure about Australia but we never haver any trouble booking our own flights just ask for cruise only. You can also ask for a Costa transfer from the airport if they are going there for others or Costa has booked a hotel for you as part of the package. Simple really if you don't ask how can they try to help you. Maybe different here than overseas & the fact that we have cruised with them for 21 years & are classed as V.I.P. s. But always found them very helpful in all aspects in booking any part of the holiday. We always go to Costa direct never through a TA.
  3. Sorry luggage labels are for anyone flying otherwise they are put on at the terminal, never looked at your C.O. Origin.
  4. With Costa, the bar staff are fairly flexible but the trick is ordering drinks where possible as sperate items if over the 9 euros limit. I like shandy but they only add a little lemonade so I buy a beer and a sprite and mix my own to taste, same if a spirit and mixer is over 9 just buy the first then order the mixers after.
  5. Phone Costa on 0800-3890622 ask for Silvia or Simona or ask for a call back. This takes you to an English speaking contact. All our 32 Costa cruise have been cruise only as we like to go early and stay a few days before cruise Either that email at info@costa.it if you have time.
  6. Once you have filled in your online details you will receive boarding form about a 1/2 weeks before sailing date & luggage labels which need to be printed out. This will be the only thing you will need, but don't forget to take return luggage labels with you on the cruise. Booking in at the terminal, just show boarding form, your cruise card will be in your cabin.
  7. If you are on a Costa tour the MDR will make allowances for any tours returning late to the ship. That does not mean you can turn up very late but within a reasonable time. On Costa's 'Cut food waste program' all main means are the same in all restaurant's, the buffet is sometimes the best option with children. You cabin steward will see to your beds in the evening but does not change towels unless put on floor or turn down bedding, again this is trying to cut down usage and waste. The dress code is not as strict as it used to be & is suggested only now. However as Maryann said shorts bathing costumes vests are not acceptable but nowadays jeans are on most ships even (heavens help us) on formal nights.
  8. Personally unless you drink at least two cocktail that are not included in your package or are not offered as 'Cocktail of the Day' each day I do not think it is worth upgrading. Just pay the extra for any you do have, there are roughly 14 on Brindiamo & just over twenty on Piu gusto. Certainly all the packages are okay but the whole thing just rests on how much you drink, I only have two glasses of wine with meals and lots of coffee, we get the Intenditore yet I worked out last trip the we just about broke even if I had to pay for it.
  9. First & foremost Costa is an Italian line & is very multi-cultural which makes announcements in at least three language's English usually the last. Yes you pay extra for freshly cooked Pizza although there are two pizzas served in the buffet with lunch, set dining is the norm although they are attempting a small area in the buffet for any time on some of the new ships. The buffet is open almost all day but some section are now being closed after 9 pm although again there is still something to eat. (Costa policy is cutting food waste) hence just two/three choices of main dishes in M.D.R's but with five courses there is plenty to eat. Pizza & Burger's bars are cheap with stacks of choice, the kids club for all Nationalities is awesome, shows are mainly understandable and quite good. all the crew speak English & you are always seated with English speakers in MDR if you want to meet others. The English host are a good source of information. There are plenty of bars all with some type of Entertainment, best on Luminosa is the wine bar aft for us English. The plus side of all Costa cruise is the price & added perks weighing it up even paying for any extras still cleaper than most other lines & if the itinerary is what you are looking for its worth a shot.
  10. Lynn, Firstly do contact the English speaking host & attend any meetings they hold. You will find that people are joining & leaving your cruise at different ports so you lose or gain English speaking guests, a spot off in the US often gets guests for a part world cruise. After 35 Costa cruises the least English speakers we have had is 57.
  11. The chocolate bar is on deck five between the main ballroom & casino. It is also quite a nice place to sit as it quiet mainly, great for people watching
  12. The chocolate bar is a 'fountain' which does all sorts of 'Dips', coffees, cakes & ice cream all which are chargeable except coffee's on most packages. There is no reason to up-grade your drink package unless you prefer premium drinks, just pay the extra for any you fancy it will work out cheaper. I would suggest the water package which you can purchase prior or on the cruise. That plus the glasses of water you can get at any bar/restaurant will be ample, water in the cabin is chargeable roughly 3euros with the 15% for 1.75 litres. We always take a glass back to cabin each time we return & leave it in the fridge. Booking a Costa cruise now you have to pay 25% deposit but only lose £50 pp if you decide not to go before final payment date.,
  13. Bingo is a great laugh first ever cruise with Costa we played it & never before have O laughed so much could not even mark the number off, even now still think I might have been a winner.
  14. tenpin

    Costa Club

    Further to my reply above I see there is an office in Perth (1-800-041-903) so you should be okay to get full details of all up-grades. The whole thing depends on your Costa Club level.
  15. tenpin

    Costa Club

    Hi Janet & Carl, Well not sure how it words in Australia but I have contact in Genoa & they book the suites but you only pay for a basic inside. When you contact them say that you are entitled to an up-grade on this cruise they should then offer you the current deal. I have always booked through Costa direct calls are for us at local rate to H.O. in Genoa speaking to Silvia or Amanda, look on their site & ask for a call-back you will get an English speaker. Hope this help but all Countries have different rules with Costa.
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