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  1. I think this was usually called the Costa C, I sailed on her once round the Caribbean, lovely cruise ship & fabulous food as you said. I think she was either sold or had a fire around 94/95 and ended up in a scrap yard. The eighties & early nineties were Costa's Golden years with outstanding menu's excellent all-round entertainment. The after diner cheese board & coffees were to die for.
  2. Well way back when Costa was really customer friendly 1998, we were given a free cruise the following year as the Christmas cruise in 97 was not as we had booked but the last leg instead of the first on their usual itinerary. Although I had praised them for a fabulous cruise by letter, with just a minor complaint about the itinerary. This was in the days when there office in London answered letters straight away & phoned when they said they would. The manager often rung us after each cruise to ask about our experience, she was without doubt the best contact we have ever had
  3. Wow that must be some of the best gobble-de gook I have ever read
  4. there is a world wide pandemic, you was offered a hotel room & flight, all leads to total chaos which although not good was an answer. Your booked business Flight perhaps was not available from Paris or they could not get you to Frankfurt. While this is totally unacceptable in normal times, these are anything but. Yes you should be repaid for loss of lots of your cruise & every other expense you lost, even a new world cruise, but Covid19 threw the rule books out of the door. Hope you get satisfaction, but fear this may take a long time Italy was in total lo
  5. We have done over 30 Costa cruises & have never had a problem finding & speaking to others. We are always sat with English speakers when dining, meet them at the English speaking hosts get-together. Even in the club restaurant often those closest to our table speak some English. On our world tour we had two hundred & forty English speaking guests.
  6. My personal thoughts are because of the club up-grades from inside to a suite with all the benefits, if you meet the requirements. Funny when Costa phoned me there were three Suites available on the Magica, two on Diadema & Smeralda yet none on line. Makes me mad that even if I am offering the full price they prefer to offer these to those who cruise once more next year yet we cruised with them at least three time a year
  7. Hi All, Had a phone call from Costa yesterday offering me cruises from May 21 with extra OBC Sailing from Marseille/ Barcelona or Savona. No suites available so we are out.
  8. Okay we get it you still remember his name.
  9. Looks pretty good, was wondering about the life boat drill but now all being held in the bars & theatres I expect, major boarding ports will be most crowded but think they have got most point covered. Holding on to a September booking for now see how things go, as I am a very vulnerable person to any cough/cold.
  10. No just about the same as the new Costa prices, maybe £50/100 more but certainly better perks like free internet.
  11. I agree Bob, I think the whole cruise industry will take a long time to recover there will be no doubt some good offers to get moving again & lots of people who took F.C.C. but not sure we will ever get back to the level cruising was at before covid struck
  12. So the VIP party and club dining rooms will be even more packed in, what next club points being used to book cruises,
  13. Thanks again for wonderful pictures you kept me sane during the last few weeks, with no new posts in the cruise forums.
  14. Hi Allie, We live in Birchington so close bye to you. I have been talking to my friends in Costa's Genoa office, & although they cannot comment on any ongoing refunds they have said they are over-run with the back-log over the cancelled cruises. Given the numbers who have lost the cruise & how those with full packages with most lines which included all flights & transfers will be given priority over cruise only, it may be sometime before everything is sorted, so don't give up hope. We have been doing cruises with Costa for twenty three years & all our dea
  15. No Gerry prices have always fluctuated almost daily with all cruises Companies, I check at least three times before booking. That is certainly the case with Costa now, I worked until I was 72 for a chance of a chance to enjoy my retirement in style, but not sure I would pay those prices when I can do the same on other lines who give even better service for Suite guests.
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